Sennheiser HD 180 Review
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Sennheiser HD 180 is a low budget high quality headphones, which is available for purchase. This is the only over-ear headphone, which is available at such a a low rate as compared to its quality.


The sennheiser is a company that is known for making some of the awesome headphones. The sennheiser are really good at creating over the ear headphones. But the only problem is the cost of the product. All the sennheiser headphones cost a lot, but don’t worry there is is a headphone by the company which is budget friendly and under 1000 bucks (rupees). Sennheiser HD 180 the beast of low end headphones. So here’s Sennheiser hd 180 review and a quick first impression.

The specification include:
TYPE: Over-ear





CONNECTIONS: 3.5mm stereo, 6.25mm stereo

Sennheiser HD 180 review.

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This dynamic stereo portable entertainment headphone(sennheiser hd 180) delivers a powerful replication of sound and a rich, crisp bass response. Sennheiser HD 180 also flaunts a closed back design and is capable of attaining passive attenuation/ effective isolation of background noise. This is an entry level music accessory which is available under 1000 bucks in Amazon.

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First impression.

Unboxing the sennheiser hd180 is not a great first impression the packaging of the product is not that great and basically it cuts the cost of the product from the cheap packaging . So there is a chance that you may get a damaged product. But if you don’t take into consideration the packaging everything is quite decent. As the specs mentioned above the isolation of the headphone is quite good but not the best in the market.

Who is this for?

If you are low on your budget and looking for the best performer under 1000rs this is a choice for you. And if you are ready to invest more there are more better options than this one.

Final verdict.

The performance is ok, not the best but in this price range it is a beast of all the other headphones present. If you are running low on budget go ahead and buy this without second thought’s.

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