Have you ever wanted to watch Free TV shows online or even movies online? Yaa, everybody likes free stuff and that too in the smartphone. It is awesome, isn’t it. You can watch all you want in your PC or your smartphone in a click of a button. End of the days when everybody in the house would fight over the Tv remote. Now all you need is smartphone or PC with the internet connection and you are ready to go.

Just sit back and enjoy the endless entertainment on your way. So had a quite search on the web and I came out with some over whelming results.Places to watch TV online is like the heaven for geeks.
With Netflix recently launching in India which made some buzz. It came into my mind are there any undiscovered or not acknowledged site on the web.
So with some work around google here’s the list of some unknown places to watch TV series online which you have never heard of. I tried to keep the list short and tried to add as many as free services as possible.

List website to watch Free TV online


#TubiTV: Free TV and Movie Streaming Site You’ve Never Heard Of.

Have you heard of TubiTV? I hadn’t, and was surprised by the content offered on this amazing free site. You’ll find ad-supported access to TV shows and movies from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), and Lions Gate Entertainment, among others.
There are TV shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway and Peep Show, plus movies like Young Adult, Crash, and more than a few Star Trek films. There’s a lot of fluff to dig through, but there’s some pretty good content here not offered on other sites. Check it out if you want something to watch and surprise you.

#Hotstar: free movies and star network shows.

Want to watch the latest shows of star network channels or want to watch a match you will get it here. Hotstar is available both on Website and Android and iOS. There are some amazing English and Hindi movies available which you can enjoy and even the best part it is free. You don’t need to pay anything, only need an internet connection. The only annoying thing are the ads which sometimes annoy you to which and you have to watch 3 to 4 min of ads and you don’t have skip button like Youtube.
Otherwise, it is a good choice to kill your time or to watch some entertaining content on the internet.

# YuppTV: Indian channels around the world.

This is a website where you can access all the Indian channels anywhere from the world. But the only thing is that you need to pay ₹100 approx to watch even the paid channel. The amount is only per month amount. But if you are a bachelor then you don’t need to have a TV only internet connection is enough and you are done.

That 100 bucks is not that huge, as you are getting some good content. But don’t get sad there are also some paid channels available in the website. Which you can surely enjoy for free.



As you first visit the website, you can see that the content is cleanly categorized based on continents. The the continent is further categorized to countries. You you can easily watch TV series related to your location or country.


Movie watcher

It is an amazing destination to watch Hollywood movies online. This is the best resources that I found. But it is probably not active for Indian users. So you can use VPN and then watch the freetv using this website.


This is another website to watch tv series online. It is one of the good sources to watch Tv series online. But the only thing I disliked is the ads. You better use ad blocker while accessing this website.



Sidereel is baiscally a free source to track your daily TV shows. The site only consists of TV shows and nothing else. It is one of the best place to watch tv series online. This site also provides latest news and buzz related to the TV series. Basically, it is your free TV.



Found it quite easy to navigate through all the list of tv series to watch online. There are not many TV series to watch from. But still, the website has some worthy stuff to watch. It is advisable to give it a try.



This is another website to watch Indian tv series online. the website design is not that good. But has a ton of contents to watch from and one of the best resources for Indian people to watch freetv.



Voot is a viacom18 entertainment networks app. It consists of all the tv series and movies produced by viacom18 and others. It is really amazing with ton of serials including MTV shows and many more shows.

So that’s it, were you expecting more? Well, there are many other websites which provide free online TV but they don’t seem to be official. So I didn’t add it to the list. There might be many other websites which I did not mention, feel free to write them in the comment section below.
What you think about the listed websites and what more should have been in the list Write your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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