Many times it happens that we want to download just the audio of a video that we watch on YouTube. This video might be a song or anything else. So, how to do this? Snipmp3 was one of the best ways to download an audio file by extracting the audio from the video. But it is sad to say that snipmp3 is no longer maintained. I mean snip mp3 website is no longer functional. The snipmp3 site has been down; probably the developer no longer maintains it.

But there is an amazing alternative to snipmp3. This article will guide you on how to convert YouTube video to mp3. The snipmp3 alternative that we are going to use in this article is keepvid. I was a user of snipmp3 for a long time, I was using it to extract the audio of music videos and use it as a mp3. But since the snipmp3 player is no longer available we will be using keepvid.

In this tutorial, I will introduce you to a simple tool that is keepvid. You can download YouTube videos or any other video from keepvid. It is an awesome tool to download YouTube videos. And it can be used to convert youtube video into mp3.

Let’s dive in, into the tutorial on how to convert youtube video into mp3 by using keepvid.

How to convert YouTube video to mp3 without snipmp3.

Step 1:


The first thing that you might need to do is to find a video on YouTube which you want to extract mp3 from. Here below as shown I select the Ed Sheeran song to watch. Then copy the link (url) of the video.

Step 2:


Once you copied the URL, visit keepvid and paste the link in the box as shown below and then press the download button. This site is basically for downloading YouTube videos, but you can download mp3 songs also.

Step 3:


Once you click on download. You will be presented with the screen as shown below. When you scroll down you can see the options of only audio download. Select the audio quality you want and boom you are done.

You downloaded mp3 without the help of snip mp3. Isn’t it awesome? Keepvid is my one point solution to download YouTube video or to extract audio from YouTube video.

We also have created a complete video guide for better understanding and making it easier to download videos from youtube.

I have also written another tutorial on how to download YouTube video. It is an alternative method to download YouTube video. Do check it out.

Final words.

That’s it guys with the guide on how to convert YouTube video into mp3 without snip mp3. Keepvid is according to us the best alternative to snip mp3 and is the best way to download YouTube videos.

These are not the only ways to download YouTube videos, but there are ton more. But this is the most easiest and simple method to convert YouTube video to mp3.

Hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have any queries tell us in the comment section below.


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