Today the most used operating system is the Android. Since the popularity of android and its open source feature make it as the favorite for developer. Android is the operation system which is evolving very fast. And has more feature than any-other operating system. Due to its low cost it has been possible for everyone to use the amazing technology. Since majority of the user in the market are Android user. Their might be a situation when you might have to hide folder in Android devices.
we have some personal images files and folder which we want to be out of reach of other’s. It’s often that our phones are used by many people around. But we can’ t take the risk of Getting those personal data into wrong hands.
So for hiding Data we use third party apps. One of the famous Data hiding app Hide it pro which is the famous data hiding tool out their. Or some of us might use App lock which is another good hiding tool. But how about hiding data without any third party app.

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So in this article we will go through the method of hiding folders in Android smartphone without third party app.

How to hide folder in Android without any App.

#Step 1: Almost every android Device has a file explorer, but if you don’t have one. Then I recommend you to download Es File Explorer in your android device. Then open your file explorer or file browser.

hide folder in Android

#Step 2: Now search or find your file or folder which you want to hide from others.

hide folder in Android
#Step 3: Now select the file or folder and click on rename option. And simply add “.” at the start of the name .(For ex if the folder is Sec then rename it as .Sec ).

hide folder in Android
#Step 4: As we know our Android is Linux based and Os will think that this is system file and it will hide that file by default settings of the operating system. Now if you want to open that file or folder then just select Show hidden Files/folder option in your file explorer.

hide folder in Android
hide folder in Android

That’s it you are done with the hiding of the folder. If you want to un-hide the folder then just rename the folder and remove the “.” from the beginning.
This is the easiest method to hide any file in Android system. The only hole in the method is that if some knows about viewing the hidden files then you might consider using the app. But no one goes so deep and your data will be mostly secure.
What do you think about the Folder hiding method? Do you have a better method? then let us know in the comment section below.
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