Believe me, when I say Psiphon 3 might be a life saver for you. From accessing the internet anonymously to removing digital footprints Psiphon does it all. Psiphon already had its android app which is of great use. But now Psiphon 3 for PC is available for free download. Many people out there were waiting for the PC version of Psiphon. The Psiphon for PC is called Psiphon 3. Psiphon 3 is the latest version of Psiphon for PC.

I started using Psiphon for bypassing by college wifi. And guess what it worked, I was able to use the paid wifi from my college for free using Psiphon app. Psiphon is beneficial when you want to access any website which is blocked by your ISP.

The best part of the Psiphon app is that you can bypass the entire device. Yes, the entire device. Psiphon was build on the web safe and proxy technology. The app tunnels the entire device and helps you to get internet access not only in the web browser but also on all the apps like WhatsApp, facebook etc downloaded on your smartphone.

Let’s understand what is Psiphon and how it works.

What is Psiphon?

Psiphon is an Internet censorship circumvention tool that uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies (VPNSSH, and HTTP Proxy). Psiphon is a centrally managed, geographically diverse network of thousands of proxy servers, using performance-oriented, single hop architecture.

That was too much of technical stuff; even I didn’t understand some stuff from it. Let’s make it easier for you to understand.

In many countries, there are content filtration system, which either monitors your content access or blocks access to a specific content. These countries are known as “enemies of the internet”. Because the internet was created with a sole purpose of providing all content to everyone who wishes to access it.

So Psiphon is basically a solution to people who want to access content, which might be either blocked or not available to view.

The Psiphon creates a tunnel, which bypasses all the filtration process which is set up by the government and allows complete anonymous access to all the content. This is the basics of what Psiphon does.

download psiphon 3 for pc

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Psiphon 3 free downloads for windows 7/8/10.

Below is the download link of the Psiphon 3 for PC. Look into the specification and requirement of the app below. Download the link from below or you can download it from the official website. Download Psiphon 3 for PC from below.

Software name: Psiphon 3

Usability: Windows.

Windows Version: 7/8/10.

File type available for download: psiphon.exe.

Languages: Multiple Languages.

Features of Psiphon 3 for PC

  • Psiphon 3 for pc or the Psiphon app can be used in two modes. The first one is the browser mode where you can access the internet only from the browser. Where as, in the second mode, which is VPN (whole device mode). Here the entire device is tunneled through the Psiphon. If you want to access facebook app or any app which uses the internet, all of the apps data transfer will happen through the Psiphon tunnel.
  • Psiphon 3 consists of in-app stats that help you monitor how much internet you have used.
  • Psiphon 3 for PC is free for personal use. You can contact the developers of Psiphon directly for corporate licensing if you want tunneling for the entire office ecosystem.
  • The app was also featured on check out the article [here]
  • Psiphon is an open-source project. You can find the source code and design documents on the project homepage:


Psiphon for Pc will make the work easier for many people. I use Psiphon mostly from my smartphone. The interface is not the best but come on, it’s free.

Many countries around the world don’t allow their people to access the internet. But the internet is the platform of learning, sharing and contributing for a better tomorrow. But many countries use it as a censorship system which allows controlling the common man’s access to knowledge.

The Internet is rather free and available for each and everyone. No one controls or owns the internet. The internet is for everyone and should not be discriminated in providing content to the one who needs it.

Psiphon comes as a life saver in these places and helps people access the internet without any discrimination. Now Psiphon for Pcc (Psiphon 3) has made it even easier to access the internet and bypass the filtration system from PC.

Psiphon is not available for mac users, so there is no Psiphon for mac. Probably the future release which possibly might be Psiphon 4 mostly have support for that.

So don’t worry about accessing any blocked website now. Use Psiphon 3 for free and bypass every content-filtration.

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