This is the most asked question in the web about Youtube so I thought of writing a article on that. Quite easy task to download youtube videos these days. This is just a noob guide to download youtube video. There are many software out(most of which are free) there to download video. But who needs a software when the work can be done online.  Most of the people recommend using YTD i.e youtube downloader, but i had a bad experience with it in my past so i don’t use it now.

There are two easy way of downloading the videos-

1.By using an software
2.Downloading it online

Downloading  youtube videos online

Many people including me don’t prefer downloading software and then try to download the videos which is a tiring job and even the burden on the system increases. So here is the online solution for you.
Go to the video in youtube which you want to download and in the address link i.e the url type ss before youtube


Then you will be re directed to the download page and you can choose from any available resolution and download the video.

Downloading video by software
This is quite simple and a good method for downloading a video. You just need to search for freemake video downloader in google and select the first option and simply click the download button.


There are many other software available but I had a very bad experience with them, so I recommend this and this is the best software available online. After installing the software copy any link from Youtube or other videos which you want to download as we have done earlier and paste them by clicking the button and rest is self explainable. And the video will download automatically they have other amazing control which you can have a look at.


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