10 Things You Need to Know About iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

We heard many rumors about the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus before its release. And guess what, many of them are true. On 7th sep Apple finally released its new...

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy OnePlus 3 Smartphone.

Oneplus is among those few companies that don't believe in bulk phone releases. They launch one or at the most two phones every year. The oneplus phones have been called as the...
armember wordpress plugin

Armember WordPress Plugin: The Complete WordPress Membership Solution

I don't know if you observed or not, but many websites today have membership access to their premium content. Membership website or subscription based website have become a new way of...

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: The best of Samsung

The phone is said to be the best android smartphone till date and is said to out class iPhone 6s in some departments. The galaxy phone had a though Lg G5...
Asus Vivobook s15 review

Asus Vivobook S15 Complete Review and First Impression. #BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia

Asus Vivobook S15, what comes to your mind after listening the name? If i told you to go out and buy a laptop, what are the first laptop manufacturing company that...

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