Microsoft word has become an integral part of our life. And from School to Business we all need Ms word to get our work done. From projects to Documentation. Microsoft Office is available for both Windows and MAC OS and is the most used file editor. So do we use the word to it’s full capacity?

No, we use the MS word like everyone else. What if we were able to do things faster in the word as compared to others. So What about some tricks that would make life easier. So here are some Ms word tips and tricks everyone should know.

Ms word tips and tricks everyone should know.

A total of 10 MS word tips are listed below. These are the best ones’ try using them while editing, it would make your life easier.

#1. Want to select an entire paragraph then the only thing you need to do is to make three rapid clicks anywhere in the paragraph.

#2. If you want to select a particular sentence then, you need to press hold CTRL and click anywhere in the paragraph you want to select.

#3. Click CTRL+ to make a word subscript and CTRL Shift+ for making the word superscript.

#4. You want dummy text for testing purposes. Then there’s a Lorem Ipsum generator built inside Word to help you insert dummy text

anywhere inside the document. Type” =rand(p,l)” and press Enter to insert ‘p’ number of paragraphs each having ‘l’ lines. For example, =rand(5,6) will generate 5 dummy paragraphs with 6 lines each.

ms word tips

#5. Move text in different way. Most people use the cut-Paste (Ctrl-x Ctrl-v) route to move text from one location to another inside a Word document but there’s another way as well. Highlight any block of text, press F2 and then place the cursor at the spot where you wish to move that text. Press Enter and the selection will be moved.

#6.Select some text and then press “CTRL + Shift + <” this will decrease the size of your text. And if you press “CTRL + Shift + > ” this will increase the font size.

#7. To move the cursor to the location it was when you last saved the document press “Shift + F5”.

#8.Whenever you copy something from any web page and copy it into the word file. All the formatting and style are retained. Select the text and Press ” CTRL + Spacebar” all the text would be converted to plain text.

#9. Sometimes we often leave the caps button on and type the whole thing and realize the mistake at the end. Now what to do? Select the text in Word and press Shift+F3 to quickly change the case of the selection. It revolves between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Camelcase (first letter in capital).

#10. You can use the the the trademark symbol in your MS word file. Type “(rm)” followed by space and the Ms auto correct will do the rest of job.

These were the Ms word tips and tricks that I liked to share with you. These were quite uncommon, so I thought to share and help you know this stuff. If you like the way those animated GIFs are in the article check out my: How to make the best tutorial using animated GIFs article.

Do you know more Ms word tricks? Then let us know that in the comment section below. And if you liked the article and think you got to know something new. Then share this article with your friends and family and spread the word.


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