Affiliate marketing is the best way of making money online. People have been making money from affiliate marketing for more than a decade now. Even we here at geeksla use affiliate marketing to make money. With the increasing number of adblocker users, it is important to start using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will help you in earning a decent amount of money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting others product and then getting commision on every sale the product makes from your leads.

Many of the top bloggers today are making money from affiliate marketing. Gone are the days when you were totally depended on the adsense or any ad network for your online income.

Many top online entrepreneurs like Pat Flynnharsh agarwalSpencer Haws are making money from affiliate marketing. And they are making good amount of money.

So I thought to introduce to you some of the tools and plugin which are important if you’re starting with affiliate marketing. There are ton of affiliate marketing tools and plugins but these are my favourite pick.

These affiliate marketing tools and plugins will help you to earn more money from affiliate marketing and make good amount of money online. Here are 10 best affiliate marketing tools and plugins

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10 Best affiliate marketing tools and plugins

Thirsty affiliate

Thirst affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing link cloaking plugin. If you started with affiliate marketing you know how the affiliate link looks(ugly na!!). So this affiliate marketing plugin will help you in cloaking all the affiliate links into simpler and cleaner text.

The plugin is free but there are some other paid addon present with the thirsty affiliate. These add on are worth buying especially autolinker and azon. Both are my favourite addon along with the plugin. It provides more productivity and helps making more money.

Pretty link pro

Pretty link pro is another affiliate link cloaker plugin. The plugin is itself paid and there is no addon present. So you need to buy the plugin as the whole and you get everything in the package.

There are two editions available one is developer edition and the other is blogger edition. If you are thinking of focusing on one site you will be fine with blogger edition. But if you want to use it on multiple websites then the developer package is great.


Linktrackr is a blessing for the affiliate marketer. It as a cloaking and link tracking tool for affiliate marketing. The one important thing the affiliate marketer needs is to track his links to see how good are they performing.

Linktrackr helps you to track your affiliate links do split testing of the same and see how are the links performing. It provides social media and website click conversion analytics.

If you are really interested in affiliate marketing and want to make a good amount of money from it then linktrackr is the best affiliate marketing tool for you.


Clickmeter is another affiliate tracking tool which helps in tracking affiliate links. It is similar to linktrackr and provide the link tracking facility for free.

But you need to add the the affiliate cloaker plugin also lie thirsty affiliate or pretty link pro. Were as if you are buying linktrackr it has everything in it.

Clickmeter is an amazing tool but if you like using only one tool then go for linktrackr. But if you are looking for some free stuff then clickmeter is perfect.


Semrush is a keyword research tool and one of the best keyword research toll. So how does a keyword research tool help in affiliate marketing?

Semrush helps you to do keyword research. To see what similar long tail keyword are ranked and who is ranking for what keyword.

You can target a specific keyword and increase your affiliate marketing income. Well not a direct affiliate marketing tool but definitely will help you increase your affiliate income.


Getresponse is my favorite marketing automation tool. I really like Getresponse, since it provide so many features at such a cheap rate.

Getresponse can help you automate some of the affiliate marketing email. Sometimes you need to email the deals to your subscribers . So that you get some more affiliate traffic. Getresponse is the best option to go for. According to me getresponse is the best affiliate tool you can use.

Getresponse is my favorite automation tool and I have already mentioned it in some of the articles.

Some of them are:


Instapage is a landing page tool which can be used in affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing tool(instapage) is only suggested in affiliate marketing if you are a pro.

You can use the landing pages provided by the Getresponse which are pretty good for beginners. If you are getting pro in affiliate marketing then i suggest you can go for custom created landing pages which provides great analytics and A/B testing.

If you are a beginner then instapage is not recommended to you you can get things done with Getresponse.


Easyazon is like a life savior for the amazon affiliate marketing sites. I have some of amazon affiliate marketing blog(its a secret). Where I use easyazon for affiliate marketing. It saves a lot of donkey work for the amazon affiliate.

If you planning to create a amazon niche, then easyazon is a must must must have affiliate tool for you. I will be writing a full fledged review of easyazon but for now believe me it’s awesome.

Easyazon has a lot of cool features, easily add affilaite links and images on the post, convert the affiliate link to the country specific affiliate link and many more. is another interesting tool for affiliate marketing. This is only beneficial if you are using a url shortener too often. is the best usl shortner i have a come across.

It gives you all the analytics and all the stuff which other url shortener provides you. But the real catch is it provides custom your domain shortener.

If you are google shortner the shortened link is somewhat like “goo.afafa”. But with you get your own custom domain name shortened which is great.

Post planner

Post planner is just for those you are looking for an social media managing software. It is not a really necessary tool, but I am kind of a lazy person. So post planner helps he to schedule post for social media’s.

It publishes these post on the specified scheduled time and it saves a lot of my time. I really don’t have all day to look after my blog, creating content, then promoting it.

So I plan to do smart work rather than the donkey work. This affiliate marketing tool is a time saver for me.

You can also checkout hootsuite and buffer.


This was my best affiliate marketing tools guide. I suggest you get these tools only if you are series with affiliate marketing. If you are doing for fun or might just quit then it is a complete waste.

MY Top 3 tool from the list will be getresponsesemrush and linktrackr. These are the must have if you are damn series with affiliate marketing.

And if you doing affiliate marketing in amazon niche site then easyazon if a must buy for you or you are losing out on a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

That’s it. This was my list to the top 10 best affiliate marketing tools and plugin. What do you think about this tool? Are there any other affiliate marketing tools or plugins worth mentioning? Then tell us in the comment section below.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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