It’s a headache to find a website to download mp3 for free. There are a ton of free mp3 download sites, but not all of them provide free music download. The government of India blocks many of the free mp3 download sites. You are probably not able to download your favourite songs from these blocked websites. Music is the biggest source of entertainment for all of us. But paying the price for the entertainment is what we don’t want to.

With allot of digging on the internet, we just reduced your work to half. We collected some of the best sites to download free music and add them to your smartphone. We officially test These websites whether they are working properly and not fraud. These are the best places for free music download on the internet. Rather than getting blocked results while searching for Mp3 songs free download, use our ready-made list of tested sources to download songs for free.

Before you go through the list of free mp3 download sites, there is a thing that you need to know. Not all the sources are available for free mp3 download. But we have mentioned the trick on how to download for free. So you need to read the full article to find a website which is suitable for your need to get mp3 songs free download.

Below is the table for a quick sneak peak to our list of free mp3 download sites. These are the top 10 sites for free music downloads. The below table give a short description about the free mp3 download.

Now let’s get deeper and look into each of the mentioned free mp3 download sites and get better clarity and understand how to get free music download from all these sites. You can download free music from all the sites mentioned below; there is no catch.

Ten best free mp3 download sites for 2017


We at Geeksla suggest all our user’s to download free music from YouTube. But YouTube does not have an option of free music download. But do you know, you can download free music from youtube? Earlier we shared article where we showed how to extract the audio from a youtube video. Get the mp3 that you want by using this method.

To know more on how to download free music from YouTube videos, check out our article on Snipmp3 and keepvid: how to convert YouTube video to mp3.

Mp3 juices

The website Mp3 juice is just the simpler version of the above YouTube method. Mp3 juice has its own search bar, where you can find the songs or music which you want to download for free. The mp3 juice does a YouTube search and comes up with all the video related to your keyword. You can watch the video or else if you want the mp3 free download, then you can click on the download button. Mp3 juice will download the mp3 file of the video.

Using Mp3 juice is just simpler method than the above-mentioned youtube method. It tops our list of free mp3 download sites.

This is not the original mp3 skull, but another version of the mp3 skull, which is probably maintained by somebody else. The website layout is not that fancy and looks pretty dull. But it is still a source for free music download.

It is not the best source for mp3 songs free download but still a preferred source to download free music. It just gets your things done.


They have probably hosted their website using an IP rather than the domain name. You will get redirected to the IP when you search for mp3 clan. This might be basically done so that the domain block does not affect the site.

You can download mp3 songs free from this website. No registration and other stuff required in this website. An amazing website for mp3 downloads.


Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. It promotes itself as “the world’s largest digital service for free music”. The goal of Jamendo is to be the link between artists who want to share their music and audiences around the world, both private and professional. It is the best source for free mp3 download.

It is among the top 3 best free mp3 download sites from our list of music sites.

It is another free mp3 download site from our list. It basically indexes the songs from the internet and then provides the free music download in its website. So that it means that none of the music files are hosted by them. They just search the internet and provide you with the best possible mp3 free download. The only problem with this website is, it has redirecting advertisement. So it is better to use an ad blocker while visiting this site.

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Sound cloud.

Sound cloud Is a powerful platform for music creators and listeners. You can listen to some of the amazing music creators from around the world and use their music to create your own version of the same and share it with your friends. You can create your own playlist.


It is another free mp3 download site, which is similar to You can free download songs from this website. Nothing to say much about the website. Not a big fan, but still good sources for downloading free songs and music.

If you are a lover of old classic English songs from the famous singers then this is the place for you. You can download free music from this site. There are also resources to learn music for teachers and students on this website.

I was clearly blown away by the graphics design of the site. It is another best source for free mp3 download. The site has a great interface and design. You will fall in love with this free music sites interface.

Final words

That’s it with our list of free mp3 download sites. These are the best and working sources for mp3 songs free downloads. All the websites in the list are tested by us and we keep on updating the list with new and better sources for free music download.

You can free download songs from these resources. Thanks for reading the article, if you know a better free music website then the one mentioned, tell us in the comment section below, we will try to update the list and add better websites to the list.


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