Xmovies8: Watch free movies online and free movie download.

xmovies8 free movies online
xmovies8 free movies online

It’s not always that I write a review on any website. But recently I came across xmovies8 and after my first few minutes on the website, I was stunned. We all like to watch movies for free, so do I. People often first download the movie and then watch it on their Smartphone or PC. But how about watching movie online? How about watching free movies online?

Xmovies8 is one of the best places to watch movies online. People often tend to download movies online. People tend to search free movies download. But it is 2017, why download a movie when you can stream movies online for free. 

There are not many websites that support or provide free movie streaming or watch series online. This is when xmovies8 comes to the picture. Basically, I was looking to watch movies online for free, because I don’t really like downloading movies. Most of the movies downloaded are often with bad video quality.

So the best part of watching movies online is that you come to know about the quality of the video in no time. So you don’t really waste any time and can switch to another website.

With a lot of Google searching, I came to a website xmovies8 and found it to be the best place to watch free movies online. So I thought of writing an entire article about the free movie website. So this is my complete review and guide on how to watch free movies online or watch series online for free.

xmovies8 free movies online
xmovies8 free movies online

Xmoives8: Watch free movies online.

So, why I prefer to watch movie online? I know that a lot of people love to download a movie and watch them on their phone. This is great when you are downloading the movie for refreshments on a trip or you are intended to watch the movie while commuting to work or college.

But if you are going to watch the movie once and then delete it, then why take the pain and download the entire the movie. 


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How to watch movies online free with xmovies8

The xmovies8 website is self-explanatory, so you can easy navigate around the website and start streaming movies. but if you still want to make the full use and want a headstart with the website, below is the detailed guide on streaming movies for free and how to download movies for free from xmovies8.

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The first thing you need to do is to google xmovies8.tv. The first link that you find in the serach result click on that.Step1: Simple google search.

xmovies8 watch movies online
xmovies8 watch movies online


Step 2:

Select any movie from the list of movies available. You can also click on TV series on the Nav bar above to watch series online. If you are not getiing the website that you want then simlply search for the movie in the search box.

xmovie watch movie online
xmovie watch movie online


Step 3:

Once you click on the movie or select the movie, you will be simply be taken to the movie streaming page and the movie will start automatically.

Sometimes on clicking the movie link you will be redirected to the ads page, so just close the tab and continue on the previous tab.

xmovies8 watch movie online
xmovies8 watch movie online

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Step 4:

Once you are done with that you can also download the movie you are watching also. Simply click on the download link below on the video player.

xmovie8 watch movie online
xmovie8 watch movie online


There are many other free movies website on the internet, I have gone through many of them and most of them either require registration or contains too many redirecting and spam ads. That’s why I suggest xmovies8, to watch movies for free and download it.

The best part about the website is that you can view and download all the movies in HD. You can also download movies in HD. Below are some of the pros and cons of xmovies8.


Xmovies8 Pros

  1. The best part about xmovies8 is that you don’t need any registration for watching movies. You can directly start streaming the movie or series.
  2. There are not too many ads. That doesn’t mean that there are no ads. Xmovies8 has on click ads. Which means if you click on a link or movie you will be firstly redirected to an ads page.
  3. All the videos which are streamed in xmovies8 are high-quality video. So it is preferable to have a good data speed. Since higher quality video requires more streaming speed.
  4. Good categorization of the movies on the website (easy to navigate). You can easily find any movie or watch any series.
  5. There is also a download option which will help you to download the video that you are watching.


Xmovies8 Cons

  1. Since all the videos available at the website are high quality so you need to have a good internet connection, to get watch buffer free movies online.
  2. Some of the movies are still missing from the list.



Frankly speaking, there are not any cons because the first con is basically a personal limitation. The second con can be irrelevant because xmovies8 website has a section called request a movie. So if you want to watch any specific movie, then you can request them.

The website is my go to place to watch movies or any latest episode of any series like Sherlock etc. I was basically not interested in writing the article, but when I told my friends about the website and their reaction after seeing the website made me write this article.

Xmovies8 is the best place to watch free movies online, free movie downloads and to watch series online. According to my opinion xmovies8 is the best free movie streaming website on the internet currently.

It is the best destination for free movies online. If you liked the article then share it with your friends and family and spread the word about the website.

Thanks for stopping by, hope the article helped you to find what you were searching for.



  • Website layout
  • Ease of navigating
  • Quality of videos
  • Easy download facility
  • Web Ads
  • Over all experience


Xmovies is an amazing site which provides some great video for you to watch online. It consists of many movies as well as TV series.



  1. my Trio tablet wouldn’t work with xmoviex. I was suggested to use an antivirus which I did and still it didn’t work. Please cancel my free membership. I signed up 2/22/2017 at 1130pm. Never got to watch a movie. Thank yo . Shaaron Green-Peace
    My VC ends in 8283