If you are a productivity and time management geek, you are always looking out for the next best product. Notion is where your search stops. Notion is the new task manager, note-taking, and project planning app all combined into one space.

Writing a Notion Review is quite a difficult task for me. I think I will be kind of biased with the tool’s review. My love for this tool has grown over the past year. I had my Notion workspace created 2 years ago. But didn’t really design the workspace until this pandemic hit. Now I am obsessed with the tool, so much so that I use it every time.

Now before I go ahead, let me tell you this, the notion is free for beginner users. I am using Notion’s free account but might soon move to the personal Pro Account which costs $5 per month. Quite reasonable compared to its features and usability.

Before using Notion I used tons of different apps like Trello, google calendar, keep, Evernote, etc. Notion alone has minimized my dependency on all these applications by their single platform.

You can use the notion to create to-do lists, organize wikis, notes, documents, manage project workflows, great habit trackers, etc. In this review of Notion, I will try to explain various aspects of Notion through the eyes of a long-term user like me.

What is Notion?

In simple words, Notion is the all-in-one workspace that helps users manage notes, docs, project management, and create wikis — all under one roof. 

Notion is a collaborative tool for co-workers to work on one project simultaneously. The tool can also be used by individuals to organize life and notes in one tool. The description of the tool sounds quite basic, but the possibilities are endless.

Notion Review: A Simple Knowledge Management Software for Managing Everything

Notion is a simple but complicated tool to manage data under one roof. Explaining or reviewing the notion is quite difficult. So I broke up this review into multiple segments, explaining multiple aspects.

You can read about all the aspects of notion and judge for yourself if you like notion and would like to give Notion a try. 

Features of Notion

notion review

In 2021 there are more than 100 productivity tools in the market. If you don’t believe me just search for productivity tools in the app store, play store. You will see a list of hundred to thousands of tools. 

Seeing the list you will be quite overwhelmed. So was I, but then I stumbled across Notion. Earlier I had a little love-hate relationship with the tool. But eventually, when you understand its true potential you will fall in love with the tool

Notion is one of the best productivity tools in the market. I have been using the tool to organize my notes, files and even create plans for my new freelance projects.

I don’t think I can list down all the features of Notion but I will try to list down a few.

Microsoft Office alternative: First and most popular use of Notion is the Microsoft office alternative. You can use Notion as Docs, Excel sheet to store databases, and even use formulas to get appropriate data.

Lists: Have you ever used todoist or any other to-do list app. In Notion, you can easily create todo lists and even try to segregate them using sorting and filter.

Database: Creating relational databases is one of the most unique and powerful features of Notion. Understanding the use of databases is quite complicated at first. But once you understand the uses of databases, you will create a database for everything.

The notion has a ton of features but the real potential of notion you will understand from the possibilities mentioned below.

Notion Possibilities

notion review

It’s interesting to see that this article has a possibilities tab. Now, this tab was not present in the first draft of this article. But while researching Notion for this article I came upon a bunch of different things that I didn’t even know.

Notion Content Management: People have been using it as a content management tool to manage their startup data. The best thing I say was used as a data management system which is then sold at gumroad.

Some of the examples are notionstartup, Notion Newsletter. These are some of the best examples of how people are using it as a data management system.

Notion Website: This came to me completely as a surprise. I was thinking to what extent can the usage of Notion be. Turns out you can create a website out of Notion pages. And believe me, I was pretty impressed when I came to know you can directly host a Notion page on the web as your website.

You can use the Super and Potion platform for DNS mapping and Notion pages mapping to the domain. They provide more service so you can check them.

Notion Course: Now you can host your own courses on Notion. Yes, courses! I told you, you will be surprised by its capability. The idea of hosting the course is good, but what’s even great is how easy it is to manage the data inside Notion. 

Notion Pricing

Notion has an unlimited free plan for beginners, though there are some obvious limitations. The upload limit has been set to 5 MB in the free version. These are some basic limitations. There are many more which you can check on the member’s section of the app.

The other plan includes $4 monthly plan for personal use and $8/team member plan for collaborative projects. There is also an enterprise edition that provides advanced features like unlimited version history and admin tools like access permissions etc.

Is Notion Good?

notion review

Notion is a unique product in the market after many years. I had never imagined that creating and managing notes would be so easy.

I have been using the software on my laptop more often than I know. It’s a matter of time that you will be doing everything using Notion. 

It’s like the combination of Docs, Excel, wiki, lists, database all in one app. 

Notion API

At the time of me writing this article, Notion launched their public API. This has made it possible for other applications to integrate with Notion. 

One of the biggest issues with notion was it was not compatible with other tools, which made it difficult for teams to fit the tool into their process. Now with the new update, you can easily integrate any tool with notion.

I personally was looking to integrate Notion with google keep and google calendar. Also with applications like ticktick and other tools that I use. 

Though I have not really tried the integration, I will definitely get my hands dirty by trying different integration.

Notion Drawbacks

No tool is perfect and Every tool has a margin to grow. So is Notion! In my years of use, I have found some limitations of the product which can be solved by the company in the longer run. Below I have mentioned some of the limitations of Notion.

Slow Notion mobile app and Desktop tool: Yes, since the application is this heavy it does take time to open and load pages. We today are a generation with the least attention span. So I need tools that are quick to open and help me jot down my ideas. But notion is not that tools. Since it takes time to open and load.

Its not a perfect partner when speed is of the essence. I would rather go with Google keep or docs.

Little complex database relations: This is a good thing and Bad thing about Notion. The good thing is since the database systems are complex it means you can do complex tasks. But to make complete use of database relations, you need to have a little basic understanding of coding.

If you want to use formulas in Notion you will need to understand the use of if and when statements and also be able to create logic using Notion formulas.

Huge learning curve: The world has not seen a tool like Notion yet. What I mean by this is when google docs came out we all knew how to use it. Since we were all familiar with MS Office. But the same is not the case with Notion.

I might not even call myself an expert. I am still learning the tool in and out. The tool has unlimited possibilities but needs a great deal of understanding to use it to its complete potential.

Final Thoughts

The true potential of Notion is something that we might have not seen yet. I am a big fan of the tool. So this might not be a critique writing an article, but for like a fan. So you should take this entire notion review with a pinch of salt.

It’s better you get your hands on the tool and experience it for yourself. You have nothing to lose since the basic version is free after all.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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