Do you hate it, when you invest all your time and energy in creating a to-do list and don’t end up using it? I had a similar problem, everyday I created a to-do list but never used it. It was like at the end of the day I didn’t even remember about it.

For these reasons, I started hunting for free online to-do lists. A list that is easily accessible by me when I want it. I don’t need to sign in or open an application on my desktop. And the most important of all, a free online to-do list.

During my search for an online list maker, I came across different types of lists. Then it becomes a matter of requirement and personal taste. You cannot use all these tools, but rather use them as per your need.

But how complicated can it be to find a perfect tool? Well, it felt like I was at my wit’s end in the search. But surely, in the end, I found some real hidden gems of tools that I hardly knew earlier. These tools fall under different categories and cater to different needs.

Where to write a to-do list?

After thorough research, I have come up with these 3 types of to-do lists.

  1. Online Application.
  2. Chrome Extension.
  3. Desktop Softwares.

You can choose from these 3 types of to-do lists to create a to-do list. Any to-do list maker or application that you know falls under these 3 mentioned categories. In this article, I have stressed on online to-do lists, specifically to-do lists without logins.

Because it’s another hassle to first log in and then create a list. Some other things that I have looked into in these to-do list makers are the feature to share these lists with other users. And the most important of them all, it should be FREE.

3 ways to create a free online to-do list

Online to-do lists are quite simple to create. You can use any of the to-do list strategies with these list makers. One of the simplest to-do list strategies that you can use is the Ivy lee method. Let’s first talk about the online application to-do list. 

Online to-do list Application

An online application to-do list or an online checklist is the most used checklist while working on a desktop. You don’t need to separately download any application for using this to-do list. These are easily accessible via the web and many times can be accessed by smartphone as well.

The online application to-do list are of 2 types.

  • Online to-do list with signup
  • Online to-do list without signup.

To-do list with signup/login

These are my preferred method of creating an online to-do list. For these types of checklists, you might need to login in at the beginning.  But you don’t need to log in again unless you have reset your browser or cleared the cache. There are many applications available for these types of to-do lists.

They can be easily synced between multiple devices and becomes very convenient to use from multiple devices. Some of the best applications are Notion, todoist, Evernote, tick tick, google keep, etc. From the mentioned software my favorite one is Google keep. You need not worry about anything since everything is in the cloud.

To-do list without signup.

These are some really amazing types of to-do list maker. They are best for temporary use to-do lists. When you are looking to create an urgent to-do list but don’t really wish to log in or sign up to any application.

Two of the best application that I know for to-do list without login is List Moz and Flask. Both of them are completely free online to-do list applications and you don’t even need to log in to these applications.

You can simply just open the website, create a to-do list without sign up and then leave. But be careful with these type of applications since they are only for temporary purposes. Some of them do store data in the cache and your to-do list might be available. But not all have this feature, so use it with caution.

Pros of the free online to-do list.

  • No need to download separate software.
  • No need to sign up for an online to-do list.
  • Easy to use and no extra software download.

Cons of the free online to-do list.

  • Clearing cache will wipe out data.
  • Not best for a long time online to-do list.
  • Need to bookmark the application for easy access.

Chrome Extension To-do list

If you are a person with simple approaches then this method will suit you. Creating free online to-do lists using chrome extension is the simplest and the most efficient way to do it. I use this method for tracking tasks related to my work.

In my office PC, I use the extension to write down tasks. Since the use of external software is restricted and you cannot download software in the company system. This is the best way I came up with to manage my tasks.

You simply need to add chrome extensions like Tabula, Todo Tab, etc. These are famously called new tab to-do lists. These are free online to-do lists that appear on the default Chrome browser page. When you open the browser instead of the default page you see to-do lists.

I use Todo Tab for managing tasks. It’s quite minimal and gets the job done. There is quite a few new tab to-do list which is completely free to use. These extensions will automatically sync with the google login and save your data. So this is one of the best methods for no sign-up to-do lists.

Though this looks like the best possible solution for this online to-do list problem, it comes with some problems of its own.

Pros of Online checklist Google chrome

  • The to-do list available for free with no signup.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Simple and minimalist design.

Cons of Online checklist Google chrome

  • Not able to sync the checklist across devices.
  • Depends on google account sign-in.
  • Visible to everyone using the browser.
  • No default chrome home screen.

Desktop Software to-do list

The desktop software is the most convenient way of creating an online to-do list. But this method requires you to download the software first and then install it on your system. But this is a one-time task.  Once you install it you need to login once and then your lists will be synced across all devices.

Some of the best example through which we can create a to-do list on a desktop is Notion, todoist,  taskboard, Microsoft to-do list maker, etc.  Now all of the mentioned software also have a web application. So you can easily just log in via the browser and use them.

But many people do love to download software because they don’t wish to open the browser to check on their to-do lists. The software version helps you to get away with the hassle of login in to check your checklist. But this type of to-do list has a lot of cons.

Pros of Desktop to-do list.

  • No every time login for using of the to-do list app.
  • Many free application are available for free use.
  • Sync between multiple devices available in most software.

Cons of Desktop to-do list.

  • Adds one more task to your task manager which adds to the load to the system.
  • PC often becomes slow if it is of lower configuration.
  • Adding an additional software means usage of more disk space.

Final Thoughts

With the 3 methods of creating an online to-do list, I hope I have convinced you to use one of them. I am prone to use all of these methods in some or another way. You need to evaluate your way of creating an online to-do list by analyzing all the methods.

Don’t go with my word, rather research and experiment for yourself. Use the method that suits your needs the most.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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