.com domain for low price

How to get a .com domain for low price(simple .com domain trick).

Domain is the first thing we look for, when we have to start our own personal niche, blog or online business. With over millions of domain already registered. It’s difficult to...
Embed timeline on website

Twitter Just Made It Easier To Add Twitter Feeds To Website.

Earlier it was a quite tricky task to add twitter feeds to website. But in the recent development they made it a lot easier to embed tweets into your web page's sidebar or...
Your own Google chrome theme

How to create your own Google chrome theme

We know that Chrome is the best browser on the internet. Even if you have an inbuilt browser on your OS you will consider only using it to download Chrome. Ya...
How to hide folder in Android without App.

How to hide folder in Android without any App.

Today the most used operating system is the Android. Since the popularity of android and its open source feature make it as the favorite for developer. Android is the operation system...

How to download Youtube videos.

This is the most asked question in the web about Youtube so I thought of writing a article on that. Quite easy task to download youtube videos these days. This is...

How to link twitter account with facebook page.

This is an amazing discovery I made, when I was finding it difficult to handle both of my twitter and facebook page. For running a company (just might be a small...
creating facebook like box

How to Create a Facebook Like Box for Website

Every one of us like to have a facebook like box on our website. But recently facebook just created a new plugin for the facebook page. So with some research around...
Tutorials with animated GIfs

How to write best tutorials using animated Gifs.

This is an article which made me learn new things. Until now if I were to make an screen record, I would either use ezvid or AVS video editor. They both...
How to hide a folder in Windows

How to hide folder in Windows.

Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Since many of us use Windows so in some time or the other we might have to hide some personal files...
Photography website in minutes

How to create your Photography website in minutes.

Why I came to blogging? So that I can spread all the knowledge I have about technology. But in blogging there was more to learn then to teach. And this made...

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