Blogs in the modern internet world have been the ultimate source of information. And if you are an avid productivity lover then the blogs on productivity are some places that you enjoy visiting. But why productivity blog? The below para answers the question.

How are some people more successful than others? What makes 2 hard-working individuals different from each other. One succeeds and the other fails. The answer is simple: the winner manages time better, is more productive, and gets things done. All of us have 24 hours in a day, we all have access to the same information, but still, we all are not successful in the same way.

During this pandemic I was in search of learning new habits, learning the habit of reading daily. This is where I came across many blogs and books about productivity and self-growth. These were some of the blogs for intellectuals and smart readers. 

The information in these blogs were beyond comparison. Personal development is that part of life which is not taught in school. But we today have them on the click of a button. So I decided, when the whole world was engaged in OTT platforms and enjoying their stay at home I would rather indulge in reading these intellectual blogs and learn something new.

I already had books that I had bought but never read. So I started with that and since I was an Amazon Prime member so I had 3 free credits to buy 3 audiobooks. I bought the 3 audiobooks and started reading books daily.

After reading 6-8 books and constantly reading blogs I was applying these methods to my daily routine. I am glad the audiobooks that I had bought were self-help books and productivity books. These books will make you smart and you will start investing your time on things that matter.

Rather than procrastinating on doing important things and watching another movie on Netflix. You will start working towards your goal and make productivity as a part of your life.

These productivity blogs are my personal favorite and not ranked on any external factors. These are not the official ranking or something, but just my list of best blogs on productivity and self-development.

13 Best blogs on Productivity to check out

James clear

blog on productivity

James Clear is one of the best productivity and self-development blogger according to me. James is the author of the famous productivity and self-development book Atomic Habits. Remember I told in the intro of the articles that I bought some productivity audiobooks. Yes, Atomic Habits was one of them.

When I first bought the book I procrastinated a lot and read the book 2 months after buying it. But once I started listening to James, I started enjoying the methods and the researches done by him. He made it look simpler and also gave small baby steps for following with the book.

After reading this book my urge for knowing more about productivity increased. Then I found many amazing blogs, many of them are listed here. I really admire his writing style and the amount of amazing content that he puts out in his blog. 

The blog is a gold mine of information, and you will learn a lot just by reading one article by James clear daily.


blog on productivity

Lifehacker is said to be the ultimate authority in many daily life-based topics. The blog has many contents related to personal development, productivity, money, etc. Lifehacker has become one of the biggest blogs on self-development.

One of the big issues about Lifehacker is that they have content ranging from tech, money, politics, etc all under the same domain. Though they have done a good job of segregating them in different subdomains.

I sometimes visit Lifehacker just to see if there is something new. Since there are many writers, the perspective of writing changes and different views come to the picture.


blogs on productivity
blogs on productivity

Yes, I make sure that I don’t miss out on an opportunity to plug my blog. Geeksla was originally started with the intent of a tech and gadget blog. But currently focused on productivity, self-development, and growth.

Geeksla was started in 2016 and it has been over 4 years. Our pivot from a blog on gadgets to a productivity blog was due to my personal experience with the changes in my life. So I thought let me share my learnings with my readers. Though I still blog about gadgets and tech but the topic of productivity, self-help, and growth are my favorite.

We have written some amazing content related to productivity and development. You can check them out on our blog.


blogs on productivity

I have a 9-5 Job as a Software Engineer working as an Application Lifecycle management expert. Where I design and configure the application life cycle for different products and application development. Now the biggest problem we face is time tracking. Though we have a software tool that tracks time spent, I was looking for something more of hardware.

This is when I stumbled upon timeular. It is a cube that helps you track time. But looking into it I found out that their blog is also a good source of information about productivity and time management.

Though they also have software update blog posts, the company has done a very good job of creating some amazing content related to productivity. If you don’t buy their product its fine but do check out their blog.


blogs on productivity

LifeDev is an amazing blog that shares content related to remote work, creativity, and productivity. Though lifedev is not so active with publishing content on the blog, but they do have some amazing productivity content.

The blog has 3-4 content till now for 2020, though that’s less, the content is really good so kudos to the blogger. I came across the blog when I was searching for some content related to the GTD book and came across the author’s love for GTD and its technique.

The blog has a good writing style and really doesn’t care about the gimmicks, which I like. In short, lifedev is a plain and simple blog on productivity with great content.

Keep productive

blogs on productivity

I think they are one of the biggest blogs focused on productivity apps. Keep Productive has a huge Youtube channel with more than 100K subscribers and they share content related to productivity tools and updates.

I enjoy watching their youtube videos since most of the videos are around tips and tricks. They write and create videos around content related to Trello, notion, todoist, Evernote, etc. Many of the content is opinion based and some are tricks and hacks about a particular productivity tool.

blogs on productivity

The 4-hour workweek is one of the most famous books in the world. From being a New York Times bestseller to being one of the best podcasts on earth, Tim has done it all. I have read the book 4 hour work week and Tim’s idea about the new rich really resonates with me. 

I frequently visit Tim’s blog to consume the podcast. I think it is one of the best podcasts on self-development. The Tim Ferriss Show gives you insight on some of the most amazing minds on earth. Here there is a lot to learn and apply to your daily life.

blogs on productivity is a productivity blog that I recently came across. Although earlier I had read many articles from the blog. But recently when I was looking for one of the topics on productivity, that’s when I stumbled upon Lifehack.

Though like Lifehacker, lifehack has expanded its blog to many topics. But they are segregated properly onto different topics.  Lifehack blog also has a podcast for productivity so you can go through that as well. But let me mention I have not listened to any of their podcasts.


blogs on productivity

Started in 2006 dumb little man is a blog focused on self-improvement and growth. The blog is mostly written by the public. I mean it is open for anyone to share content or articles to the blog’s theme. 

The main focus of dumb little man is to provide as much content as possible. Though most of the content is outsourced, the blog has maintained the level of quality content. You can have a quick read on any of the topics on the blog.

Zen habits

blogs on productivity

Zen habits is one of the simplest blogs from the entire list. Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. 

 Zen habits is a blog run by Leo Babauta. The blog has some of the most amazing hidden gems related to minimalism, productivity and tackling procrastination. The blog is very neat and has no ads which is the best part of the blog.


blogs on productivity

Productivity 501 is a blog written by Mark Shead. The blog publishes 2 weekly articles related to the topic of productivity. I enjoyed reading many of the blog articles. Most of them are well researched and written.

The art of indulging your curiosity has been achieved by the blogger. The blog has consistently put out new content. Though I didn’t really like the blog’s design layout. But as the saying goes content matters, not the design. Hehe, only I can be the creator of this quote.


blogs on productivity

Steve is one of the famous self-help authors and motivational speakers. Every day thousands of users visit his site for inspiration and motivation. In the blog steve’s experiments with various methods and techniques and mentions them in his blog. 

The Steve Pavlina blog will be one of the hidden gold mines in this list of blogs on productivity. I Don’t read the blog daily but often visit the blog for some great insight from Steve.

Seth Godin 

blogs on productivity

Seth Godin is one of the best marketing gurus in the world. Seth has written more than 15 books and spoken in 1000+ events, workshops, and seminars. Of all the things Seth has one habit, he blogs daily. 

So if you visit Seth’s blog you will have your daily dose of content. Being one of the biggest marketing gurus. He often preaches his unconventional style of marketing. Though it is not a productivity blog. But Seth often talks about it in his blogs.

That’s all with my article on productivity blogs. I have been reading all these blogs for quite a few months and really enjoyed being part of the community.

I will keep updating the list with my current top 13 or if I find a new blog and its better from the one mentioned above then I will add them to the list. 

So make sure you bookmark the article and look into the list every month to see if new entries are made. 

I hope you find the above content helpful and found what you were looking for. 


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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