Vapour host is a hosting company based out of India and one of the cheapest website hosting services that you can find on the internet. I have been using vapour host for more than 3 years and I think it’s a good time for me to write an unbiased vapour host review.

The cost of hosting is the most important thing while starting blogging or creating a website. 2014 was the year when I first ventured into blogging and creating content. At that time since I was in college and not earning a single penny, I had to ask for money from my parents and start blogging.

I still remember the first hosting that I bought was Bluehost. Though no doubt Bluehost is an amazing hosting company, but it is a little bit on the costlier side. At that time $100 was too much for me to afford. 

After joining some online blogger communities and talking to other bloggers I came to know about Vapour hosts. Though the cheap price will make you feel skeptical about the brand and you will refrain from using the platform. But once I remembered they had some black Friday offers and it was a really nice deal so I thought to try it anyways.

I never moved my main site that is Geeksla to vapour host until recently. I have used hosting services like Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy, and digital ocean. It is difficult to get the right blend of all features we want in a single place. But in the end, I settled for Vapour host.


So here are my two cents on vapour host how is this hosting platform. Is it good for bloggers? Can you rely on the brand and does the cheap cost affect the performance? This is an unbiased vapour host review by a 3 years old customer.

Honest Vapour Host Review

vapour host review

Vapourhost is one of the cheapest hosting services in India by providing hosting using Reseller hosting and dedicated servers. They have made themself a name as one of the cheapest and reliable hosting services in India.

They have an active Facebook Group handled by the team at vapour host themselves. Here they provide solutions and security tips to its users. Before buying you can check out the group and look for yourself and even connect with the founder Chirag Agarwal.

I would not say that I have not faced any problems, but the team was quick to resolve any problems and provide amazing customer support. I would go ahead and say that this is one of the best support for any service that I have come across.

In many of the Facebook groups and forums, I have seen a lot of famous Indian tech and gadget bloggers vouch for the hosting service.

Vapour host currently offers two plans on hosting one is a professional plan and the other is a Power plan. Vapour host plans come with some amazing features, here below are some of the features offered with both the professional and power plan.

 Vapour Host Features

vapour host review

Features are an important aspect of any hosting service. But sometimes people overlook the features provided and blindly buy the hosting just because of the brand name. Any hosting that you buy makes sure you are doing thorough research about the service and features.

Here are some of the prominent features of Vapour hosts. We are only mentioning the important one you can check their website for more details

SSD-Only Hosting

All our shared hosting plans (Professional and Power) on vapour host are equipped with the latest SSD, 1-Click Installer, and active monitoring. I have been using the Power plan for Geeksla and my other websites are hosted in the professional plan but I never felt any performance difference. 

The performance of the hosting service is up to mark and if you contact the support they will also provide you with some tips to optimize performance and increase site speed.

Daily Backups

All of the customer’s data is backed up daily and weekly to a safe off-site location. You can restore any backup in one click from the Client Area. I have put a photo of the panel below which shows some of the services provided. 

You can easily access the backup from the c-panel and in case of any major problem with your website you can retrieve it from the backup.

Vapour host review

30 days Money Back

One of the amazing features that vapour host provides is a 30-day money-back guarantee. I think these days many hosting companies are giving this offer, but here I don’t think you will have second thoughts.  

1-Click Installer

You can install all your favorite applications in just a click. Be it WordPress, Drupal, or any other scripts. Vapour host provides over 420 scripts that can be installed automatically through just a click from the control panel.


As mentioned earlier Vapour host provides SSD-only storage, Free Cloudflare CDN, and better account isolation for maximum performance and speed. Many of the big names charge extra money for SSD hosting which I really did not like. 

But at vapour host SSD is standard so you will not have to pay anything extra for better performance.

Now that we have looked into the features let’s have a look at the plans that are offered in vapour host. 

Vapour host Plans and pricing

The guys at vapour host have 2 plans, professional and power plan. And inside each of these plans, there are 3 different pricing based on bandwidth and storage. All the plans and pricing options come with the below-mentioned features as standard. From the cheapest to the costliest plans all have the same features.

  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Fast Support
  • Free SSL
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Multiple PHP Version
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • cPanel

Here below I have mentioned all the 6 plans offered by vapour host. We have not mentioned the pricing because the pricing might change in the future so we don’t want to provide any wrong data.

Though at the time of me writing this article the cheapest plan available at vapour host is Rs 60/month and the costliest plan is for Rs 549/month.

Professional Plan

  • Pro Plan 1

5 GB SSD Space

50 GB/Month Bandwidth

Single Domain

  • Pro Plan 2

10 GB SSD Space

100 GB/Month Bandwidth

Three Domain

  • Pro Plan 3

15 GB SSD Space

200 GB/Month Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain

Power Plan

  • Power Plan 1

20 GB SSD Space

500 GB/Month Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain

  • Power Plan 2

25 GB SSD Space

1000 GB/Month Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain

  • Power Plan3

35 GB SSD Space

1500 GB/Month Bandwidth

Unlimited Domain

Which plans to go for in Vapour Host?

It depends on your requirement and what you wish to achieve. Though I don’t really think you will be able to handle a blog with more 20k pageviews. So if you are one of those people with an above-average amount of page views I would suggest Digital ocean. 

But if you are a new blogger or content creator then vapour host is the best option for you. You can start the basic 60 buck plans. I started late with vapour host so my blog is hosted on a power plan, yes the costliest one. 

But I would suggest newbies to go small and then if required upgrade later. Yes, one of the amazing features is that you can upgrade or downgrade your plan from the client area.

Vapour host Customer Support

vapour host review

One of the most amazing parts of vapour hosts is their quick support. Vapour is founded by Chirag Agarwal and Chirag Aggarwal. No, I did not do any typo, you read it right the first time. You can also directly connect with these guys and they will see that they sort the problem out.

Though a more professional approach would be to create a service request ticket from the client area, which they respond to immediately.

One of the best things about support is that you can just ask help with anything related to blogging. If you are stuck with migration they will help you out, they will even help you out is some setup related issue. 

They themselves have helped me many times with my blog issues. It’s good to see these guys not denying any request and helping in any way possible. Even Chirag is a blogger so I think they know the pain bloggers go through and always lend a helping hand.

Vapour Host Personal Review

Earlier when I bought vapour host though I was a little skeptical about the service. Who the hell provides hosting at such a cheap price and you don’t hear anything bad about them. I thought either two things are possible. Either the brand is paying bloggers to write reviews or maybe they are good.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. No one paid me anything to write this review. I had been using the platform for quite some time and thought it would be great for me to give a review for these guys.

I have had many problems with the blog and sometimes I have just created tickets for that in the client area. When most of the hosting services will deny the request saying it doesn’t come in their service list, not these guys.

They have helped me with all the website related problems. Though I have seen some downtime. Because I would get mail from jetpack that the site is down. But that will be like for a few seconds and the site was back up.


Vapour host promises 99.9% uptime, which I guess they have achieved in my case. Anyways no hosting gives a 100% uptime not even Amazon(AWS), so it is fair in this case.

Pros of Vapour Host

  • SSD Hosting(which means fast site speed)
  • Daily Backups
  • Great support(every time they are there to help you out)
  • SSL included

Cons of Vapour Host

  • No option to buy a domain.
  • The hosting options are limited. I would have really appreciated it if they had a VPS or dedicated server option.


So all in all I had very positive interactions and have a positive review for vapour host. You can also connect with the founders before buying the hosting service. Or just join the vapour host Facebook group and ask other users of their review and then make a buying decision.

That’s it with my review article on Vapour hosts. I hope you found what you were looking for.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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