The article consists of 10 cool and interesting websites that you didn’t know existed. These are some out of the box websites that are not so popular but are unique enough to make it to the list. There are a lot of cool websites out there but we have compiled a list of most interesting websites.

The web is huge enough that you cannot imagine. There are some of the gems hidden which are awesome and interesting. Ya and I call them cool websites. These interesting websites are unique and creative. These might make your day or might help get your job done.

All the cool websites mentioned in the list are out of the box and are interesting enough to make it to the list. Definitely, you will thank us for the list of cool websites.

10 cool and interesting websites that you didn’t know existed.

We have also created a youtube video demonstrating cool websites. If you are not so reading person then have a look at our video about these interesting websites.


Incredibox is a free Garageband style interactive Flash website which allows you to make a cappella music with an animated group of beat box singers. Once you visit the website all you need to do is to select from the four versions of music type available. Then all you need to do is simply drag the items to the beatboxers and the music begin. You can create your own unique beat box music.

This is why I’m broke is an interesting website which consists of some of the Unique products on the Internet that you never knew even existed. It has some unique products like heated reactive game boy coffee mug and transparent kayak etc. If you are looking to buy something out of the box online, then this is where to find it.

Do you like dipping sandwiches into milk? Is it will help you understand whether your thoughts, feelings, and urges are normal or weird and just unique to yourself. You can ask questions and once it gets approved, the community can weigh in their thoughts. You can also ask embarrassing questions here; get enthralled to listen to the response.

If you like to read Weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook, then you should definitely check out It has the collection of hilarious and foolish posts posted by people on the internet. The names and profile pictures of the Facebook users are blurred to protect real identity.


This website is a combined effort of Time magazine and Google. Here you can watch how a place has changed over a period of three decades through a series of satellite images from Google Maps. You can use the “Explore our World” link to watch the timelapse of any location on the planet. My suggestion is to check out how Dubai has changed over 3 decades.

If you are a movie maniac, with not being able to find something cool and interesting to watch, then this website is for you. This website provides you with Staff Picks and Random Suggestions to find the next best movie to watch. It helps me out to find what to watch next.

10-minute mail is one of the best picks from the list of cool websites. Are you tired of giving an email to websites for a checklist or eBook download? Later they use your email to promote their offer or product. How about a dummy email? The 10-minute email will create for you a dummy email, for 10 minutes use the email and download the stuff. Once 10 minutes are over the email address automatically get deleted. Isn’t it amazing?

The new Boston is one of the best websites to learn cooking, programming, beauty, social science, math, health and medicine and Business. I would say it is one of the most underrated free tutorials websites. With so many tutorials to offer, it has knowledge for everyone out there.

If you are tired of the city busy life and want something relaxing and closer to nature. You don’t need to go anywhere. A soft Murmur is an amazing website offering some amazing nature sounds that will bring you closer to nature. Use it while travelling and it will surely relax your mind and soul.

Madeons adventure machine.

Madeons adventure machine is a great website if you are a music lover. The website has a pre-recorded beats and music. You can use them to create your own music. The music and beats are limited, but if you are innovative enough sky is the limit.

This is an addition to our top 10 list of cool and interesting websites. If you are not so much of a movie lover, but instead love to read books then this website is for you. The website provides you with Recommendations based on the books you love reading. Enter a book you’ve loved reading, and the website offers up a bunch of suggestions based on the recommendations and suggestions of other readers!

That’s it with our 10 most interesting and cool websites list. These were some of the websites that we think are cool and interesting. If you have any other cool website in your mind that is interesting enough to make it to the list then leave a comment below.

That’s it with the article on cool websites and interesting websites.


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