Blogging is one of those things which can be done from any location. During the pandemic, if you are a blogger then believe me you are a lucky one. But when you are working from home or a remote location then there are some basic requirements of gadgets for bloggers. 

These Gadgets will not only help you to get things done but will help you in increasing your productivity. For all the beginner bloggers look into the list and pick the one that you need the most.

Blogging has recently become a full-time job for many individuals. 5 years back no one would have imagined that blogging might become a full-time career. Due to which many of the bloggers choose to work from a remote location. 

I have met many bloggers who are working remotely from different locations and definitely they are making a ton of money due to which they are able to become digital nomads.

Not all the gadgets for bloggers mentioned in the list are a must-have. But I explain how each of the gadgets will help you in different scenarios. These gadgets are for professional bloggers to make the best of their time and get more things done.

I can’t say that all the gadgets will increase your productivity but yes most of them will help you in some or the other ways. 

These are the top 15 gadgets that after asking many of the bloggers I have listed down. Not all of them are used by all bloggers. Use the gadget which helps you become more productive.

Top 15 Must-have Gadgets for Bloggers

1. Mid Range Laptop

Yes, a laptop. I hope that didn’t come as a surprise. I have used 3 laptops and 1 desktop till now and you know one of the most important parts about any laptop is that it should not get stuck.

Just imagine that you are remotely working from somewhere and suddenly your laptop stops working. It just hangs up, what would you do? It is always better to buy a higher range of laptops. Like the Apple MacBook Pro and Asus higher range laptops. I can’t say much about other laptop brands, but these both are surely something you can count on. 

I had even created a video for the Asus laptop that I bought. Yes, it is a pretty long time back, but the laptop still functions and gets the job done. 

We all know how a blogger works. Multiple chrome tabs, multiple software, and maybe some applications all running at once. If you have a cheap laptop then it will definitely give up after some time. 

From all the mentioned gadgets for bloggers, the laptop is the most important one. If you are stuck with a bad one, life will be hell. Better go for the high end. You are well aware with mac os then go for apple or otherwise windows.

Recommended gadgets:

Asus Zenbook, Apple Mac Book

2. Smartphone

A smartphone is another main component of blogging. You surely can get things done from any smartphone that you have, but things might get difficult when you try to create content.

Currently, I am using the OnePlus 7 Pro. Which was the flagship phone from OnePlus one year back. Now, why is it important to have a good smartphone?

I earlier had the normal budget smartphone but since I also create youtube videos the budget phones would never keep up with the game. The budget phone will always disappoint you with its performance. In a few time, they will start lagging and then you are done. 

I use smartphones for various reasons, to schedule posts for social media, Create videos, etc. Now me suggesting a high-end phone would be wrong, but the decision is up to you. If you are not that much of a smartphone user then you are good with any type of smartphone. 

Recommended gadgets: Oneplus, iPhone

Gadget for blogger

3. Hard disk

Now that I write content and create videos I back it up to the cloud and an external hard disk. Since large videos cannot be uploaded to the cloud so videos just go to the hard disk. 

But I store my articles both on cloud and external hard disk. If you are a blogger you know how important it is to backup data. Once I had my entire site data lost since I had no backup. I have learned my lesson. 

So I bought an external hard disk. Though I sometimes think that I should have bought the SSD, SSD was much costlier earlier. If you do not have an external hard disk then make sure you back your data elsewhere.

Recommended gadgets: Sandisk SSD, Cheaper WD HDD

Gadgets for Bloggers

4. Apple Tablet

Now I am not sure if this gadget will help you or not. Currently, there are 4 apple tablets available in the market. Ipad mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad pro. 

I use the iPad Air as my daily driver. The other two iPad(mini and just iPad) are pretty much useless and can be used only for content consumption.

The iPad Air and iPad Pro are pretty powerful and can almost perform similar tasks as a laptop. I use it to write articles sometimes and just to watch tutorials etc. This is an add on Gadget, it’s ok to not have one, you can still get things done. 

Recommended Gadget: iPad Air

Gadgets for Bloggers

5. DSLR or Mirror-less camera

Though I would suggest a DSLR to all the content creators. But specifically, if you create videos then you need to increase your video production value. Learning to use a DSLR will definitely help you a lot. And will add the small talent into your pocket.

Even if you are not a video content or video blogger. Many bloggers use this gadget to click pictures to add to there blog post. Currently there are 2 types of camera.

DSLR and Mirrorless camera. Though DSLR is famous. But Mirrorless cameras, which are also full-frame cameras, are the cameras of the future. I had bought a DSLR camera 2 years back and will soon upgrade to a mirrorless camera.

Recommended gadget: Canon, Mirrorless camera

Gadgets for Bloggers

6. Dual-Band router

I had second thoughts before adding this gadget to the list. But after many of the bloggers, mostly all of them mentioned, having a good wifi router is the most important aspect of working from home.

I earlier had a Single-band wifi router and I still remember that the range was hardly available for a single room. So more often I had to adjust my working location in accordance with the router.

So soon I bought a dual-band router and believe me in this internet age. You can live with limited food, limited clothing option, but not with slow internet speed. This is a must have gadget for bloggers.

Recommended: Wifi Router

Gadgets for Bloggers

7. Mifi device

Now Mifi is a particular brand of mobile wireless devices. But you can get any wireless hotspot device that you like. A wireless hotspot has come in handy to me a lot. Since the data rates are a lot cheaper here in India. And the 4G is pretty amazing.

And during the pandemic, there were a lot of power cuts here. During this time the Hotspot device has helped me a lot. The wireless device will also come in handy if you are traveling to a remote location. You cannot always depend on Wifi you are all set with this device.

The device will help as a backup in the time of crisis. You can use it if your wifi connection goes down or you are traveling to a different location.

Recommended gadget: Mifi

Gadgets for Bloggers

8. Wireless Mouse

Many people are completely fine with the trackpad that they have with the laptop. But not me! I think the trackpad really slows me down. I have a wireless mouse that I have been using since I started blogging, that’s since 2015.

Though I would say that the mouse has started to eat a lot of batteries these days. May be its time for me to change the mouse. But believe me, having a mouse will make you more productive. 

Now I suggest a wireless mouse because the wire clutter is something that I personally dislike a lot.

Recommended gadgets: Logitech

Gadgets for Bloggers

9. True wireless earphones

Frankly speaking, I have all kinds of earphones. You check on my article on wired earphone vs wireless earphones and true wireless earphones. Yes, there are 3 types of earphones out there. But I often use the true wireless ones they are a lot easier to use.

Yes, the AirPods are true wireless. They are easier to pair and even carry around. I often listen to deep focus music while writing an article. This helps me to focus and since I am wearing an earphone people often refrain from disturbing me.

I also use them while traveling to listen to audiobooks or any of the podcasts. Yes, it’s better to learn something on the go rather than just listening to music. 

Recommended Gadgets: Earphone

Gadgets for Bloggers

10. Headphones

Now headphones are something I just wear for noise cancellation and for audio designing while I edit videos. Since headphones are over the ear devices so you have a better noise cancellation as compared to other devices.

Now I would not recommend all of you to get a headphone. But if you are a video editor or just want a good noise cancellation device then you should definitely go with it. Headphones are something I recommend while working with utmost focus.

Recommend gadget: Wireless headphones

Gadgets for Bloggers

11. Health Band

Now this is a must have gadget for all the bloggers out there. Bloggers tend to often sit in front of  their laptops and work all day. I would recommend you to get a health band as soon as possible. Though you can go for the costlier brand as fitbit.

But if you are on a tight budget then you can also go ahead and buy the mi band as well. I myself have a Mi band and believe they get the job done. Since I sit in front of the laptop the whole day. These trackers help me track my run and heartbeats.

Recommended Gadget: Health Band

Gadgets for Bloggers

12. Smartwatch

Now the smartphone is just an add on to the health band above. If you are going for a costlier brand of the smartwatch you better go for Apple watch. Apple Watch is hands down the best smartwatch out there.

It will also help you with sleep tracker, mail notification, calls etc. Though it can decrease your productivity, it’s up to you. If you want a completely connected environment then you should definitely go for it.

Recommended Gadget: iwatch

Gadgets for Bloggers

13. Kindle

Kindle is another amazing gadget for bloggers. I often buy ebooks or guides and have a kindle with me near my bed to read it before I go to sleep. Now I don’t really think that you need a kindle if you already have an iPad.

I had bought the Kindle a while back so I already had it. I don’t really enjoy reading books in the kindle, though I have read some books. So what I do, if I buy any ebook guide or something then I load it to my kindle and read it from there. 

Recommended: Kindle

14. Laptop Stand

Ok, I don’t know if this is a gadget or more like an accessory. For a long time I just simply used the laptop. But since I have a full-time job and also worked as a software developer. So that means basically I am on the laptop the entire day.

But after some time I started having a slight pain on my neck. Since the Laptop was not in my straight eyesight and I needed to bend. Due to which I started looking for a laptop stand. And as soon as I bought the Laptop, soon things changed and the neck pain reduced.

I will not say that it will solve all your problems but it will for sure ease up things. It is a little awkward at the beginning while using the laptop stand. But soon you will get used to it. I don’t know if it is a must-have gadget for bloggers, but I will definitely recommend it to all laptop users.

Recommended Gadget: Laptop Stand

15. Ergonomic Chair

I didn’t really realize the need for a good work chair until we were into this pandemic. Since I was around 14 hours a day working from in front of the laptop. Either working on my office work or hustling on the side with this blog. I had a plastic cheap chair which I used. But soon my back pain started. And I realized that its time to buy a good ergonomic chair which has back support.

Know I don’t have any particular suggestion on which chair to buy, though the best ones are the gaming chair. But I didn’t really buy that one, since it was too costly for my bank balance. So I decided to go with the normal office chair with good back support.

Recommended gadgets: Chair

Gadgets for Bloggers

Now, these were some of my choices. And definitely there will be many more gadgets that are not on the list and some bloggers might feel the mentioned ones are useless. Though I think these are the must-have gadgets. Some might say the list is over-exaggerated. But this is my perspective.

And that’s my list of 15 must-have gadgets and the one that I have been using for my daily blogging needs.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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