Domain is the first thing we look for, when we have to start our own personal niche, blog or online business. With over millions of domain already registered. It’s difficult to find a perfect domain that we want. When we are starting with our niche blog all of us want to minimize the total expense of creating a blog. But we all know how important the top level domain .com is. And getting a .com domain for lower price is mere impossible (not always).

Recently I bought a domain which was listed for Rs 639, but I bought it for Rs99/- from Bigrock. So to get a cheap domain you need to follow some steps, which I will share below. In this guide, I will share how to buy a .com domain for low price ( mostly Rs 99) from any of the registrars. This is the simplest and the most successful(tested) .com domain trick.

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How to get .com domain for low price(.com domain trick).

Step 1: Clear Cookies

The first and foremost step is to clear cookies on your browser. This can be simply done in chrome and Firefox by clicking on your online history and then selecting “clear all history” and then selecting all the options provided there. This would be quite simple if you are using some other browser or simply didn’t understood how to do it, I suggest you just “Google it”

Step 2: Switch off adblock

This is an important step, if you are using any ad block software you need to turn it off till you buy the Domain. Why? You will understand when we proceed with this technique.

Step 3: Google search

After you have done both the above step you just need to Search for “domains” in Google and click on the Google paid results the one which displays domains at Rs 99. If you are confused with the process, look at the gif below for clear understanding. Now you understood why I asked you to turn off adblock, because we need to get those ads.

Step 4:Buy It

The one important thing I suggest and a must do step is to complete the buyout in the same session. Because if you don’t buy the domain the time you entered the website. The offer probably expires and will show you higher price than the one you saw.

How it works:

When you turn off the Adblock that means you will be able to see Google ads. So when you search for domains the registrar basically have ads for paid search results for the keyword “domain”.

You will see both godaddy and big rock are present in the paid result. You will also see that the paid result contains offers of Rs 99 domain which is used to attract buyers. While the organic search does not contains offers, so if you click on organic search then you will get a higher cost as compared to the other time.

So as you click on the link and access the website, the website by default stores cookies in your browser and as the session expires, the cookies also expires. So if your session expires by some or the other reason and you closed the browser make sure you clear the cookies before buying the domain and perform the similar steps the one you did again. You will get the .com domain for low price, but the price may vary from region to region.

This is a simple technique some of you might already know it. If not, use the method and buy the .com domain at the cheapest rate. This trick helped me to buy all my domains at 99. If you are stuck somewhere or did not understand any step, write in the comment section below. I will try to answer as soon as possible. That’s it guys with the simple .com domain trick for buying cheap dotcom domain.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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