Google is a tech company which has a large impact in our life. From smartphone to web searches, videos to navigation and a warehouse of information. A company which started from a garage to become the world’s most valued and anticipated company. Today Google has become a word in the dictionary. When you want to tell somebody to search over the internet you just tell him to google it. A which is eyeing towards the future. With the largest smartphone operating system (Android) under its belt. Have you ever wondered how big the company would have been. With the two founder’s already being billionaires.

Google today is not a single company, it has many companies under it. And the parent company of Google is Alphabet.

It was quite interesting to read some of the interesting facts about google. So we just Googled Google (sounds Googly), and found out some interesting facts about google.

So here are some interesting and fun facts about Google.

We went through many things and found out the 14 most interesting facts about google which might amaze you.

#1 Google’s First Computer Storage unit Was Made From LEGO it was basically used so that the storage space can be expanded and easily constructed.
facts about Google

#2 Every second there is an average of 40000 searches which google has to handle.That is around million per min. Out of the searches google handles daily, 16% of it are new searches. that is never seen before searches.

facts about Google

#3 In 1999, the founders of Google actually tried to sell it to Excite for just US$1 million. but Excite turned down the offer. (This was quite interesting fact about google)


#4 Split a bill and calculate the tip.
End the struggle of paying the pill at the end of a group meal by googling “tip calculator”, entering the full cost, the percentage you want to tip, and the number of people, and it’ll work out exactly how much you need to pay each. Easy.


#5 Google has found GPA’s and test scores to be “worthless as criteria for hiring”; they have teams where 14% of their employees haven’t gone to college.


#6 If you search for “askew” in Google, the content will tilt slightly to the right.


#7  On August 16, 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and in that time, the global Internet traffic dropped by 40%.
facts about Google

#8 Facebook’s first annual Hacker Cup coding challenge was won by a programmer at Google. He showed up at Facebook headquarters to collect his prize wearing his Google employee badge.
facts about Google

#9 Google Maps calculates traffic by tracking how fast Android devices are moving on the road.
facts about Google


# 10 When a Google employee dies, their spouses receive half pay from the company for 10 years and their children US$1,000 per month until they turn 19.
facts about Google


facts about Google
facts about Google

#11 There is a secret functioning in google called as google x which does researches on various secret projects.
Google glass and Project loon were earlier projects at Google x but were made public on its successful testing and there are more secret research going on at Google x.
Some of the recent rumours say that Google is developing a computer so smart it can program by itself that’s a artificial intelligence with its own thinking ability.


# 12 Google also owns a company called Boston dynamics which has some amazing robots with some great capability you may say its the future of robotics.
facts about Google

#13 Since 2010 google has been acquiring 2 companies every month on an average.


#14 Explore the universe.
Google Sky uses images from the Hubble Telescope and NASA Satellites to let you delve into the far reaches of our universe. You can explore galaxies millions of light years from Earth, learn about astrological signs, and even listen to space-related podcasts
facts about Google

There are many more interesting facts about google, but this were the one’s that I thought should share with you. Google is an amazing company. Which has many dedicated people who work round the clock to satisfy our needs. And the company with the potential to change the future of the world and make it better place to live in.

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