Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO in the current blogging sphere. And Keyword Research Made Easy is one of those valuable guides which makes it easier to understand Keyword research.

In the earlier 2000s, it was easier to rank any keyword on google. Since the people searching for content were more and the ones creating content were less. But in today’s time, it’s next to impossible to rank for content if you don’t do proper keyword research. This is where Keyword research made easy eBook by Anil Agarwal comes to the picture.

The keyword research ebook will help you understand different aspects of the search engine. We will talk more about that later. I personally bought this book to go through the content and try to learn something new. Though I have a fairly good understanding of Keyword research, this ebook has taught me a lot of new stuff.

If you are new to blogging and looking to learn the basics of blogging then you are in the right place. After you finalize with the platform for blogging keyword research is the next thing to do. You need to be the master of keyword research to rank content and make some impact.

Let’s look into a little detail about the author who has written this book. 

About the Author – Anil Aggarwal from Bloggers Passion

keyword research made easy by anil aggarwal

 Anil Agarwal is one of the famous bloggers and online educator based out of India. Anil hails from Gurgaon, India, and started his blog bloggerspassion in the year 2010. Anil has more than 10 years of experience with online marketing and SEO. He is one of the biggest SEO and affiliate guru.

I have been following Anil for quite some time and his blogs have been an ultimate source of information regarding SEO and affiliate marketing. Anil has a master’s degree in Computer Science. After reading many of the motivational stories and blogs in 2010 he decided to get into blogging and try to make blogging his full-time job.

Anil has written many guides and tutorials related to affiliate marketing, how to make money through affiliate marketing, and how to make money online in general. I have bought both of his guides available for purchase, which is Keyword Research made easy and Affiliate Marketing Blueprint.

Now that we have talked about Anil lets get straight into the ebook and have a look if the keyword made easy ebook really worth it and should you buy the ebook to learn about keyword research.

Ebook Review: Keyword Made Easy by Anil Aggarwal

keyword research made easy by anil aggarwal

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of blogging. If you want to get started with internet marketing and digital media then keyword research is the basics of this journey. If you are good at keyword research then the rest is a cake walk.

In this ebook, Anil goes through some of the most complicated topics and explains them in simple understandable language. The ebook is basically divided into 4 parts

  • Keyword Research Made easy
  • How Anil does his keyword research
  • Tools used for keyword research
  • The journey ahead.

These are the 4 main sections into which this ebook is divided. Anil takes us through various ways of keyword research and how to find keywords that are easy to rank for. 

Believe me, when I say it, blogging is not about writing content that you want. Well, it is what blogging originally meant but if you want people to visit your site then you need to blog what people search for.

One of the important topics that Anil deep dives in this book are “Search intent”. Search intent is a very important aspect of keyword research and after going through many keyword guides hardly anyone has touch base on this topic. 

But Anil has deep dived into the topic and explained how different types of search intent exist and how they affect the search results.

The book not only talks about easy ranking keywords but also about profitable keywords. The ones which would bring you money. 

About Keyword Research

I should have talked about this part earlier in the article but lets do it now. Keyword research is that part of blogging which many people miss out or they understand its importance late into their blogging expedition(like me).

You might have heard that saying of Abraham Lincoln “If you give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the sword”. Keyword research is the part of sharpening the sword. If you have 6 hours to write an article, spend the first 4 hours researching about the keyword.

Just imagine that you have written the greatest piece of content and no one was able to find it. What’s the point of writing? Keyword research will make sure that people are able to find your content online.

If you are just getting started with blogging or in the beginning phase of understanding all this blogging and content writing stuff. Then I would definitely recommend you to get this book.

Tools for Keyword Research.

keyword research made easy by anil aggarwal

Keyword research cannot be done without a reliable tool because it’s not about finding the keyword with the highest traffic. It’s about finding the right keyword with a good amount of data to back it. 

There are various factors to consider while doing keyword research. 

  • Keyword Volume
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Keyword competition
  • Keyword trend
  • CPC and many more

These metrics you will only be able to find in these mentioned keyword research tools. I have personally used all the below mentioned tools and my favourite is Semrush. Apart from all the tools mentioned in the book(which are listed below) the tool I like is kwfinder.

In the ebook keyword made easy by Anil Agarwal the author explains the keyword research process through all the four tools mentioned below.


Semrush has to be my favorite keyword research tool. Ans it is also the main tool used by Anil for blogging is Semrush. Anil dives into finding profitable and rankable keywords using Semrush.

Semrush is something that I personally like as well and has used in many of my projects. Semrush according to me is the best of all the keyword research tools in this list.


Ahrefs is another amazing tool for keyword research. I have used this tool as well for some of my projects earlier. Ahrefs is more popular for backlinks and link management. 

One negative part is that Ahrefs doesn’t have a free trial, you need to pay $7 for a 7 day trial. In the beginning, you can use it and check out for yourself how the tool works.


In the ebook keyword made easy anil has mentioned uber suggest as a free tool. But while the time of writing this article, the tool has changed its free model and is offering a paid subscriptions.

Though the tool is a lot cheaper than all the tools mentioned in the list, i still thing some free options should have been provided here. Uber suggests is owned by famous online marketer Neil Patel.

The last tool mentioned in the keyword made easy ebook is I had not used this tool extensively. But Anil explains how to find keywords using this tool as well. 

About the Keyword Research eBook

keyword research made easy by anil aggarwal

Let’s talk a little about the ebook itself, who should buy it, cost and what you get. First let me be clear that you will need the above mentioned tool to do keyword research. Yes all of them are paid, but you can use the trial version and then if you need it buy for a month or so and try it.

Price: 499/-. The price is 499 for the ebook. But i think it’s worth the price.

Book Type: Suitable for beginners

No of Pages:119

Who Should Buy?: If you are a newbie blogger or content marketer who wants to get started then you should definitely go for it. Even if you are an intermediate level of blogger, believe me, you will learn things that no one talks about.

Why I bought the eBook?: I have been active in many of the Facebook community and bloggers forum. Here, in one of the discussion, someone mentioned about this ebook. These groups are filled with some of the famous tech bloggers of India. And many bloggers vouched for the content in this ebook so I decided to give it a try.

Final Summary:

I have not been paid to write this review. I have spent my own money to buy the ebook and once I had gone through it, I decided to write a review for the internet. 

The ebook is quite detailed and great for newbies in the internet marketing world. Even for an intermediate blogger, you will learn new skills and methods. 

Though in some parts of the ebook I thought some topics needed more attention, but overall it’s a well-balanced ebook. It’s one of the best content regarding keyword research that you will find on the internet. 

I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. Blogging is an amazing hobby or passion. If you are into it, Then do check this ebook. 

Don’t miss out the opportunity to get the eBook at 499/-. Believe me the price is affordable as compared to other resources related to keyword research and this will be one of the best investment you will have ever made regarding keyword research.

That’s it with my review and article on the keyword research based ebook keyword made easy. Hope you found what you were searching for. 


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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