At the beginning of August, I enrolled in Vaibhav’s Linkedin 5 day workshop. I had an earlier interaction with Vaibhav in one of the private blogger’s Facebook groups. I asked him some advanced questions related to Linkedin and this guy was bang on. 

This was my first step towards joining the LinkedIn workshop. After that, I did a little research on this so-called Linkedin Guru and the stats checks out. And since I visited his website and had a look at the courses he offered and just surfed around. Let me tell you, Vaibhav is a smart guy so once you visit his site you will be retargeted with his courses Facebook ads.

First I was skeptical about the course. Since it’s not your normal course, it’s a workshop. So you will get access to the material for a limited time. We will talk more about the course material later. 

Since this guy was retargeting the ads I would stumble across the ads daily. But one day I came across this amazing piece of ad that he created based on the workshop. Just for appreciating the creativity of the ad I joined the course.

While writing the review I have tried to mention both the pros and cons of the workshop. So that you get a better understanding of what you are going to get. I went searching for the review of the course and in all the reviews the authors were trying to praise Vaibhav and no one really mentioned any cons. I was like, really?

Let us first know a little bit more about Vaibhav who he is and what he does.

Who is Vaibhav Sisinty?

Professionally Vaibhav is a Growth Hacker and Entrepreneur. In the past, he has worked as a Marketing Manager at Uber(South America). Vaibhav is currently working as Head of Marketing at Klook, Video in charge at TEDxTughlaqRdChange, and Co-organizer at TEDxGITAMUniversity.

Vaibhav has done Computer Science Engineering from GITAM University. In the year 2011, he started his first venture(blog) Discovering Android. Within a year’s time the blog was churning 1 Million page view and made the creators a fair amount of money. 

In the second year of Engineering, he started his digital venture Crazy Heads which had a 13 member team, they helped in growth hacking more than 200 brands.

Currently, Vaibhav also does Linkedin and growth hacking consultancy and runs his Linkedin Masterclass and Linkedin 5 Day Workshop.

Is Vaibhav Sisinty Fake?

I attended Vaibhav’s Linkedin 5 day workshop and that didn’t look fake. He is what he mentions to be in the course or the Facebook ads that you might have come across. Though the Rs 499/- course might look sketchy, I think the workshop is paid so that he can nullify the Facebook ads cost. 

With many courses which take RS 999/- or even more, sometimes you feel cheated. Not this one, that I can guarantee that. The amount of Rs 499/- is completely worth it.

What is Vaibhav’s Linkedin 5 Day workshop?

 The 5 Day Linkedin Workshop is easy to follow the Linkedin crash course. In the workshop, you will get 6 Videos(video number might have increased ) to watch and an invitation to a mega webinar. 

All the videos are pre-recorded except the mega webinar which is done live via a zoom call on Sunday. Of all the videos the most valuable and paisa vasool video is the mega webinar. In the review, I deep dive into the content of the workshop and what you will get for the amount you pay. Don’t miss out!

Vaibhav’s Linkedin 5 Day Workshop Review

The Workshop

Day 1: Find your Objective & Target group

If you are somewhat familiar with Facebook ads, SEO, or marketing in general you know what a target group is. Here in this video, Vaibhav explains the importance of finding your objective and target group.

Objective: Your objective is basically the purpose of using LinkedIn. If you are a freelancer then your objective will be to get more freelancing gigs from LinkedIn. In the same way, you need to find your objective of using Linkedin.

Target Audience: Here you need to find the target audience that you want to connect to. If you are a freelancer then your target audience will be the people who will need your freelance service. Like if you are a content writer then your target audience becomes Digital marketers, blog owners, and SEO professionals.

Day 2: Profile Optimisation

Here in this video, Vaibhav explains ways to optimize your Linkedin profile. I was astonished to learn that Linkedin works in a similar way to Google. It uses Linkedin SEO to analyze and rank your profile in search.

The video explains how to optimize the profile and what are some of the best practices for a professional Linkedin profile. Vaibhav explains ways to increase your search appearance and how to get more views on your profile.

Day 3: Connection Loop

On day 3 on the 5 days of the Linkedin workshop, Vaibhav talks everything about connections. Here the video begins with a discussion around how to remove the unwanted connection. Who are these unwanted connections? These unwanted connections are also the one who are not in your Target Group.

He also mentions keeping connections of ex-colleague and friends because these are necessary connections. He walks around the Linkedin filter, on how to use it to find your target audience. 

Day 4: Content Magic

For our batch, we got 2 videos for day 4. I would say of all the videos on this workshop the day 4 video are the best ones. If you follow Vaibhav on LinkedIn you know how amazing content he creates online.

You just need to know one thing, Content is the only thing that you need to crack. If you are not creating content then this workshop is of no use. Vaibhav mentions upright in this video, that if you don’t want to implement any of the 5 days but just one then you should focus on content.

This is the most important video of the workshop, if you take the workshop then don’t miss out on content magic.

Day 5: The outbond game

On this day you will find how to reach out to your potential client and how to connect with the client and how to take them through the funnel and close them for a call. The outbound video explains 3 important factors. 

  • Personalization
  • Money is in the follow-ups
  • Multi touchpoint.

Vaibhav explains these 3 important factors that will help you to increase your connection acceptance rate and create a great network of people. 

The bonus day (Mega Webinar):

Now I was a little disappointed with the content provided on the 5 videos because I already know around 60% of them(I was extensively searching for Linkedin in tips and tricks). So most of the things were already known to me. But on the bonus day is where all the value is.

I can say all the content that Vaibhav provides on the bonus zoom call is alone worth 499. Vaibhav provides info about some of the hidden gems that I had not even heard of. I don’t want to stretch more about the bonus day but you should check the workshop out just for the bonus day zoom call.

What will you get in the Linkedin 5 day workshop?

For 499 you get access to 6 videos, one introductory video(zoom call) where Vaibhav introduces the course and how it works. He also does a zoom call on all the 5 days to take doubts on the video of the day.

You get access to Mega Webinar which is really amazing. And links some amazing Linkedin growth tools and software.

Personal Experience of Linkedin 5 Day workshop

Though many of the content (60%) were repetitive to me. Since I am already into blogging and digital marketing. But he is an amazing growth hacker and why I say that you will know while you join the workshop. There will be a moment when you will say to yourself the guy is cunning.

The content is really good for beginners or people who are not from my background(blogging and digital marketing). I really enjoyed the video on content and best of all was the bonus day video. 

I earlier wondered why the bonus day video is on a zoom call, can’t it be pre-recorded? But then at the end of the session, Vaibhav pitches his 25k Linkedin mastery course. He explains what you people will get if you buy the mastery course. 

And he mentions that for this workshop attendees only they have a 2 hour offer period where the cost is dropped to 10k. At that time I admired the sales funnel he had created. In front of me, he got around 30+ bookings for the mastery course. I was impressed by his marketing talent, he is really an amazing growth marketer. A total of 1200 people attended the workshop and he converted around 5% of them. That was really amazing!

I didn’t take the mastery course and it’s up to you if you like the workshop then you will definitely love the mastery course.

Pros and Cons of Linkedin 5 Day workshop by Vaibhav Sisinty

If you are a fan or even not a fan of Vaibhav don’t take offense on the pros and cons these are totally my personal views. If at any point you think I am wrong then keep it to yourself.


  • You definitely get value for money content
  • The host has made it sure that your doubts are resolved.
  • You have a good amount of bonus material provided in the workshop.
  • Great for beginners and Students.
  • Some of the best content on Linkedin you will find on the internet.


  • Whatsapp group, the Facebook group created, which I don’t think are of any use. After the course, he uses these groups to promote affiliate products and his own youtube videos.
  • He will spam you with emails during the period of the workshop.
  • You will also get emails for his new youtube videos even after the course.
  • Great way to create an email list.

Who should join the course?

Students: Students who are looking for an internship opportunity or just getting started with their career. This will be a great workshop for you, it will help you to stand out in the crowd and make great connections.

Job Seeker: To all the professionals who are looking out for new opportunities, or even changing careers this is a great workshop for you. It will help you to become an authority figure in your space.

Freelancers: If you are a freelancer then I think you should take this workshop eyes closed. I am not trying to sugar coat it, but this will definitely give you more exposure to the Linkedin client ecosystem.

Personal Brand Creation: Though mentioned in his videos that company pages are dead on Linkedin and the Linkedin algorithm gives more value to personal accounts. So if you want to create a personal brand and reach more people then this workshop will definitely help you.

Finding Clients: The last and the most important use is for finding new potential clients. See its not about promoting your product, it’s about promoting your ideas and beliefs. People don’t like products, they like ideas and visions. This is a perfect workshop to kickstart with connecting with clients on Linkedin.


Though I didn’t really enjoy the aftermath which is constant emails for his new youtube video and trying to sell affiliate products. Apart from that he is really a great person and provides more value than what money he takes.  

You will not feel cheated at any point and even if you feel at any point in time in the five days your faith will be restored on the Mega webinar. I think even if he just had the mega webinar then that alone will be worth Rs 499/-.

If you liked the content then share it with your friends and colleagues. And join the workshop any ways it is 499/- and it is worth all the penny.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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