Snipmp3 and keepvid: How to convert YouTube video to mp3

Many times it happens that we want to download just the audio of a video that we watch on YouTube. This video might be a song or anything else. So, how...
free netflix account

How to get Free Netflix Account in 2017 (Working Method).

Netflix is an internet based entertainment company. Where you can watch the latest movies and TV series. The multinational internet based entertainment company was founded on 29 august 1997 in California....
Photography website in minutes

How to create your Photography website in minutes.

Why I came to blogging? So that I can spread all the knowledge I have about technology. But in blogging there was more to learn then to teach. And this made...
creating facebook like box

How to Create a Facebook Like Box for Website

Every one of us like to have a facebook like box on our website. But recently facebook just created a new plugin for the facebook page. So with some research around...
Tutorials with animated GIfs

How to write best tutorials using animated Gifs.

This is an article which made me learn new things. Until now if I were to make an screen record, I would either use ezvid or AVS video editor. They both...
How to hide folder in Android without App.

How to hide folder in Android without any App.

Today the most used operating system is the Android. Since the popularity of android and its open source feature make it as the favorite for developer. Android is the operation system...

How to Hack any game on Android Smartphone.

In today’s era everyone has a Smartphone and we use our smartphone to kill most of our free time. For killing our time, we play games. And there are millions of Android...
How to check antivirus working or not

How to check Antivirus is working properly or not.

With the increasing number of people getting online, their is an increase in number of fraudsters also. Which threatens everybody's personal data and privacy. We need to take necessary measures to...

How to increase likes on facebook posts.

To get socially recognized you need to be social So that’s the first hint in increasing your facebook likes, you need to be social. You may have around thousands of friends but they...

How to Make YouTube Video Autoplay on Website.

Many today have websites which is related to their YouTube channel. So people like to add a video to our webpage which is related to the content. And if you have...

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