In 2014 when I first started blogging there were limited blogging platforms for writers. And as most bloggers and writers, I also started writing on WordPress. But in the year 2020, there are many platforms where a freelance writer can write and show off his skills.

Copywriting is one of the most basic freelance skills that anyone can start with. You need to know some basics of copywriting and understand how on-page SEO works. After you have understood both you are good to get started with freelance writing.

But Clients always ask for some past work which they can go through. This past work of yours will help you to get some credibility. Now sometimes you are not really happy with your previous work or might be just starting new.

In this case, it’s always better that you start a blog where you can put up some amazing work of yours to showcase. This helps the client understand that you are serious about writing and will provide amazing content to them.

So many of the freelance writers these days look for free blogging platforms and create their own blog to show to the clients. Even though I started in the same way, Geeksla was started in 2016 but before that, I used another blog to write about tech. I later published on many blogs and even made some bucks by writing content.

Then what is the best platform for writers? Now that depends. If you are starting as a new freelance writer. Then it would be better that you start with Medium or other free blogging platforms.

Below I have broken down the top 9 best blogging platforms for writers. You can go through all the platforms and look into the pros and cons to decide for yourself which one suits you the best. There is no best platform, every platform is suitable for one particular situation.

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10 best Blogging Platforms for Writers.


Medium is one of the largest free blogging platforms on the internet. After WordPress, something that has impressed me is Medium. Medium Provides a platform for writers where you can blog about a specific topic and create your own following or you can just write for fun.

Now Medium comes with the paid plan where you need to pay $5/month. Otherwise, you are limited to the number of articles that you can view. You can make an amazing amount of money from Medium. I was shocked to see the results from one of Shelby Church’s videos. 

In this video Famous Youtubers Shelby Church Experiments with writing for Medium and makes an unbelievable amount of money. You can check for yourself about the medium earning from the video above.


  1. Medium is easy to set up and no technical knowledge is required.
  2. You can create your own medium following.
  3. Medium has a very good list of writers, so you are in good company.


  1. The partner program(monetization) is available in selected countries.
  2. You are limited to the number of articles if you are on a free plan.
  3. You don’t really have control over your article
  4. Analytics is not as good as Google.


Yes, you heard me right Twitter. I have seen many content creators putting up lengthy posts on Twitter. So what they basically do is create a thread of tweets and mention the thread number like Tweet(1/8)’. Now creating a thread does not have any limit on twitter, like the limit for tweet character. Below is one of the examples of thread-based tweets.

This content is something that someone would write in a blog. But I was astonished to see twitter users using it as a blogging tool. This would be a completely free blogging platform. You don’t need any prior knowledge just start being active on twitter.

This strategy works because twitter is more of a content-based platform and people often like to express their thoughts and ideas in words here. This is kind of a growth hack. Since the tweets are linked and even if someone comes across any one of the tweets he will easily have access to all the linked tweets. I was pretty impressed with the growth hack.


  1. You can easily grow your following.
  2. Create your own personal brand.
  3. Gives you credibility.
  4. A good sales funnel can help you make a good amount of money.


  1. Monetization is a little difficult at the beginning.
  2. Need a good understanding of twitter.
  3. Later you might still need to create a blog from the other mentioned platform 


Linkedin as a blogging platform is something that has come to the limelight recently. Even Gary Vee mentioned it as social media platform that people should start using. Linkedin is said to be very powerful and if properly used it will give great results. 

Vaibhav Sisinity who is famous for his Linkedin growth hacks has made a ton of money from Linkedin. Vaibhav who is ex-Uber Marketing Head, currently Marketing Head at Klook has also started a Linked 5-day workshop on teaching Linkedin Tips and tricks. You can also go through his interview with Semrush below and get a good idea about the same.

He has made $$$$ from just using the power of content on Linkedin. He has driven new clients from LinkedIn itself. Long post is something that the Linkedin Algorithm Likes. So if you decide on writing blog posts then Linkedin impulse would also be a good option.


  • Well, optimized Profile will help your content reach the right audience.
  • Will help you directly connect with clients.
  • Able to become a thought leader on Linkedin and might be able to sell Ebooks later.


  • Need to constantly update knowledge about Linkedin
  • Need to be consistent to see growth
  • Won’t be able to control content.


WordPress will always stay as my favorite blogging platform as a writer. I have used Linkedin, twitter, Medium, Wix but nothing compares to WordPress. The way wordpress provides control over the content, no other platform can do that.

platform for writers

Geeksla is also based out of WordPress and all my other blogs are also based on WordPress. I like, how I can control the stats and also who sees what. Obviously, WordPress has its downside. WordPress has a learning curve and you need to take care of various aspects of the blog. From Security to hosting all of these things need to be taken care of by yourself.

If you are not into technical stuff (minimal) then you should go with Medium. But WordPress helps to Monetize the blog and you can make a good sizeable income through ads, affiliates, etc. If I keep on describing WordPress it might need a completely new piece of article.


  • Open-source platform with a huge community to support
  • Easy to monetize and make money from the blog
  • Easy to connect with google analytics and monitor stats


  • Might have some cost of maintaining the blog since hosting and the domain is required.
  • Need to learn some basic stuff and might need to solve problems.
  • Security and Growth of the blog are all depended on the user.


Wix is another Content management system that is famous for creating websites. You might have seen a ton of ads on youtube about building your next big site through Wix. Yes, this is the one.

There are both paid and free versions, you can start out free and upgrade to the paid version if you wish: the freelancer monthly rate is currently $14. 00. But much cheaper for the Indian Version.

I had tried Wix in the early days of blogging. Because when you are new to blogging you often tend to try things and when you come to know how to create a website its feels like a superpower. And you end up creating 100s of websites.

Wix is a great blogging platform for writers. If you are someone who wants to write something related to photography then this would be a great first platform. Wix is more of a portfolio site. But if you wish to have a free domain and no hosting cost. Then this is the best option to go with.


  1. Easy to set up and start a website.
  2. Integration with google analytics
  3. Free for beginners


  1. After one year you might need to pay for the domain.
  2. A limited number of free options for the theme
  3. Limited level of customization.
  4. No RSS support

Square space

You might have seen this website been promoted by one of your favorite YouTubers. I have seen them on youtube videos of Peter Mckinnon, Matti Haapoja etc. They are quite trying to push the platform for bloggers.

Square space is a hosting platform, so you need to pay a monthly fee of around $12. The platform is great for creating a portfolio site. If you just want to show your brand and not include much of the content then this is an amazing option. 

The themes on this platform are also limited. If you like the Instagram esthetics then you will be impressed with what this platform has to offer. 


  • Easy to get started with.
  • Design is good if you love the instagram style.


  • No free plan available paid plan starts at $12
  • Limited options to go with.
  • No much control over design often blog. 


Ghost is another free Content management system like wordpress. Same as wordpress you can download Ghost and upload as your own blog. Though you need to get hosting and host the website on it. So you might need to spend some bucks here.

Ghost is more or less like WordPress, but the difference is, Ghost is more suited for coding professions. Here the customization can be done by coding and adding custom CSS. Here too like WordPress, there are a huge number of themes and plugins. The ghost is great as a blogging platform for freelance writers.

It features a simple, two-column interface using Markdown instead of the popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) formatting, and has built-in SEO tools(not like wordpress), no plug-ins required. You can host on the Ghost network as well, Ghost’s network currently costs $29 per month for the basic subscription, which allows you to add one other contributor to your roster and covers 1,000 views a month.


  • Highly customizable
  • Can be used free of cost


  • Needs a high level of a learning curve.
  • Should be good at coding to customize things.

This is for all the Evernote lovers out there. Now you can directly push content from Evernote to a website.Postach works as a platform for the Evernote content management system.

To get started you need to connect the Evernote account with Postach. After you connect the site, you can choose from themes and select add-ons, like using Disqus for comment sections, social media share buttons, and Google Analytics.

Though the platforms provide analytics platforms but are limited with the number of theme and plugin options. There are only 15 themes to choose from.


  1. Great for Evernote lovers since it is only compatible with Evernote.
  2. Good for Tech noobs since no technical stuff involved.


Free domain name: With the free plan, you will get in your domain name. For example;

Only compatible with Evernote. So if you don’t have Evernote you are stuck.

Paid plan starts with $5 and you are most probably still limited with options.


Tumblr is more of a niche blogging platform. As mentioned on the Tumblr website. Tumblr is very simple to use but very hard to explain. I had my way around Tumblr but did not enjoy the content here. There are obviously some Tumblr pros who are using the platform for blogging, but not me.

Tumblr is like a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube all in one. It’s like a cocktail that we did not ask for. I say much of the posts shared here are content that was originally created for either Twitter or Instagram but later shared here.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Simple design feature.


  • Limited to the platform
  • No monetization
  • No design freedom.

All the platforms for writers mentioned in this post have very different user bases. So if you are thinking of starting out, first look if the users you want to target are using the platform.

That is with our article on the top 9 best blogging platforms for writers. Do you think we missed out on something then do mention them? I would be really happy if you share our post with your friends.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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