Do you love to read books? What if I told you that, you can get paid to read books? If you are a type of person who has a strong opinion on different matters, then this might be just perfect for you. Your opinion can help you make money.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then this article is probably what you should read. We’ve summed around 10 websites that would pay you to read books.

It sounds quite strange but believes me it’s true. All you need to do is read the book and write a review of about 200-300 words and that’s it.

Different website, have different conditions for paying you. Some require the reader’s portfolio and some require a blog by the reader. Well, most of the time you get paid to read a book only if you have a blog.

Before you get into the article let me be clear. You are not going to become rich or millionaire from these websites. If you are looking for some work from home or become your own boss then this is not the place where you should be. This is just the list of websites that pay you the small amount for providing honest reviews about the book.

10 Best websites were you get paid to read books.

So below is the list of 10 best companies or website where you get paid to read books. The books category might range from romance to crime, from humor to thriller.

To all the book worms out there, here is your chance to make money from your love to read books. Get paid for what you love to do. This is like paying me to eat food. So let’s have a quick look on all the websites that pay you to read books.

Below is the deeper insight of all the websites where you can get paid to read books.

The US review.

The company hires a freelancer who has some past experience with the reviewing. You need to email your resume to the editor. Well, they can do that since you are getting paid to read books.

The website often lists books from a different genre. Readers have to select books from the genre that they like.

Readers are supposed to summarize the book as well as reveal insights which are drawn from the reading. It may include short quotes from the book.

Reviewers are given the opportunity to assign a “recommended” rating to outstanding titles. Reviewers are expected to send the review in 2-3 weeks.

The Reviewers are paid monthly, on the 5th, for each review that they completed during the previous month.

Many publishers and up-and-coming authors are willing to give you a free copy of their book in exchange for you writing an honest review of the book.

This is the place where you can get a free book and get paid to read too. You just need to provide an honest review about the book.

In other words, you will get a free copy of a book and then you will get paid to honestly review that book.

Most payouts currently range around $5-$60 per review.

One of the best place to get paid to read books.

Any subject books

This is another great platform for readers to get paid for reading. But this is more of a strict place to get paid.

The company has some terms and conditions placed before you sign up. You will be asked for you like and dislikes with books. Like which category of books do you love to read and so on.

They will then give you there provided book according to the genre you chose for.

There is no fixed cash amount for a particular book. You will be paid according to the number of pages and category of the book.


If you want to get paid to read a book then at the same time get featured in a magazine then this offer is for you.

These reviews are published in Kirkus Indie, which is the section of the book review magazine that focuses on self-published authors.

The review needs to be in 350 words, due two weeks after the book is assigned. Kirkus currently reviews nearly all genres for books of all lengths, in digital, hardcover and paperback format.

To become a reviewer with Kirkus, you need to submit a resume, along with writing samples and some information about the types of books you like to review to the Kirkus Indie Editor.

This is another good place where you are paid for reading

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Get a book in exchange for a review

Not all websites are paying to read books. Some will just give you a book in return for the review. So we’ve gathered some of the websites that will give you book for free in exchange for a review.


Newpages are looking for lively, opinionated reviews. The reviewer needs to be honest with the review and the review should not be biased.

So how it works?

You need to first send a copy of a review that you read recently to newpages. Once you send the email, wait for their reply.

If they like your writing style and the review, then they will send you books in the regular intervals of time. And in return, you need to send them the review of the content send.


This place is best for online content writers. If you write online journals or blogs then you would get a free book for writing a review.

You can read and review ten online review copies at one time. For your efforts, you’ll get the book for free in return.

Book Look Bloggers

This is a heaven if you are a book blogger.

First of all the website design is pretty awesome. I liked the book look bloggers websites.

To be eligible to become a reviewer on the site, you must have an actively maintained public blog.

This means you need to post at least once per month and have some loyal subscribers who follow your blog.

Blogging for books

This is the ultimate blogger edition company to get free books to write a 200 words review.

There is a 90-day policy for reading and requesting a book on BookLook Bloggers. If you have requested a book, you must submit a review on BookLook Bloggers at least 90 days after the initial request. After you have submitted your review, you must request another book within 90 days of your last review.

They are quite strict regarding the activeness of the members. If you are inactive your account will be suspended.

Moody press

This is another place for book bloggers. But you also need to have an amazon account along with your own blog.

You are required to write a review on your blog as well as on consumer sites like Amazon, Walmart etc.

The Books must be reviewed within 60 days of receipt. So you are in tight schedule to do it.

Story cartel.

Story cartel is a platform where many of the new writers share their book with potential readers for free.

They in return, request for an honest review from the readers. They have not mentioned any time limit.

So you can just get your hands on some of the books. None of the books are from famous writers.

These are the books from newbie writers trying to get some good review and feedback.

This is one of the best places to get a free book.

If you are the kind of person who hasn’t read a book in around a year, this probably isn’t for you. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to read books and enjoys finding new authors, then this is an awesome offer for you.

These are our list of some companies and website were you can get paid to read books of at least get a free book.

All the company or platforms mentioned in the article are basically for newbie authors to get some exposure. So don’t expect a Dan Brown book from any of these websites.

People often ask, how to write a complying content, the one they would say a good review. It is just practice mate that you need to do.

Look for other bloggers writing a book review, learn from their writing style. Read more and write more.

This is one of the ways that you can make some extra bugs. Hope this article helped you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading till the end, if you are still reading. Thanks for reading our article on get paid to read books.


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