Do you hate it when you invest your time and energy in trying to make money online but end up with no good results? Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most promising ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing blueprint ebook can be your guiding angel on becoming successful online.

For all the beginner and newbie bloggers affiliate marketing can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Affiliate marketing is not only a source of income for newbies but also for professional bloggers. It is one of the most successful methods of generating money online.

I have been blogging for more than 5 years, and the money I made through affiliate marketing was the first dollar that I made online. Affiliate marketing is simple if you do it properly. Many people to whom I have suggested and guided on affiliate marketing have not been successful.

I often wondered why? But later you understand, they were doing it all wrong and so was I. I tried to market and share links to all the items and products that I came across. But this wrong approach cost me years of time.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Affiliate marketing blueprint is an ultimate guide on affiliate marketing for newbies as well as Pros. In this article, I will try to dissect this ebook and dig deep into understanding the contents and legitimacy of these ideas.

I earlier had my hands on Keyword research made easy Ebook by Anil Aggarwal and was quite impressed by the methods and ideas in that ebook. So trying to build on my earlier impression of the writer, I bought the affiliate marketing blueprint ebook as well.

In this article, I will try to provide an unbiased review of the affiliate marketing blueprint and how you can use it to make more money online. I will try to provide my own income proof of How I made money online through affiliate marketing.

About the Author – Anil Aggarwal from Bloggers Passion

affiliate marketing blueprint ebook

Anil Agarwal is one of the famous bloggers and online educators based out of India. Anil hails from Gurgaon, India, and started his blog bloggerspassion in the year 2010. Anil has more than 10 years of experience with online marketing and SEO. He is one of the biggest SEO and affiliate gurus in India.

Anil has written many guides and tutorials related to keyword research, affiliate marketing,SEO Tools, how to make money through affiliate marketing, and how to make money online in general. I have bought both of his guides available for purchase, which are Keyword Research made easy and Affiliate Marketing Blueprint.

Now that we have talked about Anil, let’s get straight into the ebook and have a look at if the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint ebook is really worth your time. should you buy the ebook to learn more about making money online and affiliate marketing in general.

Affiliate marketing Blueprint user review

Each module mentioned in this ebook can be sold as a separate ebook altogether. I have been blogging for 5 years now and it took me 3 years to really understand how to actually make money online.

One of the most important things about making money online is patients. The number of people who started blogging when I did are currently not in the game. More people quit blogging than the number of people who join.

There were times in my first three years of blogging that I wanted to quit. But I somehow managed to continue doing it. Today I have made more than $1000 in total revenue till date, all thanks to affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint ebook is a gem of an ebook, with many practical solutions to making money online. I have read many books and bought many affiliate marketing courses. But most of them just talk about the basic idea of making money Which even you will be familiar with after reading two articles on affiliate marketing.

But the Affiliate marketing blueprint ebook details every aspect of making money online. It digs deep into various methods and practically takes on making money through affiliate marketing.

Who Should Buy?:

If you’re new to Blogging, Youtube, or internet marketing in general, then this is a perfect investment for you. Affiliate marketing is where your first online paycheck will come from. If you are a newbie blogger or YouTuber, you will not have enough traffic or viewership to make money. This is where affiliate marketing will come to your rescue

Affiliate marketing can add to another source of income for you. Affiliate marketing is one of the basics of online marketing and in the future will be taught in B Schools to students.  

Why did I buy the eBook?

I first bought Anil Aggarwal’s Keyword research Made Simple Ebook and was pretty impressed with the content in that ebook. Later Anil launched this ebook with tons of bonus content along with the ebook. This is when I decided to buy the ebook.

Even though I have a considerable amount of knowledge about affiliate marketing. I still think this ebook added a significant amount of learning to my current understanding. I did learn a lot of new things and was able to refine my knowledge.

If you are making $1000 a year it’s always advisable to learn from people making $10,000 and if you are earning $10,000 it is advisable to learn from people making $100,000.

Modules in Affiliate marketing Blueprint

Affiliate marketing blueprint ebook

The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Ebook is a thoughtfully curated ebook. The book is divided into 4 practical sections which talk about various ways to use your affiliate marketing knowledge. 

The ebook walks through 3 main ways of making money through affiliate marketing i.e Amazon, Blogging, and Youtube. The ebook explains who depending on one source is dangerous and diversifying your traffic is of great significance.

Module 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

The ebook begins with a quick introduction about the author and his journey of making $100,000 through affiliate marketing. Anil also walks through some of the prominent affiliate marketers and how they are making $200k every month through Affiliate marketing.

In this module, Anil explains 2 of the most important factors about affiliate marketing: “7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid” and “Top 5 Rules of Affiliate Marketing”.

These are very accurately curated lists and the content in this module is very insightful and I definitely agree with all of them. As an affiliate marketer myself I have faced the mentioned problems in my own journey.

These mistakes are often ignored by newbie bloggers. Even I ignored them in the beginning and it did cost me $1000’s. 

Module 2: Amazon Affiliate Module

Amazon affiliate is one of the most common and simplest affiliate marketing models that bloggers use to make money. 

Here below are the topics covered in this module.

  • Amazon Affiliate Basics
  • 3 Smart Ways to find profitable Amazon Niches
  • 3 Fundamental steps to Generate Long term SEO traffic to Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • Using ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu to create a Money-Making Content Strategy for Amazon Affiliate Sites.
  • 5 Essential Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Install.
  • 5 Proven ways to increase your amazon affiliate earnings. 

Amazon affiliate is one of the most important affiliate sites in the world, thousands of people use amazon affiliate to make money for their living. Even a newbie blogger is heavily dependent on Amazon affiliates to generate some basic income. 

You need to create an account with amazon associate central. This is like a dashboard to your amazon affiliate account. This helps you track your clicks, and even provides you with customized links for the products.

The Amazon Affiliate Blueprint ebook walks through the process of setting up the Affiliate account and getting started with an Amazon affiliate.

Anil walks through various ways of making money with Amazon Affiliate and how to drive traffic to these affiliate content. 

Anil also mentions some of the important tools required for the analysis and generating target keywords for the content. Some of my personal favorites are Semrush and Sell zone.

Module 3: Blogging Module

Blogging is one of the most common methods of generating content for affiliate products. Bloggers often find products that are relevant to their niche. And then write content around that product to help increase footfall to that content.

This is a similar method I use to create content and make money through this blog. One of my favorite platforms to find products to market is Shareasale. There are many other affiliate marketing sites but ShareASale is my favorite.

The site hosts many of the products and services that you can choose from to market to your viewers.

In this module of affiliate marketing, Anil walks through the techniques of finding products and keywords to target to get viewers to that product. The ebook also walks through the method of writing content for these products.

I personally suggest users stick to the minimum product as possible, maybe one also. And create content around that one product. This will help create a substantial amount of content to get a good amount of reach and will give more exposure to the product and indirectly you getting sales.

Module 4: YouTube Module

The Youtube Module is the last module in this affiliate marketing ebook. In my suggestion( the one who has experience in running multiple channels) this module is the weakest link in this book.

This module misses out on many of the key details of youtube affiliate marketing. If you have some basic understanding of youtube then this might be a good start. But if you are starting or you understand the in and outs of youtube then this is not a good option.

The Module explains many ideas but those are easily available on the internet for anyone to learn from. You specifically don’t need this book to learn about youtube affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing Blueprint Pricing

The original price of the book is ₹2999/- but currently, the book is available at a discounted price of ₹999/-. This price is specific for buyers from India, if you are located outside of India the price for you is $13.20. 

The price also includes all the bonuses along with the Ebook. This is the special price currently offered to the user. The prices might increase in the future.

Bonus Ebook

The best part of Affiliate Marketing Blueprint is tons of bonuses along with the book. You get a total of 4 Bonus as listed below

  1. 3 Insider Affiliate Marketing Secrets
  2. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Checklist
  3. Affiliate Marketing Earning Case Study
  4. A Massive List of 150+ Handpicked Affiliate Marketing Programs.

The amount of information in these bonuses completely overpowers this ebook. And makes it too valuable as compared to any other content.

Final Thoughts

That’s my personal view of the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Ebook by Anil Aggarwal. I have personally bought this book and read through the entire content before writing this review.

The ebook is a good investment for amateur bloggers or internet marketers who are looking to make their living through the internet. That’s all folks from my side, if you have any doubts then mentioned them in the comments below.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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