What do you believe in? What do you stand for? People often might have asked you this question. Many people reply to this by saying, I don’t know. Core values are something that will shape your identity. Keanu Reeves the Matrix fame actor, when someone asks you about him, what do you say? He is one of the kindest and most down to earth actors. Kindness is one of his core values.

Core values guide our behaviors, decisions, and action. The same way, just think about the fictitious character Sherlock Holmes. What do you think his core values are? If you answered it as “Smart” then you are right.

How do you find your core values?

I don’t think core values can be found. They are something that has to be discovered.

Every person must identify some of his personal values. This will help him in taking better decisions and actions.

If you want some time to think. You can simply download the core values list pdf and evaluate for yourself what values you identify yourself with.

Below I have listed the 100 Core values that i came across and can be used as a master list to discover your core values.

A list of 100 Core Values/ Personal Values

  1. Authenticity
  2. Achievement
  3. Adventure
  4. Authority
  5. Ambition
  6. Amusement
  7. Balance
  8. Beauty
  9. Boldness
  10. Bravery
  11. Brilliance
  12. Compassion
  13. Challenge
  14. Competency
  15. Contribution
  16. Confidence
  17. Creativity
  18. Curiosity
  19. Charity
  20. Cleanliness
  21. Clear
  22. Clever
  23. Cooperation
  24. Courage
  25. Courtesy
  26. Comfort
  27. Commitment
  28. Common sense
  29. Determination
  30. Dedication
  31. Dependability
  32. Devotion
  33. Dignity
  34. Discipline
  35. Discovery
  36. Efficiency
  37. Empathy
  38. Empower
  39. Endurance
  40. Energy
  41. Enjoyment
  42. Enthusiasm
  43. Equality
  44. Ethical
  45. Excellence
  46. Experience
  47. Fairness
  48. Faith
  49. Fame
  50. Focus
  51. Foresight
  52. Fearless
  53. Friendships
  54. Fun
  55. Growth
  56. Gratitude
  57. Generosity
  58. Happiness
  59. Honesty
  60. Humor
  61. Influence
  62. Innovation
  63. Inspiring
  64. Integrity
  65. Intelligence
  66. Justice
  67. Kindness
  68. Knowledge
  69. Leadership
  70. Learning
  71. Love
  72. Loyalty
  73. Maturity
  74. Openness
  75. Optimism
  76. Patience
  77. Peace
  78. Pleasure
  79. Poise
  80. Popularity
  81. Productivity
  82. Recognition
  83. Religion
  84. Reputation
  85. Respect
  86. Responsibility
  87. Satisfaction
  88. Security
  89. Self-Respect
  90. Service
  91. Simplicity
  92. Spirituality
  93. Stability
  94. Success
  95. Trustworthiness
  96. Thankful
  97. Tolerance
  98. Understanding
  99. Wisdom
  100. Welcoming

After the pandemic, I started to revaluate my life, what really matters to me. Then I started with a new habit of reading books. After reading some good amount of great content, I came to know about these core values.

I asked the same question to my self. What are my core values? I was unable to identify my self with one. This is when I started researching and came up with all the values listed above. None of the above values in the list is something that I came up with.

I googled for core values and read all the articles. After referring many articles this is the list of 100 core values that I came up for my self. So I used this list to try to discover my own core values.

Just use 3-5 core values. If you identify with many, none of them are of importance to you. You can also download the core values list from the top notification bar. 

I hope you were able to find what you were looking for.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Process Expert(Agile Methodology) and also a professional Blogger. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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