Kik messenger app is a famous text messaging app used for messaging people or group. The Kik Messenger app does not use your phone number for logging in. You need to sign up for Kik and you will get a unique username, and once you do that, you can chat with people. You need to know their username to chat. But these recent days’ people are looking for apps like Kik, an alternative to Kik.

Kik has a good user base in the USA and some European country. But they are rather just a simple text messaging app. Their market share is limited and are not having any impact on new customers. Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger have taken away their loyal followers. You can’t even call, share documents, etc. on Kik messenger.

So for the people looking for Kik Messenger app alternative, we have listed ten best apps like Kik. These ten apps are a perfect replacement for Kik messenger. So here are 10 best apps like Kik, the Kik messenger app alternative.

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Ten best apps like Kik: Kik Messenger app alternative


Whatsapp apps like Kik

Man, this app does not require any introduction. It is the best messenger app on the entire planet. You don’t simply get your app bought for 20 billion, for no reason. Whatsapp was affecting Facebook’s shares value; this is when Facebook decided to buy Whatsapp. Not like any other messenger, it does not have any ads. It is the best alternative you can get for Kik.

If you are looking for some great app like Kik, then Kik is one which would not disappoint you. With a user base of around a billion people now, this is almost equal to Facebook. You can connect, share with family and friends through WhatsApp.


telegram-apps like kik

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. Telegram’s special secret chats use end-to-end encryption, leave no trace on their servers, support self-destructing messages and don’t allow forwarding. On top of this, secret chats are not part of the Telegram cloud and can only be accessed on their devices of origin.

Telegram just removes all the limitation that is present in WhatsApp. You can share large size files on the telegram. Create a group of around 5000 people. Telegram is an amazing app like Kik and an awesome alternative to Kik.


hike-apps like kik

The Hike is another app like Kik. It is almost similar to WhatsApp with just a little bit of extra twist. It consists of graphic stickers which you can use while chatting. Hike messenger is suitable for people looking for more fancy and messenger with a lot of stickers and emoticons to share.

The app has also come with a ton of coupons and discount vouchers. You can use them to get a big discount on items you buy. They are trying very hard to become mainstream messaging app like the others in the list.


google-hangouts-apps like kik

Hangout has been one of the famous group messaging apps and comes with ton of features. It is mainly used for group video calls which are known as hangout. Many people are using hangouts to do group video chats and conference.

Hangout is a Google product and comes with the great reliability offered by Google and latest material design interface of Google. Hangout marks the Google existence in the messaging business. It is a good and reliable app like kik which you can use.

Facebook messenger

facebook-messenger-apps like kik

Facebook is the one of the most famous messenger app available for android and ios. With over a billion users, it is one of the most used apps. You can text message, video calls and you can even call from the facebook messenger app. While, you can share files and photos to all your friends.

You don’t need to be on facebook to use facebook messenger. Facebook messenger can be used using the phone number. According to us, facebook messenger is one of the best kik alternatives.


line-apps like kik

Line is another Asian-based messaging app with same or even greater user base as compared to kik messenger app. Line has many celebrities account so you can follow some of your favorite celebrities. You can call, message and chat with people on Line.

One of the best parts of Line is that you can share funny stickers with your friends on Line. You can also play games with your friends connected to LINE accounts.


wechat-app like kik

Wechat is another messaging app in the list. It consists of all the features from the above mentioned messaging app. Wechat consists of 100+ stickers about your favorite movie which you can share with your friends.

But one of the best things about WeChat is that it consists of shake to find friends feature. You can find a whole new list of friends who you have never meet before you can see if you are like minded people and share a talk with strangers.


Viber-apps like kik

Viber is another app like kik. It is almost similar to WhatsApp messaging app with a lot to offer to its subscriber. You don’t need to have a username and password, but you can access using your phone number.

Viber lets you chat, call, share photos, videos, audio with your friends. You can also call people who are not on Viber via ViberOut, but it will cost you a small amount of money.


tango-apps like kik

Tango is a lot similar to hike messenger. It consists of a community of people you can follow. You can update your status and follow your friends. You can start chatting with strangers. Tango comes with a high-quality video chat option.

You also get a ton of offers from some of the famous brands. Tango is a lot similar to hike. But Tango is a great alternative to kik.

Kakao talk

kakaotalk-apps like kik

Kakao is just like any other messaging app from the list. More than 150 million active users from around the world in kakao make it a good alternative to kik. You can chat with multiple friends by creating a group and adding them all to the group.

The best part about kakao is that it is suitable to be used in the low-speed network also. You can use Kakao in GPRS and 2G phones as well. The Kakao messaging app is a lightweight app as compared to others.


That’s it with a comprehensive list of apps like Kik Messenger app. I would not say that all are a great alternative. It comes to you, what you like and what you would prefer to use.

If you are looking for an alternative for Kik messenger, your search will probably end here.

Hope this post helped, to solve your problem, and provided you with the answer you were searching for.


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