Today the biggest test of your business is to make an online presence. if you are not online, your brand’s reach would be minimal to some extent. So how to make your business bloom on the internet?  For that you need to have a website which would be like your base for online presence. In 2016 it’s not a big deal to have a website or to create a website. There are 1000’s of developer who would create a awesome website for you in weeks. You can yourself create your own website. That’s easy task just search for the correct tutorial on Google or YouTube and get started. But there are some must have features for all small business. These features on your website would drive success to your online growth of your brand.

  We all know how important it is to have the tagline of your website next to your logo. Because that describes your brand on the internet. These all small things are mandatory to keep your website up to mark. Many of these mandatory things are not even known by the web designers. They design your blog. But do they know the colour combination for call-to-action button? Can they create the best location for call-to-action button? The answer is no. These questions are basically answered by doing research by the online analytics, learning and observing user action. What suites the best to male users and what to female.

The below infographic by the 99mediaLab gets you the solution to all of these problem at one place. It is an amazing guide to the small business to get started with their business online. Spend some time studying it, we’re sure it will allow you to get through some of the questions in your mind. You can improve your current website with these tips. If nothing helps, it will definitely give you the tools you are going to need when designing your next website

50 must have features for all small business.

Source of the infographic

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What do you think about the infographic? Do you think they missed out on something? What more should have been added to the infographic?

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