Music is the best source of entertainment since the ancient time. Today you don’t need to buy any CD’s or DVD’s to listen to music. You can directly get the music you want in a click of a button. But can you download the music for free?

Well, I guess no, not from all the sources. This is where the mp3 juice comes into the picture. Mp3 juice is a free music download website. There are many websites out there that claim’s to be an mp3 juice free download site. But they are not. The real one is the one that we have mentioned in this review of mp3 juice.

Mp3 juices is the best free mp3 download site that I have encountered on the entire web. These days I am using mp3 to download all my songs for free. We have already shared an article on the 10 best free mp3 download websites. And mp3 juice tops our list of free mp3 download sites.

We already wrote a brief description about the MP3 juice free download website. But looking deeper into its qualities and features, we thought of writing an entire article on mp3 juice website. This entire article is a deeper look into the free music download site.

Mp3 juice remains my favorite source to download mp3 songs for free. There are many more sites that provide free mp3 downloads like free mp3 juice does. But there is something unique about the site which makes it stands out from the crowd.

Another important thing about the free music website is that there are many apps on the play store claiming to be mp3 juice mobile app. But believe me, there is nothing known as “mp3 juice mobile app“.

The one which claims to be, are fake and are not worth trying because the design is bad and the app would probably have viruses. So don’t go for any mp3 juice mobile app. The website is itself responsive, so you will not face any problem visiting the free mp3 juice website from your smartphone.

Without talking much about mp3 music juice and writing all the praise about the website, let’s dive into its complete review, it’s working and how to download songs from the mp3 juice.

How Mp3 juice free download works?

So the most important part of any free music website is the way it collects the music and makes it available to download. Most of them violate the terms of download and are available for download illegally.(i.e against the creator’s concern)

But mp3 juice free download doesn’t work that way. The free Mp3 juice website never stores any data in its own database. But instead, the free mp3 juice website displays all the data from YouTube.

Ya, that’s the intelligent part about mp3 juice, they are just a video to mp3 converter.

Whenever you search for a song on the free mp3 juice website, the search results displayed to you are all YouTube video links. So you can either download the video or the audio of the song you want for free.

What music website does is, it simply extracts the audio file from the video and makes it available for you to download for free.

This is the best part of it; nothing is illegal (technically speaking). So it basically means you are listening to a high-quality music which was uploaded along with the video to youtube by the song creator.

Mp3 juice just does the work of extracting music from those high-quality videos.

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How to download mp3 from MP3 juice.

Below is a complete video tutorial on how to download free mp3 from mp3juices.

The next thing is how to download free music using mp3 juice. Downloading free music from mp3 juice is quite simple. I have illustrated below the steps to download free mp3 juice music. Follow the step by step guide to download free songs from mp3 juice.

Step 1: Visit the mp3 juice website. You can visit the website by clicking here. Or you can simply Google it, but make sure you don’t end up in the fake mp3 juice website. The music download website looks like the image above.

Step 2: Once you have visited the website, in the search box write the name of the song that you want to download. And then hit the search button.

Step 3: You can see that you are provided with the search results from the mp3 juice free download list. Click on the white download button or you can simply play the song.

Step 4: Once you click on the download button, you are provided with three more buttons. Downloadsave to cloud and share on Facebook. Hit the black download button, the blue download button is simply an advertisement, don’t click on it. And once you click on download it starts downloading a high-quality mp3 song for free.

mp3 juice

Step 5: The best part about mp3 juice download is that you can save the song directly to the cloud as well. When you click on save to cloud. You are given three options to choose from, Google drive, Dropbox and one drive.

This was the step by step guide to download free music from mp3 juice. Hope this Mp3 juice free download guide helps you to download the song you want.

Any mp3 juice alternative?

So is there any website which uses the mp3 juice free download technique? Not that I know of. But yes, you can do the steps manually.

I have shared a guide on how to convert YouTube video into mp3. The alternative method just increases you tasks. You first need to search on YouTube the song that you want to download. Then paste the link and some other task to do to follow.

I am not going in detail of the alternative method. But if you wish to know about it, you can read it here.

The alternative method for mp3 juice download includes extra steps. So I don’t really prefer that.

Other free mp3 download sites.

So are there other free mp3 download websites like mp3 juice? Obliviously yes. There are a ton of websites out there, which offer free mp3 download.

But those websites are filled with spammy advertisement and contains harmful and annoying redirects. Because of which I hate them a lot.

I have listed 10 best free mp3 download sites. If you are looking any other way to download songs other then mp3 juice, then have a look at the article.

Final words.

Mp3 juice is one of the best places to download free mp3. You can get free mp3 juice access and download all the songs that you need. I am a big fan of music website and recommend everyone who is looking for a free way to download songs.

Once again I remind you, there is nothing known as “mp3 juice mobile app“. Do not download a fake app and get your smartphone infected.

That’s it with our detail look on mp3 juice music download website. Hope the article was pleasing to read and informative.

If you have any query regarding mp3 juice tell us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading the article.


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