The HomeDirect Key Organizer is one of the best key organizers that I have come across in recent days. I have been using the organizer for more than 7 months now, and believe me this is the best key holder out there.

I like to call it the future keychain. It has been a long time since we are using this old style of organizing keys. I think its time for a change. As the number of keys on my keychain went on increasing it became difficult for me to handle the big bunch of keys.

And if you are frequently looking for various products on Kickstarter you are soon going to get a lot of targeted ads. That’s when I came across the concept of smart keychain. I barely knew that there are things known as a smart keychain.

That’s when I started to research on smart key organizer on Amazon. There were many great key organizers that I liked. But one that grabbed my attention was the Homedirect key organizer.

Now I know this might not be any fancy company, but the product or the let me say the minimalist keychain that they have, was exactly what I was looking for. The organizer is a minimal and sleek design. And the best feature, it doesn’t make those key clinching sound when you are running, believe me, that’s embarrassing at times.

Minimalist key holder(HomeDirect Key Organizer) First impression

On the first look, the packaging looks pretty basic. You might also doubt the legitimacy of the package but after unboxing you will be satisfied with the product inside.

The box contains:

  • Front/Back plates (1 each ),
  • 25 Spacers,
  • 1 S hook,
  • 4 Extender (1.5cm Long)
  • 1 Loop Ring,
  • 4 Red Rubber Bush
  • 2 Screw Set

The best part is it comes with a well-informed manual on how to assemble the key organizer. Yes, you need to assemble all the small parts. The best thing is that the minimalist key holder can hold up to 16 keys. And yes there are many spaces inside.

Is there many features since it’s not a normal keychain but a smart organizer? Well no!!

After my usage, I was able to see  4 features of this key organizer. By the way, you know what, that’s 4 more than your keychain.

Even calling this a keychain would be wrong. It is more of a multi-purpose tool or multipurpose key organizer.

The home direct key organizer is available on Amazon, you can check it out from the link below.

Here are the 4 features of this key organizer.

These 4 Features are something that I think makes this key organizer worth a try.

Minimal Key Holder(Avoiding Noisy, messy, bulky)

What’s the problem with the conventional key organizers? It’s Noisy, Messy, and bulky. And this problem is solved with this Home Direct key organizer. It’s compact, easy to use, and fits easily in the pocket.

Homedirect key organizer

Just try to run with 10 keys in your pocket with the conventional keychain then add those 10 keys on the organizer the try to run. This was the main reason that I wanted to change my keychain.

Since I have a 9-5 job and walking around in the office with the bulky keychain in my pocket is a little embarrassing.

My most favourite part about this organizer is the minimal design. Its as simple as it looks. Well if you look closely, it looks some what like a swiss knife.

Bottle Opener

The second most useful feature of this organizer is using it as an opener. You might need to move the key around to use it, but that’s completely fine. The opener is not sharp to poke you while in your pants. But build well enough to use it as an opener.

And you will always have an opener handy to use it in any situation. The opener did come handy while traveling. When everyone was looking for an opener at the party guess who came to the rescue. Yes, it was me if you were not able to guess.

Key Organizer as a Phone stand

The third and useful feature of the key organizer is as a phone stand. The phone stand feature will come in handy in any situation. If you are in a mall waiting for someone or just at home watching videos on the phone the key organizer will help you out. 

Homedirect key organizer

Now I have a big phone and the phone requires something pretty big to balance its weight. So what you need to do is open the organizer and provide support for your open using the keys. The technique is shown in the image above.

Being the minimal key organizer I think this is the best feature of the product.

Use it as Nut Bolt

The last and the most useless feature is like a wrench. I hope that’s what its called. You can use it to open or close nut bolts. Obviously you cannot use it for big nut bolts but sure the small ones it might help.

I have never really used it as a wrench or something, But you never know, like in the movies this feature might save your life one day.

Will it pass through Airport Security.

Yes, this was one of my major fears. Since I have to travel with my keys and these don’t look really something the airport security might like. So I put the organizer in my check-in bag and did not carry with me. It did make it to flight. I guess next time I should try to take it with me on the flight.


So what’s my final say. Well, I like it a lot and using it as my daily driver. And has been using it for more than 7 months now. I really like it and so suggest you guys try it out. You can check the product from the link below. I bought it for around 400 bucks.

This has to be your EDC(every day carry). I have been using it since the time I bought the organizer. I have traveled with it to the mountains and even took it on a flight. Yes, this was before the pandemic.

If you are looking for a new key organizer then do check this out. I also had my eyes some other key organizers as well. You can also check them from the link here.

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