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Request: Try to read it full

Hey, nice to see you around. You might be be wondering what is techgyama ? Why would you need techgyama? You are the one who might have got a message from me (Chetan Poojari) or you ,might have heard about Techgyama from your Blogger friend. Don’t worry , I will try to explain to you, why you are here and what is the aim behind building a community for tech.

What is Techgyama ?

Techgyama is a tech community where like minded people (the lovers of tech) come and share information, which would help the followers of the community to gain knowledge or information. Techgyama is a place where you can share your content which you create for your website. Or you can even share any other tech related things.

Why TechGyama?

As a content creator we all know how important it is to get people to come to your blog. We know that with an SEO the blog is not going to skyrocket within months. It takes years of content to get extremely good traffic from the SEO. So how would you grow your blog? Well TechGyama is the place. You can share your content on the techgyama’s facebook page and get a good traffic for your blog.

How sharing content at TechGyama would help?

Here at techgyama you are not alone. There are many other tech bloggers who come and share their articles. Due to many people being a part of, it increases your blog’s traffic by 10x. Sharing content is as much important as creating content.

What do I want in return?

Yes, came to that point were I will ask for you for something in return. I will ask you for only one think. You need to get me people to like the TechGyama community page. You are currently little furious at me, thinking does this man wants, should I go to the people in facebook and ask everybody to like the page. No that’s not how I want you to do it. I know messaging everybody will irritate you as well as the receiver. Then how? All you need to do is to download the Invite all friends extension for chrome. After installing you will invite all your facebook friends to like the TechGyama’s facebook page. Ya that’s what you need to do. No messaging, no posting any stuff on your timeline and no other bull shit. Just an invite to all your friends to like the page.

Using the extension you will invite all your friends, then take a screenshot of the same and send it to me on my facebook profile.

The first thing you need to do is, you need to message us on the techgyama page and send us your blog url. We will be reviewing your blog. Now you are thinking what the hell is this? Who are they to review my blog? We are quite strict with our community standards. We don’t want inactive bloggers who blog for just few months and then give up. We want dedicated bloggers who are active because this helps in growing the community.

Standard for blogs:

  1. Should have a minimum of 30 articles in your blog.(no problem if less than 30 if you are new, but the blog will be in temporary entry. If the number of content does not grow in a month, You will me not a part of the editor community).
  2. Should have your blog’s own facebook page. Because we want to you to grow along with us. So having a facebook page would help you get some like from the fans of techgyama.
  3. No sharing of any other content apart from Tech. We don’t want any adult, political, religious or any other content that might hurt our fans sentiments.
  4. Don’t share copied content. Share your own content.
  5. Send me the screenshot of the invite all friends on facebook.
  6. Your content should be be only on english and not any other language.
  7. Just chill and take it easy and apply for the editor post in the community page. Let me look at the rest.
  8. We don’t accept attached domain blogs. We accept only self hosted blog with your registered domain.

If you have any query related to any of the stuff you can message me on facebook, I will reply you within 24 hrs.

After getting approved You will become editor of the page and can reply to fans query, solve their problem and make life easier for the people who are less informed.

Hope to see you around and helping me in the achieving the vision of inspiring people through technology. Let’s do it together mate. Come join me.

If you don’t like the proposal or don’t want to join the community, we can still be friends. Send me a friend request. Or follow me at twitter and instagram