To get socially recognized you need to be social

So that’s the first hint in increasing your facebook likes, you need to be social. You may have around thousands of friends but they need to know you. Because around thousands there is a rare possibility of you getting noticed. So you need to engage in a topic go out there and make your presence felt. As a research shows people don’t like or comment on everything they see on the news feeds. But they only like or comment on only those which value them (news feed). It is seen that girls tend to get more likes on facebook then boys. So if you are a girl then you are on a safer side. But this is because they have more engagement time on facebook then boys. So don’t worry here are some of the tips to increase likes on facebook posts  (this is not for commercial pages likes).

Tips to increase likes on facebook posts:



If you are uploading your profile photo then there is a possibility of you close friends and relatives not noticing them. So tag them on facebook, you can tag around 50 friends (officially). Tagging would help your friend’s notice your photo and their likes are most likely to come.

Liking and commenting
You might have guessed it, it is obvious isn’t it? But most of us were doing it wrong. One day I tried to do a social experiment on facebook. For one week I liked every news feed that I got and then I uploaded a photo of mine. But the increase in likes was around 4% to 5%. But then I change my strategies I started commenting on every post and didn’t like any one of the post but only commented. And after doing that for around a week I changed my profile pic the increase in likes was phenomenal around 30% to 40%.
How did this happen???
You may not notice it that when you like some pic you are not alone. When the person opens up his account he sees jack and 20 others like your photo so the probability of you getting noticed is least. But when you comment their photo you get a 100% engagement and since we are humans we care about only those who care about us. So if you show your presence when you may get the like as a return favor.
This is what I noticed while doing a social experiment if you have more such tips please share.

These are just some noob tips check out the pro tip for more facebook engagement.



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