If apple is successful in using microLED in it’s device this would change a lot of things in the tech market.

According to reports Apple is said to be developing next generation MicroLED screen at a secret plant in California. Apple have made some really big investment in the MicroLED project.

The secret project is code named T159 and is worked under Lynn Young’s. He is the one who is also incharge iPhone and Apple watch screen technology. The company is said to be first testing the final product on the apple wearable device.

MicroLED screens are flat panel displays that will make gadgets thinner, brighter and will use less power as compared to the current OLED panel.

Reports are that it is unlikely that the Apples MicroLED will make its debut in any iPhone any soon. It would take more 3 to 4 years for the MicroLED display to be used in an iPhone.

But if apple starts manufacturing it’s own display it will create problem for many of the display manufacturer in the market. The decision will hurt screen maker like Samsung Electronics, Japan display, Sharp Corp and LG display in a long term.

It would be interesting to see how the display makers will deal with the situation and it will lead to more innovation and advancement in display technology.


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