Many today have websites which is related to their YouTube channel. So people like to add a video to our webpage which is related to the content. And if you have YouTube channel you tend to write an article for the video you created (only for reviews may be). So how to make these videos get you more views? The answer is simple; make them play when anyone visits them. If you add a video to the website then there is a very less probability of a person on going and playing the video. So you  need to make YouTube video autoplay on your website. This will definitely increase your views, but it’s a plus point for your visitors, since many don’t like to read big stuff and you can compensate them with a video. So it’s like a win-win situation for both of you.

Making your Youtube video autoplay is the best way to get more views and practised by many big websites. When you visit these website they make the youtube video autoplay on the post page. This provides them more views for their youtube video.

Depending on the context, automatically starting a video can annoy your visitor and end up causing more harm than good. So be careful before you do anything. Think twice, do you really need to do this. And it would be prominent for some type of videos. So here’s how to make YouTube videos auto reply on website.

How to Make YouTube video autoplay on Website.


#Step 1: On YouTube, go to the video you wish to embed. Click Share, and then Embed.
You Tube video autoplay on website
#Step 2: Now on your wordpress post page go to html and paste the link there.
Now just paste the code ?rel=0&autoplay=1 after the Url of the YouTube video.
You Tube video autoplay on website
#Step 3: Click update and your work is done you don’t need to anything now.

So this was it, an easy and quick how to guide on how to make YouTube video autoplay on website. Hope the article helped you to get your job done. You may also like some of our YouTube video where we do some unboxing, review and technology related stuff. Visit us here.

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