Today in the era of computing Every personal data of ours are on a computer, in the internet or in any website. So for security of our information we have to login using username and password. But still many people knowing the fact about the security of information many of us often get hacked and we blame the sites security issue. But that’s not always the reason of getting hacked. We are ourself also the reason for our information insecurity. We often don’t tend to have a strong and secure password for our accounts.

The answer is our password.
People often tend to keep the weak password due to which they often get hacked. There are mainly two ways your password might get hacked one is brute force and other is through security question.
Brute force
This technique is often used by the hacker, brute force consist of a software which tries all the possible combination of the password such as alphabets numbers special characters and on .
How it really works?
It is like in most of our suitcase we have number combination and if we forget the combination we try all the possible combination from 0000 -0001-0002- – – – – – – upto 9999 and definetly one is the answer among all the possible combination. Same way is the brute force but with larger combination aspects and the hacker tries from each combination ( not the hacker but the software tries each and every combination ) from numbers to capital alphabets to special characters and their mixed version also. i.e AAAAAAAa,AAAAAAAb……….so on .

People often tend to keep password like “name123” and this even don’t need brute force and one can directly predict it. The password like only name or numbers can be hacked in minutes, password like 8457389475 or your name “alberthero” password like this only needs 6 minutes up-down to get a brute force on it. And you are easily hacked. So you need to need to have 8 character in your password, you should make the password include all the terms like alphabet, numbers etc. Then the password would be an secure password.

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Secure password.

How to keep a password ? A password like Av()%***[email protected]$R is an excellent password . brute force can be done on it, but it would take around millions of year to get this combination, yes million years(even with super computers. But the only problem is we cant remember the password like this. And would often get stuck. So how to get a strong yet easy to remember password . Often try tricks like “insect#297” is looking good but you need to do some changes write insect in reverse, make one alphabet capital and replace one alphabet with a character and your password become= “tce$Ni#297 this looks good. You can use ‘ ! ‘ instead of 1 and use your own creation. You can also use a password generator to generate a strong password with the selected alphanumeric.

Security password :

We are often asked to choose a security question while creating a email or any online account and we often use question like: ‘ first pet ‘ ‘ nickname’, ‘place of birth’ and some of the easy stuff. If some body has done his research on you then you are easily hacked. But this thing is less possible today, because many of the website don’t use your security question to retrieve your account. But still you should be careful with it.


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