Productivity is a topic that has grown to utmost importance in the resent times. When everyone is trying to grab our attention space, how do we manage our time? In this article, we look at some of the best productivity blogs in India that you should read to make life simpler.

We all have 24 hours in a day. We all know that results are only seen when hard work is put in. Nothing Great was ever achieved by only sitting still. In this chaos of social media, how do we manage to stay focused on our task? How do we stop distractions and quit procrastinating and get things done?

These are the questions for which we want solutions. Not all of us are productivity freaks and not all of us can make the most of our time. We are often thrown into problems due to which our schedule goes for a toss.

Even I was facing the same problem and that’s when I decided to read books related to productivity like Atomic Habits, Hyperfocus, Getting things done, etc, and start tracking my habits. 

Once you take your first step towards productivity you will automatically find new sources to learn new things and make the most out of the time in hand. I had already written an article on the best blogs on productivity, but then I decided to find some Indian blogs which are sharing their knowledge and experience on a similar topic.

That’s, when I came across all the below, mentioned blogs and started visiting them more often. You will not master productivity in a day or two it takes years to become expert in a craft. But everyday small baby steps in the right direction will definitely one day take you there.

So here’s our list of top productivity blog in India. Some really amazon source of information and knowledge. These blogs on productivity will not only help you with productivity but will also help you grow.

Top Productivity blogs in India that you must follow.

Guiding tech

productivity blogs in india
productivity blogs in india

Guidingtech is a tech blog that has been growing really big in recent years. They are also creating some of the amazing content to read. I believe guiding techs are some of the really big competitors for Beebom.

Another interesting part about guiding tech is, its creating content in Hindi as well, for the Indian user. Though the fan base of Guiding tech is not that big it is really trying to catch up with Beebom. Currently, Guiding tech has approximate traffic of around 400k/month.

The social media following of guiding tech is also growing pretty fast. After Beebom they have to be the biggest gadget blog in India. Though their main focus is not productivity, but guiding tech often writes content related to self help and growth.


blogs on productivity
blogs on productivity

The blog Geeksla has been around since 2016. Geeksla writes on various topics from web tutorials, reviews, Gadgets, and Tech. With an attempt to increase niche reach and reach broader audiences they have pivoted to content related to Productivity, Marketing case studies, Non-Fiction Book Summary.

In recent days the blog has been focusing more on case studies, book summaries, and productivity articles. I hardly know of any other blog in India which talks about these things. Geeksla has been around for a very long time and it has been growing steadily.

Productivity and self help content has become the core of geeksla. When I looked at the internet where everyone is writing tech reviews, I decided to write content that would help others grow. Geeksla has to be one of the youngest productivity blogs in the list.

Though it looks like I am trying to promote myself, which I am. Do check out some of the best free resources we have. 

One cent at a time

productivity blogs in india

One cent at a time is a personal finance and productivity blog. The blog is written mainly by Sudipto Basu. SB is currently a resident of California and resides in the US since 2005. The blog was started in the year 2011 and SB has since then written over 1000 articles.

Though SB is based out of the US and many of the blogs target audience is based on the USA. But the blog is as relevant in India as it is in the US. It has some really good content around productivity and self-help. 

The most important thing is that it has a very good user interaction in the blog. Many articles are good to read and a decent blog on productivity.


productivity blogs in India

Aryatra (pronounced आर्यत्र) is derived from the Sanskrit word Aryata (आर्यता), which means honourable behaviour. Aryatra is a blog about habits and productivity. The blog is managed and written by Vishal Kataria who is an MBA and works as a content marketer and consultant.

Vishal has been writing about productivity and self-growth since 2016. Though the blog is not search engine optimized, due to which it lacks any search traffic, Vishal writes some really interesting topics and content around productivity and self-growth.



blogs on productivity
blogs on productivity

Beebom is one of India’s most famous gadget reviews and tech blogs. Beebom has come to fame recently and has grown very fast in the Indian Gadget space. They have grown so fast and acquired so much of a fan following that they currently have more than 500k visits per month.

They also create some really amazing youtube videos. If you watch Tech or gadget reviews on Youtube then you might definitely watch their videos. I do enjoy watching their gadget review videos and are some of the most unbiased reviews on the internet.

Though beebom main focus is not productivity and self growth. But they also put out a decent amount of content on the topic of productivity.

Beebom has grown too big too soon. With over 3.5 Million total social media following they have a really big user base. They regularly put out some really great content. Beebom has to be the biggest gadget blog currently in India. Not only gadget and tech beebom is among the top Indian blogs currently.


productivity blogs in India

My Productivity Lab is the blog completely based on productivity. The blog is written by Vijay Rajamani from Bangalore and he has been writing the blog since October 2017. The blog has some really great content based on productivity and habits.

Vijay writes great detailed articles on topics like productivity and habits. The main reason for not having much traction as compared to other blogs in the list is because non of the articles are search engine optimized. 

But the blog is like a hidden gem and has some really great content and you should definitely check it out for productivity related content.


productivity blogs in India

R hour is another hidden gem in the list. The blog is written by Rohit Sharma. The acronym r hour stands for “Rohit’s Hour” or even “Rush Hour” as mentioned by the author. Rohit is based out of Sikkim and blogs mostly on productivity and well being. It is one of the best blogs to read about life and life experience.

Rohit mostly writes about his experience and wisdom that he has. He uses real-life examples to make a point or to explain a complex topic. He has written some really amazing content on productivity. Rhour has to be one of the best productivity blogs in India. Though Rohit is a full-time developer and currently works as IT Consultancy and SW Project Management.

Rohit has been blogging since May 2007 which means he has more than 13 years of blogging experience. I guess, I didn’t even have an internet connection at that time. 


productivity blogs in india

Tonmoy has to be one of the best productivity blogger from the list. I don’t know why he is placed at the end of this list. One of the best personal blogger who blogs about productivity based out of India. 

I don’t know if you know about Tonmoy, he is the founder of story pick. One of India’s leading independent media houses. I don’t know how he manages to churn out content on such a regular basis on his personal blog. 

The blog design also is really exceptional. If Tonmoy you are reading this, which theme is it? The content on the blog is also well put together and worth the read.

Tonmoy’s blog design is better than the story picks design. Tonmoy has been blogging since 2013 and has never stopped since. The blogs has to be one of the best Indian blogs that you should read.

 With alot of searching and following the link trails we have found these amazing productivity blogs. Though not all are best indian blogs or not all are top indian bloggers, but these are the hidden gems of productivity blogging. 

I will keep updating this article over time. Every time I find a new Blog or website that provides really good content related to productivity and growth they will be added to the list.

These sites have content that will help you grow and learn new things. In this crowded internet with billions of web pages, these are the ones sharing a good amount of knowledge.

That’s it with our article on productivity blogs in India. I hope you found what you were searching for.


Hey, I am Chetan Poojari the founder of Geeksla. I work as a Product Manager and also an Online Content Creator. A travel and tech junkie who writes articles to simplify complex things.

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