There are many spammers out there who are constantly spamming many people over the phone. Believe me, you don’t want to pick up these spam calls. These calls are bogus calls or fraud calls, which try to lure people into different offers. So how to reject or block these spamming calls? The answer is caller id app. In this article, we will be looking into some awesome caller id apps for iPhone.

These apps not only help you to identify spam calls but also help you to identify the person calling. These caller id apps help to identify which number is flagged as a spammer by other users and also help you to know the name of the person you called.

For example, if you gave your number to a stranger, who then later became your friend. So if in the future he calls you, the caller id app will help you to identify his identity using his number. This will help you to understand that he is not a spammer.

These contacts are not needed to be stored on your phone. They are already available in the caller id app provider’s database. So when some person calls you, it checks its database and tells you if it is a call from a spammer or not.

These apps will help you reduce the guessing part whenever you get a phone call. This iPhone caller id app will give you the details about the caller before even you pick the pick phone sometimes.

In this article, we will be mainly focusing on caller id apps for iPhone. I will also mention if the alternative android version is also available. So basically the article is for iPhone users. So here are the 5 best caller id apps for iPhone users.

5 Best caller id apps for iPhone.

True caller

truecaller caller id app for iphone

True caller app is the best caller id app both for android and iPhone. It helps you to identify the caller in real time. If you are getting a call from a number not on your call list, don’t worry true caller app will display the information about the caller from its database.

True caller is a free caller id app. So you are free to use it both on iPhone and android. The best part about true caller app is that you can simply get the number online or you see somewhere. Put the number in the true caller app it will search its database for the information related to the number.

You can also reject the calls based on locations. If you are receiving a call from a war-torn zone, then it is better to not pick the phone. True caller app is one of the best caller id apps for iPhone. This is the ultimate phone caller id app that you will ever need.

You need to have a good data connection either 3G/4G or Wi-Fi for the true caller app to work flawlessly.

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Mr Number

Mr.-Number caller id app for iphone

Mr Number is among the top caller id apps for iPhone. The app is basically for blocking spam calls and reverse lookup of numbers that you get a call from.

The app blocks spam calls in real time and gives you real-time alerts and warnings about the spam calls. The Mr Number app allows creating a personal block list in which you can add numbers that you wish to block.

You can yourself report spam if you get one. The Mr Number app has a community behind it working to reduce the spams calls you get on your phone.

Mr Number is also a great free caller id app for iPhone. The app is available for android as well.

Call Bliss

callbliss-caller id apps for iphone

Do you want to block your work-related calls when you are out on a vacation? Then this is the app for you. It is more of an unwanted call blocking app than an iPhone caller id app.

The app will help you to segregate your contact list according to your needs. You can create a list of contacts which you want to block. This is useful if you want a number to not bother you if you are out on a holiday or simply ignore the number.

The only downside of the app is that it is paid. Otherwise, if you are looking for an iPhone app to block certain contacts from your list then this iPhone app is for you.

Hiya caller id and block

hiya caller id apps for iphone

They claim themselves to be World’s most advanced phone spam protection engine which Identifies and blocks robocalls, telemarketers, debt collectors and fraud calls like IRS scam.

Hiya is the combination of Mr Number and call Bliss. You can create your own personalized block list and block calls from people you don’t want to listen.

The caller id app as an integrated spam identification system which helps in identifying spam sand fraud calls. Hiya is a free caller id app available for both ios and android.

Hiya caller id and block app would be a great pick for an iPhone caller id app with a ton of features.


whoscall caller id apps for iphone

Whoscall is another caller id app for iPhone users. It was named as the best app of the app store for the year 2015. The app features two of the most important features, caller identification, and blocking calls.

A lot similar to True caller app. The app claims to manage around 700 million calls list in its database. It uses it to identify telemarketing cal and rob calls.

Whoscall is a free caller id app which is available for free downloads on the app store and even the android play store. It is a good deal for an iPhone caller id app.


These are our top five picks for the best caller id app. These apps are a good performer as an iPhone caller id app. If you are an iPhone user then these are some of the options that you might have.

My top pick from this list of apps would be True caller app. True caller one of the most famous caller id app out there. Definitely, you can give a try to other caller id apps from the list.

Most of them are free caller id app. So you need not pay for using them.

So, what’s your favorite caller id app for iPhone? Do you have an app better than the one mentioned above? Then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by and reading the article.


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