The First thing that a blogger does after getting his website online is to get Adsense approved. People search for various ways in which they can make Money from their blog or website. Adsense is the most basic and first thing every blogger does to start his income. Well to be clear, Adsense is not the only way of making money. There are many more ways and they are more effective than Adsense.

But coming back to Adsense, I bought my domain somewhere around in February 25 and applied for Adsense at fourth week of March. And in the April first week I got my Adsense Approved (second or third of April) . So basically I got my Adsense approved in one month. Well I applied for it before my website would complete 30 days.

So how did I got the Adsense approved? Yes, it’s quite difficult to get Adsense approved (but not that big deal), there are much pay per click ad platform. But no one pays as much Google does. There are many things to consider before Applying for Adsense. So here I have made a list of ten things to consider before applying for Google Adsense.

10 Things to consider to get Adsense Approved

#1. Use custom domain

It’s always important to have a custom domain like, Because it makes your website look professional and since you have a vision domain Google considers you more Trustworthy. And if you are using a third party domain like then your domain probability of getting Adsense will decrease. Even domains like are not applicable for Adsense. Get your domain from BigRock they are quite reliable.

#2. Quality of content.

This is a very important aspect of getting approval of Adsense. If Google is giving you money for your content then they expect something from you. Your content should be original and not copied.

Writing good and original content is the main factor in getting Adsense. The content you are writing should be error-free, you should check for spelling errors. The Flesh score of your content should be around 75% to 80% minimum. Consider using semrush for writing better keyword related articles.

#3. Quantity of content

Yes, even the quantity of the content present also matters. Google has mentioned 350 words per article as the minimum requirement. But many pro bloggers like Neil Patel suggest 1000 words per article. Well it is up to you how much you want to write. But see to it that you deeply explain any topic to your users. And don’t write any article below 350 words because Google would consider it as spam. My suggestion Keep it around more than 500 words.

#4. Submit your sitemap to webmaster.

This is an important step considering the indexing of your website. You need to submit your website to Google, yahoo and Bing as far as indexing in the major search engine is consider. But as you are applying for Adsense at least submit your website to webmaster which is now search console.

#5. Use webmaster and Google analytics to optimize your website

Webmaster (search console) also provides you with various stats and analysis like which of your content are getting maximum visits. How are your user getting connected to you? What keywords are they using? The search console also provides you with various errors while indexing like which links are broken. The Google analytics provides you data like hours much pushes views your website gets and much more.

#6. Check for basic seo

You should also check for on page seo. There are various terms to consider for on page seo like the title should contain the Keyword for which you’re trying to get ranked, the first Para of the post should contain the keyword and many more. Got can get this seo right by using the yoast so plugin for WordPress.

The plugin is awesome and is simply what you need for seo. Consider writing article with longtail keyword. Its easy to rank for a long tail keyword, use the longtailpro tool it comes in handy in ranking your content for a particular longtail keyword.

#7. Wait for at least 25 days.

This is something my personal suggestion. There are people who claim that they got their Adsense Approved within a week or even within 3 to 4 days. Well I am not sure about these claims. But I suggest you to wait for at least 25 days( that’s how much I waited for ). Think before taking risk since if they reject you have a particular time pistols to wait and then reapply.

#8. Get some blog traffic.

It’s always good to have consistent blog traffic. The big problem people face at the beginning of their blogging journey is to get a consistent blog tragic. So in order to get good traffic, share your content over social media. Try to create your fan Base on Facebook and Twitter. Join various blogging and tech community like TechGyama and Blogosphere. There you can share your content and very some good traffic for your blog.

#9. Get paid hosting.

Its Always good to get paid hosting for your blog. Since the free hosting sites have a very less uptime and it gives a bad impression when people see your site to be down most of the time. And free hosting are not really secured and often gets hacked and theirs chance that you have lose your data. I suggest Bluehost hosting, since they pretty old and trustworthy brand( Geeksla is running on Bluehost). They have a good track record with WordPress hosting.

#10. If rejected re-apply.

And finally after doing all that stuff you still don’t get the Adsense( which is of very less probability). Don’t lose hope many people sometimes get rejected in their first attempt. Consider reapplying, but this time correct all the errors and the mistake you have done. And try to get your website reviewed from a more experienced blogger so that he/she might suggest some changes or ask you to rectify some errors.

You will see various other guide they might suggest various other stuff, but this is what I followed and got my Adsense Approved. After getting Adsense approved everything is not done, I would Say it’s the beginning. Don’t get over excited and click on your own ads because that’s against Google’s policy. Your account will be terminated. Don’t even try of fooling Google by clicking on the ads using proxy or Vpn’s, they are Google and will still be able to trace you back. And don’t ask your friend to repeatedly click on the ads even that’s against their policy. And Let all the money come from natural traffic.

I am even thinking of writing on other 20 ways to make money from your blog, let me know in the comment section below what would you like me to write on the make money topic or any other topic. And share this article with your friends and new bloggers on your social media page and spread the word.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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