Life of an entrepreneur is not easy; it needs dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and patience. Many dream about becoming an entrepreneur, but some just dream, some try and give up and some make their dreams into reality. But their is always a movie present, for inspiring the entrepreneur in you. There are many Hollywood movie which depicts the hardship of an entrepreneur. Some of the these are must watch movie for entrepreneurs.

What many just dream, some have the guts and ability to achieve it. So people need something to give them a kick to get started. So we came up with the list of movie which would help to inspire the entrepreneur in you. These movie are biopics or company stories, but are damn motivating and inspiring. Do watch these movies and I promise, you will be pumped up. So here’s my list of must watch movie for entrepreneurs.

5 Must watch movie for entrepreneurs.

#1 Pirates of Silicon Valley:

Pirates of the silicon valley is a 90’s film which perfectly depicts the beginning era of the tech industry. The beginning of two companies Microsoft and Apple. The movie shows how the two companies made their way to success. The movie also shows the rivalry between the two companies Microsoft and Apple. To movie portraits the story of two young startups and hw how they went on to become world’s two most powerful company. It is must watch movie for entrepreneurs to get inspired by the leadership and creativity ability of the then two young CEOs Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

#2 Internship:

Internship describes the work culture of the famous silicon valley company Google. The revolves among two main character, who are salesmen and lost their job. And how they apply to the young Tech company of which they don’t know shit. Internship shows Google’s culture and the way they hire people. The movie tries to explain, how with a believe you can achieve anything in this world and age is not the limit. The movie is pretty good and has a comic tone. You will definitely laugh out loud in many situation in the movie. This is a must watch movie according to me. The work culture and teamwork that the movie depicts is awesome and a worth watch for all the young entrepreneurs. I would say a must watch movie for entrepreneurs.

#3 The social network:

You might have guessed this one.This movie is about the world’s biggest social media website, Facebook. Social Network is all about the facebook story, how mark came up with the idea and how he coded day and night those 10K lines of facebook code all by himself. The movie also shows the famous conspiracy surrounding the facebook idea theft. Social Network is all about the growth of facebook. How a startup turns out to be a billion dollar company. Every time I watch this movie it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.

#4 The pursuit of happiness:

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, this 2006 Will Smith and Jaden Smith starter movie is one of the most inspiring movie for the your young entrepreneurs out their. The movie shows how Chris got homeless and that nothing with him, not able to make money and working for a company as an intern. Even though he became homeless and struggled to provide food and other necessity to his son, Chris never gave up on his dream. That passion and sacrifice is something every entrepreneur should be willing to embrace.

#5 Jobs & Steve Jobs:

Basically there are two movies made on Steve Jobs life, Jobs which stars Ashton Kutcher as steve jobs is a movie which shows the full story of Jobs rise in Appe and then getting fired from his own company and then rising again as a new CEO of the company. The movie shows how steve jobs work hard, his arrogant attitude, his dedication towards the work and the love for perfection. Steve Jobs which was recently released is directed by Danny Boyle and shows different angle for Steve’s story the movie is basically a joint of different fragment of Steve’s life, but is all about steve before presentation scenario. A must watch again for the lovers of tech. A must watch movie for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Must watch series for entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley

This is not a movie, but I needed to add this to the list. This is my favorite series, that I watch without fail. It is currently in its third season. the story revolves around a silicon valley based tech startup specializing on data compression companies named piedpiper who are in a race to take on the world but have and always tried to be bullied down by the big tech company Hooli. A comedy partially inspired by Mike Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late 1980s. To all those startup guys this is a must-watch (the two “must” are written to show its importance).


Pitchers is an indian web series which inspires the new world people to leave their 9 to 5 job and start their own company. The story is about how 4 guys leave their satisfying job to chase their dreams by trying to pass all the hurdles like family, girlfriend and make their idea get a funding. It is available at . Go check it out.

This is some of the most inspiring and must watch movie and web series in the world. I haven’t added many films to the list, because I don’t want to make the list crowded. These are some of my favourite bets. I am sure that the hardwork and dedication shown in these Movies will definitely inspire the entrepreneur in you. If you are the thinking of starting new this is the must watch movie for entrepreneurs and new beginners.

Work hard and dream big.

What do you think of the list? Are their more movies that inspire you? Tell us in the comment section below. Share this article over social media and help young entrepreneurs get inspired.


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