2017 marks iPhone’s 10th anniversary and Apple is definitely planning something big for this occasion. In fact, we have also had quite a lot of news suggesting what Apple is up to. Though the name for the next big release from Apple has not been finalized yet, but the consensus is growing on the fact that Apple’s new flagship iPhone will be called the iPhone 8. Also, the latest iPhone 8 is expected to come with standard “S” upgrades from Apple this fall. So, as it appears, we can expect three new iPhones making it to the market this year with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus to accompany iPhone 8.


And, as the release of iPhone 8 draws near, the iPhone 8 news and rumors are growing in number. Here we’ve tried to round up most of the noteworthy rumors and news so that the iPhone enthusiasts can get a taste of what the new iPhone will be like and what’s coming up next from Apple.

iPhone 8 Release Date

To be honest, there is still no confirmed news on when the new iPhone 8 is going to be released. There are some reports that claim Apple is going to stick to its September schedule for the release of the new phone. But there were some supply chain issues reported as well due to which there are some who believe that iPhone 8 will not be on schedule. However, the strong chance is that the new iPhone will make it to September release.

The Other iPhone Variants To Accompany

iPhone 8 new and rumors
iPhone 8 new and rumors

There are reports that Apple is going to release its 10th Anniversary iPhone with the traditional “S” upgrades. As expected, there will be two new iPhones other than iPhone 8 and they will be called iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Both these phones will look the same as their predecessors but will have upgraded specs.

OLED Display

iphone 8 news and rumours
iphone 8 news and rumours

As reported by AppleInsider, iPhone 8 is coming with an all-new OLED display and a bigger screen size. So, the iPhone users will now have a lot more vivid display as compared to previous models. Besides enhanced power consumption and sharper visuals of OLED screens, the new displays are going to be much flexible and thinner compared to the LCD displays that Apple has been using thus far in its iPhones.

AS for the size of the display, the exclusive 10th anniversary iPhone 8 is expected to come with 5.8” OLED display – the biggest so far in iPhones. The use of OLED allows Apple to come up with a thinner device as well. If all the rumors floating around are considered true, the OLED displays will only be available in iPhone 8 and not in the other two accompanying iPhone models.


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Minimal Bezel In The Design

The apple iPhone 8 images that we have got to see through some leaks reveal minimal bezel in the design of upcoming flagship iPhone. What it suggests is that we’re going to have an end-to-end screen and that, obviously, satisfies the claim of biggest 5.8” OLED display as well. And, this will mean that screen is going to encompass almost entire front surface of the phone. The ‘almost bezel-less design’ will make this new handset from Apple remarkably compact as well. So, the overall size of the new iPhone will be very much same as that of iPhone 7.

MacBook Pro-Type Touch Bar Expected To Replace Home Button

MacBook Pro-Type Touch Bar Expected To Replace Home Button
MacBook Pro-Type Touch Bar Expected To Replace Home Button

A report from Ming-Chi Quo of KGI securities revealed that the flagship iPhone will come without its physical Home Button and it will be replaced by MacBook-esque Touch Bar.

Facial Recognition AKA “Pearl ID”

The new iPhone is also coming with a breakthrough facial recognition feature called “Pearl ID”. It uses a sophisticated facial recognition mechanism and works fine even when the iPhone is laid flat on a surface. Also, with this new security mechanism, the future of Touch ID is not yet confirmed. There were reports that Apple will take Touch ID to the back or embed it inside the display, but nothing has been confirmed about that.

A11 Processor

A11 Processor
A11 Processor

The news confirm that Apple is going to introduce the incremental processor chip A11 with the new iPhone and the sole supplier for the hardware will be TSMC. The new chip is expected to come with ’10 nanometer die size’ and will offer speeds significantly higher compared to its predecessor. It will also join hands with OLED displays to make the new iPhone 8 a very power-efficient device.

The All Glass Body

First time in years, after iPhone 4s, Apple plans to go back to glass-centric design. Reports from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities suggest that new iPhone will have all-glass body and will also forego aluminum in favor of stainless steel.

The speculations from Kuo were consolidated by a report from Digitimes which highlighted Apple to use a new forging process for stainless steel that was expected to be far cheaper compared to conventional CNC machining. This switch to forged stainless steel is expected to give extra structural rigidity to the new glass-encased model of iPhone. It will also enhance the shock resistance of the new iPhone. Besides, steel comes a lot cheaper compared to aluminum and will allow Apple to cut the overall iPhone 8 cost without having to cut the corners.

Wireless Charging

Apple is finally going to introduce wireless charging in its flagship iPhone. With the feature already getting perfect in Apple Watch, it makes sense for Apple to bring it to its main line products. It will be induction-based wireless charging feature that new iPhone is going to have. And the introduction of glass body paves way perfectly for Apple to introduce this feature in its upcoming iPhones.

AR Capability

The Upload VR tech guru, Robert Scoble, hypothesizes that the new flagship iPhone from Apple will be AR optimized. And, if we’re to believe this, it will be a revolutionary step forward from Apple to bring mainstream acceptance to Augmented Reality as compared to any such efforts made before.

iPhone 8 Price

One thing that might not be too welcoming for the iPhone lovers is that the new iPhone is expected to come with a price tag. According to Forbes, new OLED-equipped iPhone would cost somewhere around $1000-$1200 according to storage choice.

iPhone 8 Colors

There are rumors that the new iPhone 8 is coming only in three colors. The three colors as rumored include white, black and copper. In fact, there are some photos that have been revealed showing new iPhone in these colors as well.

So, that’s all about it. The excitement about the new iPhone is increasing continuously, and rightly so. There are a lot of new features coming up and you must keep your fingers crossed until the flagship iPhone hits the market.



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