You are in 2017 and technology is at its peak. So why not use this technology to make life easier. People commute to work from home and vice verse and often get stuck in huge traffics. Do you know, you can simply use apps to make the best possible drive to work? If you are an iPhone user, then this article is for you. In this article, we have described and mentioned some of the best iPhone traffic apps.

If you are an Android user don’t worry, the apps mentioned in the article are also available for Android users. You can get traffic alerts from these apps and get latest updates of any accidents or road blockage. These traffic iPhone apps are going to save you a lot of valuable time.

We tried to list the top three traffic apps that people use. Traffic apps that can be reliable and trustworthy in providing information and updates.

So here are some of the best iPhone traffic apps that you can get to make life easier and make your commuting easier. So here are the three best iPhone traffic apps to make life easier.

3 Best iPhone traffic apps that will make your commuting easier.

Google maps

google-maps-iPhone traffic apps

Google maps are one of the best traffic apps for iPhone. No doubt about it being the best iPhone traffic apps. The traffic app has been integrated with the Google maps. Since we know how accurate Google maps are, it is the best iPhone traffic app that you can get.

Google maps are the best from the list of traffic apps both free and paid. It is best for both android and ios devices. Google provides a list of routes to choose from and uses the quickest way as default. You can also give reviews to the places you visit on the way and help other travelers to make the commute easier.

The Google traffic app i.e. Google Maps is more of a community, which would make your travel easier and painless. According to our rating, Google maps is the best traffic app for iPhone.

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waze iphone traffic apps

As I said, google maps is somewhat a community of people, traveler who leave back reviews and updates. But the traffic updates on Google maps is more based on the Googles GPS. It tracks the movement of any Google-based GPS system in the road and then gives updates.

But Waze is a traffic app for iPhone in which traffic updates are provided by the community of people rather than any GPS system. Waze traffic app is more community based, and the community of traveler provide the real-time situation of the traffic. If there is an accident or any block on the road, then community updates the status of the road. It also consists of gas prices on the way of your commute.

You can also alert friends or people who are on the same route that you are. If there is a traffic jam then using the Waze traffic app, you can easily notify the people on the same path.


Inrix traffic app utilizes a breakthrough traffic analysis technology where it uses the data from the cars to provide accurate traffic analysis and gives the real-time update. The traffic app can provide traffic information from any corner of the world and give you the best possible route to use while traveling.

Inrix uses the crowdsourcing traffic analysis method to provide the users with more accurate and better results. Inrix has integrated with some of the world famous Automakers like Ford, Toyota, Audi, BMW. Even some of the popular news media use Inrix to provide up to the minute traffic report to the users.

The Inrix traffic analysis system claims to predict traffic conditions for days in advance. These do data mining of ton of data available with them to provide traffic alerts for the future.


This is our complete view on top 3 traffic app for iPhone. The apps that made it to the list are some of the best traffic apps that you can ever get.

From the list of Traffic app, our favorite is Google Maps. Google maps are basically the best because the maps mines through the ton of data that Google already owns and provide to give more precise and accurate results.

That’s it with our review, or you can say a walk-through with some of the best traffic apps for iPhone. These apps are also available for Android users.

Thanks for reading the post, hope you found what you were looking for.


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