online photo editing tools

Top 5 Free Online Photo Editing Website For Everybody.

We all love taking pictures(well most of us do). And we know, how the selfie trend has took the photo industry by storm. Then the photo app instagram took our life...
tech myths

10 Technology Myths People Believe are True.

People blindly tend to believe what they hear or anything some one says. But in the age of internet, is any piece of information really that hard to find? Their are...
Have- a-strong-and-secure-password.

Have a strong and secure password.

Today in the era of computing Every personal data of ours are on a computer, in the internet or in any website. So for security of our information we have to login...
CPC/PPC Ad Network

Top 10 Highest Paying CPC/PPC Ad Network

We all know how important it is to monetize our content online. So I was quite confused with the various ways of Ad monetization available for my content. There are various...
person behind an email

How To Find The Person Behind An Email Address.

You are in a conversation with some unknown person. He sends you mail about some stuff. Or you want to strike a deal with him. So how would you know that...
Free mp3 download sites

10 best free mp3 download sites for 2017[free music download]

It’s a headache to find a website to download mp3 for free. There are a ton of free mp3 download sites, but not all of them provide free music download. The government...
Ms word Tips and Tricks

Ms word tips and tricks everyone should know.

Microsoft word has become an integral part of our life. And from School to Business we all need Ms word to get our work done. From projects to Documentation. Microsoft Office...
apps for taking notes

Top 5 Apps For Taking Notes on Your Smartphone

Ever felt the need of taking notes on the go? It's 21st century "The digital era", and everything is going paperless. Even taking notes. We hate carrying too much stuff, well...
eBook torrents

9 Best ebook torrents for downloading free ebooks

If you are looking top sources to download free ebooks then you are in the right place. The article will provide you with best sources to find eBook torrents. Torrent has...
best smartphone to buy

Top 5 Smartphone you can buy under Rs 15000.

It’s kind of hard to find the perfect budget Smartphone these days. With many Smartphone makers in the market the competition has been leveled up. With many Smartphone makers providing cheap...

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