Google Chrome is the highest used browser in the world. And it’s worth that position. No other browser is so quick and robust. With Chrome available for all platforms like Android, iOS and windows. It makes it more dominating because of its availability. Since people love to go for only one browser experience even if they change the platform. With availability on both Smartphone and PC it has become undisputed King of browser. But with these many people using around the world it might sometime become vulnerable and threaten your own privacy.Yes since you can access passwords from anywhere.Google Chrome has its own password manager build in through which you can access all the saved password in your browser from any where.

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Yes this may be like a savior for many people who often tend to forget passwords. And when they are in the remote location they can access these passwords and use it. You can access these in your own computer or from a remote location. You must have a google account synced to the personal PC where you do your daily work. And using the Account you can access password from anywhere.

Access passwords from anywhere with google password manager.

Chrome browser is available in all the leading desktop operating system. The only requirement for you access the passwords from anywhere is that you should have accessed those logins whose password you require through the Chrome. And you must have used the Remember password option. If you have done so the password would be saved in the Chrome. Since Chrome has its own password manager in it.
Now for access the password go to the Google passwords website and access through your Google account. You you have your account sync in your browser it will show you all the password associated with the Google account holder.
The passwords are hidden with asterisks but they can be easily revealed by clicking the corresponding eye icon. You can also remove any saved password from the list but there’s no option to edit passwords.

Getting hacked.

Yes it is a very serious privacy issue, if somebody gets access to your Email password then all the passwords associated with the account will be in risk. And you can easily access the password even though chrome go to settings-> advanced ->manage passwords. And you will see all the saved passwords here. So easy na.
access passwords from anywhere


Protecting yourself.

First of all never select the save password options which pops up whenever you login. And for more security you can use the 2 step authentication for your google account. And this will help you to be secure and refer our how to create secure password article for creating stronger passwords. If you want more security use the the password manager like lastpass their chrome extension, dashlane, 1password and keepass.
Try your system out of reach of unknown people and try to remember the passwords.
What is the best way do you think you can secure yourself? Do you think you are safe enough? Let your views in the comment section below.
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