If you are looking top sources to download free ebooks then you are in the right place. The article will provide you with best sources to find eBook torrents. Torrent has always been a great place to find software’s, movies, books etc. Torrent has the biggest source of free eBooks collection which you can download and read.

If you have the passion for reading then, you don’t need to spend money these ebooks from torrent will come in handy for you. There are many ebook torrent sites out there but many of them are shut down and are not accessible.

These days it has become quite difficult to find torrenting sites for ebooks. Rather than searching around for ebook torrents we have made a list of 9 best ebook torrent sites which would help you to get the ebook for free.

Torrent has a very large database related to digital stuff. So you are most probable to find your ebook torrent in these torrenting sites.

Most Popular Ebooks torrent category are-

  • Fiction
  • Computers
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Business & Economics
  • Romance
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Biography & Autobiography

The Government is probably tracking your digital footprints. It is advisable to use a VPN while surfing torrent sites. Here’s how to access torrent using google chrome extension.

Below is the quick view of all the ebook torrent sites, where free books torrent is available to download. Click on any one of these ebooks torrenting sites and download unlimited ebook torrent.

9 Best ebook torrents for downloading unlimited free ebooks

Extra torrent

Extra torrent is one of the finest ebook torrent sites on the internet. If you are already using torrents for movies and stuff then this site might not have come to you as a surprise. This torrent site has a collection of 100000+ ebook torrent with 11 subcategories. Isn’t that a heaven for bookaholic?


Ebook-share is among one of the best sites in ebook torrents category. Here you can not only download ebooks for free but before downloading them you can all read the description of the ebook torrents. Ya, that’s the trump card, it becomes easier to get a brief description about the ebook before downloading it.


I was just astonished to see the number of seeders available for all the ebooks available on this site. It is one of the finest destinations to find ebook torrent. You can download the magnet link or the torrent and you are good to go with.


This is another resource for finding free ebooks. I have not really used this site for downloading any ebook. But the site has huge resources of ebook torrent with a ton of subcategory to choose from. You will probably be not disappointed with your search.


The best part about this ebook torrent site is you can search book by its author’s name. The site has a combination of free as well as paid books. But there are enough free ebooks to choose from.


It is another name in our collection of ebook torrenting sites list. Here you can download ebook torrent for free. The site contains the list of top ebooks downloaded, top 10 ebook torrents, etc. It is more related to educational ebook torrent. If you are searching for something related to educational stuff then this is the place.


Itorrent is basically the new addition to the list of torrenting ebook sites. The site consists of ebooks as well as audio books. Isn’t that a bonus for you? There are more than 10000+ ebooks torrent listed on this website. Download the magnet and dig yourself into these books.


Free-ebooks have ebooks for all moods. I was really amazed to see the number of category of ebooks available for free download at this site. If you looking for eBooks, then you should definitely have a look at this site.


If I didn’t mention them in the list of places of finding ebook torrent then it would have been an insult to the torrent. Not to say much about this torrent site. If you did not find your ebook anywhere then this is where you will get it.

Final words

That’s it with my list of some of the live and working sites to find ebook torrents. I have personally all the links in the list and keep them updated from time to time.

Hope this list of torrenting ebook sites helps you to find what you were searching for. Never stop reading and always keep on learning.


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