Ad blocker is eating up the revenue of Blogs and content based website. Many blogs depend on Ad-sense or ad network’s income to make their living or keeping the website up and running. Ad blocker simply blocks all the ads java script from working when the user uses adblocker.

Due to ad-blocker, no ads are displayed. Due to which blogs lose money from CPM ads and CPC ads. Ad blocker are not used by everyone visiting your website. But you still want to stop adblocker or disable adblocker when the visitors visits your website.

Many bloggers have shifted to affiliate marketing instead of trying to disable adblocker. It’s a good move to start affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing is not suitable for every niche. Many bloggers still prefer ads as their main source of income.

So how stop ad-blocker from eating up the revenue? How to disable adblocker?

There are few ways in which you can stop adblocker from eating your revenue. One way is as mentioned above affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to continue generating income from your blog or website.

But the other interesting way to stop adblocker from eating up on your revenue is by using the Adsense theme by my theme shop.

Adsense Theme by MyThemeShop

adsense adblocker theme

Many sites are going for subscription based model for their blog. Subscription based model means the blogs take monthly subscription payment from their readers.

It is good when you have a huge following and visitors are ready to pay for the content. But this is not for everyone. So this is when My theme shop’s Adsense theme comes to the picture.

The Adsense theme helps to detect adblocker when a visitor visits the website. And it either blocks the content or gives to warning of white-listing the website in ad blocker to view the content.

So here are some of the top features of Adsense theme by my theme shop which will help you to earn more with ads.

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Ad-friendly WordPress theme.

Visitors often get irritated with inappropriate ads placement. It often tends to overshadow the content with too many ads. Adsense theme has a predefined layout for ads. It helps you to place ads in the places of maximum conversion.

The Adsense theme helps you to make the most from your ads. It places ads in strategic places where the ads are more probable to get visual contact of visitors.

Inbuilt ad-blocker detector.

The adblocker detector is the most significant feature in the AdSense theme. Some of the tactics to detect adblocker was to put a script on the website. But with Adsense theme nothing needs to be done.

On detecting ad blocker, the AdSense theme creates a popup which asks the visitor to white list the website for more pleasant experience.

Support of responsive ads by google.

The Adsense theme by my theme shop also supports responsive ads from AdSense or any other ad network. The ads re adjusts itself depending on the device in which it is been seen.

Responsive ads not only makes the ads look better on small devices. But they also make them more clickable and increases the website conversion rate.

Hide post if adblocker is detected.

This is an amazing feature which I like about the Adsense theme. If the visitors are using adblocker you can hide the content from the visitors and ask them either whitelist the site or close adblocker.

It helps you to get a greater conversion from your content. This is the best way to increase your Adsense income from the Adsense theme by my theme shop.

Make site background clickable.

You might have seen in many blogs or website where they have clickable ads in their background. Guess what! you can do the same with the Adsense theme.

The background clickable ads increase your website ads clickable rate. Since you have one more potential place to display some awesome ads.

SEO and speed optimized.

All the themes from my theme shop are SEO optimized. If you are already working on content you know that it is so much of importance to have a wordpress optimized theme.

The coding style of the theme determines the SEO of the theme. The adsense theme is not only SEo optimized but also speed optimized.

In one off its post google mentioned that a website should open quickly considering the mobile users. Because of which it became important to have speed optimized websites.

So here were some of the top features of the Adsense theme by Mythemeshop.

Adsense theme not only helps in detecting adblocker, but also helps in optimizing your ads in website as per different devices and requirement.

Adsense is an ad optimized theme which will help you to increase your revenue using google ad sense. And your revenue will not be affected by adblocker.

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