The inverted pyramid model is a modern and famous writing style today mainly used for writing, stories, reports, and articles on the internet. Bloggers and online content creators use the inverted pyramid method to front-load all the important information to the user so that they do not have to search for it in the article.

This style of writing is an important aspect of writing for the web and should probably be taught In school. With the internet becoming a very important aspect of today’s generation, the modern style of writing should be taught along with the traditional style.

The inverted pyramid model came to be in 1845 after a portrait painter named Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. Telegraph was used to transmit information during the Civil war to Washington.

In Journalism, the inverted pyramid writing style is used to front-load the most important information at the beginning. This helps in keeping the reader interested and lets the reader decide if he wants to read more details or not.

What is an inverted pyramid model?

inverted pyramid model

The inverted pyramid model is a style of writing articles, stories, and online content where you front-load the most important information. We did the exact same thing in this article. If you just wanted to know about the inverted pyramid model, that information was available in the first para itself.

The inverted pyramid model is not taught in schools. The traditional writing style starts with an Introduction, Body, and then the conclusion. But there’s a big flaw in this system. The user has to wait till the end to get the answer.

On the contrary, the content on the internet is a completely different ball game. Here, people searching for information have a really low attention span. If you use the traditional style of writing, users will leave the website in an alarming rate and parallelly increase the Bounce rate.

In the inverted pyramid as shown in the diagram. The most important information is given at the beginning. So the reader has the choice to either continue reading or leave the page. This style helps in conveying a clear message to the user and the information is not lost in translation.

How to write in inverted Pyramid style?

inverted pyramid model

The first thing is to identify the key points of the article. The key point is the one that you will focus on and start writing about.

  1. Opening With the Climax

The most important aspect of the inverted pyramid model is to start with the climax. In the traditional style of writing, the climax is at the end of the article. If the most important element of the story is at the start it helps the reader assess the article and decide to read further.

This style of writing also helps in conveying the message quickly as possible. Since you don’t want to get your main purpose of the article, get lost.

  1. Front-loading your content

Front loading the article is the most important aspect of the inverted pyramid model. For example in this article. If you were looking just to know what an inverted pyramid is, we gave you that information in the first paragraph itself.

Front-loading helps the readers in making further decisions. If that’s the only information that he needed then he will be on the way. But if he wanted to know more he would keep on reading. 

Not only front load at the beginning, but also front-load every paragraph. Every paragraph should start with the most important information to offer in that para.

  1. Keep Reader in Mind

In any style of writing, you follow the most important aspect is the readers. If you have an audience that is looking for a buildup story then they might not like the inverted pyramid style writing.

But if the reader is looking for answers and is not in need of an explanation then an inverted pyramid is the best way to go.

  1. Encourage scrolling 

Starting with the main point also has many advantages. If the reader likes the beginning and is interested in the topic. He will definitely scroll for more content. The inverted model of providing the most important data at the top helps in keeping with the reader’s interest.

Inverted Pyramid for writing Online

The most important aspect of the inverted pyramid model is writing online content. People writing blogs and articles should have this model in mind before writing. Now, why is that so?

People searching online are looking for answers, remember the last time you googled something. Weren’t you searching for something, anything it might be?

So it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t use the traditional style of writing otherwise your website’s bounce rate will increase at an alarming rate.

  1. Use clear, meaningful headings or lists at the beginning of a topic. This will simplify the reader’s job of navigating to the desired topic.
  2. Create separate paragraphs or topics to emphasize important points. Make sure you separate topics into paragraphs. The more topics are broken down the better the reader feels like reading.
  3. Do not bury your main point in the middle of a paragraph or topic. Make sure you start the article with the main point and give the answer right away.
  4. Front-load your article, to increase onsite SEO chances.  You put your most relevant few sentences and keywords at the top of your article, which benefits your SEO as well.

Inverted Pyramid Example

The most relevant and easy to identify example for inverted Pyramid models in this article. In this article, we front-loaded the most important information and just added more bits of information further. If the reader wants to know about the model, he will learn it in the first paragraph itself.

Another famous publication that follows this style is BBC. Check out this article on BBC. It uses the inverted pyramid model by front-loading the most important information at the beginning. 


The inverted pyramid model is a must-know style of writing to today’s generation who are more aligned with the internet. With everyone publishing content online this method will help to boost content authenticity and credibility.

I have not used this style of writing earlier but will try to write as many articles as possible in this style. Making the inverted pyramid model style of writing a habit will increase blogs readability and reach


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