Geeksla is Tech and News publication website. Here we try to provide various tech and internet related high quality content. We believe in making life easier through technology. We also focus on writing content like different  Tech hacks, tips & tricks, How to guides, review of various gadget. Basically we started as a review website, but now we offer various startup news, entrepreneurial guides. We are also providing content on blogging and Seo related stuff. Today Geeksla has pivoted to various other domains, but the base of your content remain the same, Technology and internet.

Geeksla was founded on early 2016 on amidst of my blogging fever. But today we have over  500+ page views per day. Which accounts to over  15,000+ page views per month. The blog is growing at a very fast rate. With the growing content on the blog, the traffic is also growing rapidly. Keep yourself updated with various new technology enhancements and innovations.

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What you will find at Geeksla?

  • Unbiased reviews about various electronics gadgets.
  • Various tech stuff explained.
  • Startup and entrepreneurial news.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Blogging and SEO.
  • Digital marketing tips
  • Basic & Advanced Money making techniques.
  • A community of like minded tech lovers with their own opinion.
  • Helping you to make life easier and smarter.

Why Geeksla ?

The name of the website is quite odd, isn’t it?  Well Chetan Poojari (that’s me) is very much fascinated by Nicolas Tesla, the way his theories and inventions are changing the world around us. He is a person in history who got the least credit for his mind blowing creation. But that didn’t stop him from doing great stuff, but he remains lost in our book of history. So this website is just an extension to his greatness and his invention and we try to do amazing things like him.

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The Team.

Chetan Poojari
Chetan Poojari

Chetan Poojari (founder) – Editor.

I am just crazy guy who dreams of changing the world by his own and make life easier with the help of technology. My love for tech made me create and write in the blog. I love to learn new things and then i try to share my knowledge to others. I have only one aim in life Never Settle( ok that’s oneplus tagline, sorry oneplus). You can get in touch with me on Twitter         

Write for us.

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