Let’s be honest with ourselves here, we can’t really pay $100/month for a single SEO tool. For amateur bloggers, this amount is really difficult to shell out. This is where the Group Buy SEO tools service comes into the picture. 

By now you must have heard all about SEO group buy tools. If you haven’t, the group buy SEO tools are services that provide combo packages of multiple SEO tools at a very cheap price. These are really cheap services as compared to the original price of the SEO tool. 

The group buy SEO services allows the user, to use these premium services at a dirt-cheap rate. The services have multiple tools listed on the site, from SEO tools to educational platforms. All the premium tools can be easily found here.

If you see the original listed price of these tools, it’s multifold of the amount available at these group buy services. These group buy services not only are affordable but also consist of combo packages, that provide a combo plan of multiple tools, at a very reasonable price.

What is Group buy 

What are the chances that, you have a Netflix account and not shared with anyone? The account is used by your friends, family members, even people you don’t know. This sharing of Netflix accounts is not allowed as per company policy but people do it anyway.

In a similar way, these groups buy SEO services share a single account with multiple users. A single account is owned by these services and they share it with the users. How is it done, is also quite interesting.

Most of the group buying services use the google chrome extension. They share 2 chrome extensions with the user, who is supposed to install both the chrome extensions for using the service. 

Once you install the extension, the extension helps in accessing these SEO tools through a proxy system. I am not clear with the exact process of how tool-sharing or service sharing is done for these SEO tools. But yes this is a rough idea.

Best group buy tool

Of all the mentioned SEO services I have used Flikover, Toolszap, and SEOtooladda. From the ones mentioned, I have 2 favorites, Seotooladda, and Toolszap. If I want access to multiple tools in a single month. Like if I am doing any analysis or keyword research and need access to multiple tools then I go with Seotooladda.

Otherwise, if I require only access to Ahref and skillshare then I will go with Toolszap. I have found myself using Toolszap more often since the base combo is a little cheaper than Seotooladda.

Both the group buy services are equally trustworthy and are recommended by many of the blogger communities. If you are a beginner blogger I would suggest you go with Toolszap, the tools are limited in basic plan but you will not be overwhelmed by it.

Once you get the hang of it go with Seotooladda. They have a number of tools in the combo package and will definitely help you through research.

I also happen to have a coupon code for Toolszap, use the code”Trust100%” for a discount on your purchase.

Best Group Buy SEO Tools Services Review

To help you choose the best group buy SEO tool in India, I have created a list of some of the best services on the internet. I have personally used some of these and others are some of the best recommendations from Pro bloggers.

It is always better to buy the original copy from the real source, which is the official website. But in the beginning if you are out of money then you can use these cheap group buy seo tools service.

Below is the list of best group buy services that you can get online. 


toolszap group buy seo tool
toolszap group buy seo tool

Toolszap is my favorite pick for the cheapest and most affordable group buy services. I recently wrote a Toolszap review where I wrote my experience of using it for more than 2 years. Toolszap provides the cheapest option of SEO group tools.

You can go with the lite plan which costs ₹499/month and you get a decent amount of tools for that money. If you are looking for a group buy service with some minimum tools then Toolszap is the best tool to go for.

I came to know about Toolszap from one of the blogging forums which I am part of. The founder of the service was also part of the forum. The tool is quite easy to use, you simply need to select a plan and then download 2 chrome extensions, and then use the link in the tool to access those services.

Beware of the fake toolszap sites, these are replica sites which are used as a phishing site. So make sure you use the original site, the link is given below. 


seotooladda group buy seo tool
seotooladda group buy seo tool

Seotooladda is another famous group buy SEO tool site in India. The site offers a wide variety of SEO tools to choose from. I recently started testing the service. I bought the combo package which costs ₹599/month. 

The combo package includes access to 20 tools and all the tools under beta testing. If you are looking for cheap access to multiple tools then seotooladda is the best option to go with. I was really impressed with the amount of tools available in the combo package.

Currently, I am using Seotooladda and will write a review about the service soon. Wait for the Seotooladda review to get a deeper understanding of all the tools available. 

Beware of the fake Seotooladda sites, these are replica sites which are used as a phishing site. So make sure you use the original site, the link is given below. 


flikover group buy seo tool
flikover group buy seo tool

Flikover is one of the earliest group buy SEO tools that I came across. Flikover was the first group buy service that I used. Though I used it for 3 months and only used a single tool from the service.

Flikover is the oldest group buy service available. The service is quite costly as compared to other services mentioned in this article. I am not sure but Flikover and Seotooladda might be run by the same foils. The site design is very similar.

But the price of tools in Flikover is twice the price as of Seotooladda. I left Flikover because the service was too pricey as compared to its competitors. Even for a single tool, the service is very costly. But Flikover is one of the most reliable services out there.

Beware of the fake flikover sites, these are replica sites which are used as a phishing site. So make sure you use the original site, the link is given below. 


frozenfry group buy seo tool
frozenfry group buy seo tool

Frozenfry is another group buy service which is available in India. The service consists of 3 plans, lite standard, and agency. The cheapest of the plans, which is the lite plan, is available for $9/month, while the standard plan is available for $14/month.

While surfing through the website I tried to buy the lite plan but I was redirected to buy the standard plan. I found it to be quite annoying since I guess the lite plan is not available with the site.

Frozenfry is quite similar to toolszap. If I were to choose between toolszap and frozenfry i would choose toolszap any day.


pitorr group buy seo tool
pitorr group buy seo tool

Pitorr is another group buy service with more than 100 premium tools in its bucket. Though the Pitorr is an SEO group buy service many of its tools are focused on graphics and content services like story blocks, audio blocks, etc.

If you are looking to buy a group buy service for Evanto elements then Pitorr is the option to go with. With some really amazing collections of graphics and video tools like story base, Evanto elements etc.

The cheapest package at Pitorr is available for $6/month. Beware of the fake Pitorr sites, these are replica sites which are used as a phishing site. So make sure you use the original site, the link. 

Supreme SEO

supreme seo group buy seo tool
supreme seo group buy seo tool

Supreme Seo has a limited number of tools available in its arsenal. The combo package costs around $16.99/month. Which is one of the costliest services on the list. The tools available with the service are also limited.

I even try to buy the combo package from the service, but it was giving me an error of not being able to process the request and contact support for access. I was not sure if I first need to connect with the admin to get access and then only will be able to see all the data.

If you are aware of the situation kindly let me know in the comment section below.

Cheapest group buy seo tools

Of all the mentioned group buying services in the list, according to me, Toolszap is the cheapest. The cheapest combo is available for ₹499/- which consists of tools like Ahrefs, spyflu, Grammarly, Keyword Revealer, and Skillshare. If you are looking for basic tools then this is the option to go for. 

Otherwise, if you are looking for access to many tools in one package then you should go with Seotooladda. In Seotooladda you get access to more than 20 tools for ₹599/month along with access to beta testing tools.

How to buy Ahref at a low price?

You can buy Ahref at a low price from any of the mentioned group buy seo tool service. They all provide a single tool like Ahref. But the best deal is to buy it in a combo.

If you are opting for a single tool go with seotooladda

Is there any site where I can group buy seo tools?

You can buy group buy services from the below mentioned sites.

  • Toolszap
  • Seo Tool Adda
  • Flikover
  • Frozenfry
  • Pitorr
  • Supreme SEO

Group buy seo tools coupon

Here are the coupons to use to purchase these group buy services.

  1. Toolszap:  Trust100%
  2. SEOtooladda: NA
  3. Flikover: NA
  4. Frozenfry: NA
  5. Pitorr: NA
  6. Supreme SEO: NA

Final Thoughts

Of all the listed group buy services my favorite services are Toolszap and Seotooladda. They are completely reliable and I have personally used these services for my personal use.

If I had to suggest one service from all services listed above I would suggest Toolszap for the budget user and Seotooladda for the heavy users. I hope the article here helped you in making a decision about the group buy tools. 

If you have any doubt about the services mentioned in this article then kindly mention them in the comment section below.


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