Attitude is everything is an amazing book by motivational speaker Jeff Kellar. Attitude is everything is a self-help book that is more or less like the power of your subconscious mind. Though I am not comparing these books, Attitude is everything has a lot of amazing real-life examples and stories. 

The book Attitude is everything starts with Jeffs’s own story of how he transitioned from being a full-time lawyer to a motivational speaker. Jeffs takes the readers through the hardship he faced while making this transition and how his attitude helped him to stay afloat.

The book is just 128 pages, but has a ton of wisdom and knowledge compressed in it. The book is one of amazon’s best sellers in the self-help department. The book has really great reviews and has been recommended by many well know people.

As human beings, we have the tendency to focus on the negatives of life. We dwell on the negative space around us more than on the positive. Due to which many times we are not able to see the good around.

Your attitude towards life will decide how you are going to live. If you just keep complaining and not working on your problems, then no one will help. But if you start working on the problems and are determined to get yourself a better life then the help will come.

Our attitude becomes what we speak and think. This is amazingly put by the author where he says, “Your mind hears every word you speak and like a magnet, you will ultimately attract the events and circumstances that correspond to your dominant beliefs. So make sure to use positive words about yourself and your goals.

One of the best parts of the book is its direct tone of the author where he does not try to sugarcoat things. Positive thinking doesn’t mean things will change overnight or you will achieve success overnight. Success requires effort, commitment, and patience.

Attitude is everything Quick Summary

The book is a 12 chapters self-help book on how to change your attitude towards life. A positive attitude will not only get you through the tough times but will also help you coup with all the emotions. A positive attitude with the right approach towards life can do miracles.

The author walks us through many real-life stories and examples about how people with different attitudes get through difficult times and how you can too.

Attitude is Everything Chapters

The book has a total of 12 chapters and these 12 chapters are divided into 3 sections in the book. 

PART 1 – Success begins in the mind

Lesson 1: Your attitude is your window to the world

Lesson 2: You’re a human magnet

Lesson 3: Picture your way to success

Lesson 4: Make a commitment and you will move mountains

Lesson 5 – Turn Your Problems Into Opportunities

PART 2 – Watch your words: Speaking

Lesson 6: Your words blaze a trail

Lesson 7 – How are you?

Lesson 8 – Stop complaining

PART 3 – Heaven helps those who act: Action

Lesson 9 – Associate with Positive People.

Lesson 10: Confront your fears and grow

Lesson 11: Get out there and fail

Lesson 12: Networking that gets results

Difference between a person with a Negative Attitude and a Positive Attitude

In the first chapter, your attitude is your window to the world. There is an amazing list of the negative and positive attitudes that humans boost. And these are really accurate as far as I have seen in people.

attitude is everything

These attitudes are something we can see in people in daily life. They either make people or break people.

  • The Person with the negative attitude thinks “I CAN’T.”
  • The person with the positive attitude thinks “I CAN”.
  • The person with a negative attitude dwells on the problems.
  • The person with a positive attitude concentrates on solutions.
  • The person with the negative attitude sees limitations.
  • The person with a positive attitude sees possibilities.
  • The person with the negative attitude finds fault with others
  • The person with the positive attitude looks for the good in others
  • The person with the negative attitude focuses on what’s missing
  • The person with the positive attitude counts his or her blessing

If you think you are going through bad times, just remember there is someone out there who he going through stuff even worse than you. If you think that the common cold is the worst thing to happen to you, then think that there are people who are going through a worst disease than a common cold. 

You are still better than many people out there. If people with situations worst than yours didn’t stop those people then what is it that is stopping you.

You don’t dwell on the problem but you go out and look for a solution. There might be many problems in your life, I don’t deny it but work on one solution after another. You will be never out of problems, every time you solve one problem there will be a new one. But make sure you are never out of solutions.

Make a commitment and you will move a mountain

Have you ever come across those movements in life when you were with all your will and determination looking for answers and the universe somehow bought them in front of you.

This has happened to me sometimes. That’s the magic of commitment

When you make a commitment and are willing to do whatever it takes, you begin to attract the people and circumstances necessary to accomplish your goal.

It’s not like the help started coming, but since your mind is focused on that particular task, it grabs the opportunity like a magnet. These opportunities might be present earlier but you might have never seen it or cared to look.

One of the best part about the magic of commitment is that you don’t need a foolproof plan for your goal. You just need the willingness to do whatever it takes, then the right steps are often revealed to you.

When you work towards your goal with everything you have. You will often see doors open to you, its like the goddess of luck is smiling at you.

A similar idea is also mentioned in the book The richest man in Babylon. Good luck and fortune only smile on those who act.

Your words blaze a trail.

attitude is everything

Your words have incredible power. They can build a bright future, destroy opportunity or help maintain the status quo. Your words reinforce your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.

It works this way,


When you think in your subconscious mind that you can do it. It becomes your belief and your belief then becomes reality.

Whether you share your goals with other people is a trickier issue. One important thing is never to tell ur goals to Negative Nellie’s they will drag you down. These negative people have no goals and dreams and they don’t want anyone else to succeed either. 

What I have observed is that these negative nellies often make you regret your decisions or commitment and make you believe you are not gone make it.

When you tell your goals out loud be careful where you do it. And sometimes it is advisable to speak the goal out loud. For example, if you are a manager and want to increase the sale by 30% then just by speaking with your subconscious mind won’t work. You need to tell about the goal to your employees as well. Align them with the goal so that together you can achieve it.

But more often than not you will come across negative people who always question your ability and want to lecture you on what’s right and wrong. It’s always good to take advice from the field expert but not from the people who think they know everything. These people are dangerous.


To summarize, Attitude is everything is an amazing self-help book. If you are currently questioning what’s happening in your life and disgusted by the situation. This book is a perfect companion for you in the current moment.

Though I would recommend the book to anyone who wants a quick read of motivation. The book will definitely motivate you to start working and make the most out of the time that you have in hand.

The best part is the author Jeff uses real-life experiences and examples in the book and walks you through how people have overcome difficulties by changing their attitude.

Attitude is everything will not only change your attitude towards life but also help you with dealing with problems and situations. Though after reading the book not all of your problems will run away, though you will have a different attitude of dealing with them.

My suggestion would be to listen to the audiobook and enjoy the audio experience, I believe an audio experience will be much more motivating than reading. You can get the audiobook for free from below.

And if you are the one who loves to read, rather than listen. Then you can buy it from amazon from the link below.

I hope you liked the quick summary and brief thoughts about some of the chapters from the book. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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